Last week I took a stroll through Chinatown as I headed towards Soho and to Yauatcha …


… The reason for my visit was to review Yauatcha’s special Chinese New Year menu that celebrates the brand new Year of the Monkey.

The monkey represents wisdom and is considered to be a flexible sign especially as it resembles humans the most. People born under the sign of the monkey are considered to be energetic by nature, charismatic, loyal and are seen to have leadership. So on this note, with a cheeky monkey year to look forward to, I was excited to try Yauatcha’s latest menu.

Chinese New Year at Yautcha

I’ve always thought there was one floor to Yauatcha but this time we were seated downstairs, which I loved. There is a bar with an in-built aquarium down here and the stylish interior was complimented by the very relaxed atmosphere. There’s definitely something about the restaurants in the Hakkasan Group that makes them easy places to lose any sense of time as you indulge …

Chinese New Year at Yautcha

… and their menus are also a good reason to linger.

The meal started with foie gras and roast duck puffs …

Chinese New Year at Yautcha

… which I enjoyed as I sipped my Pink Kumquat cocktail with Monkey 47 sloe gin, Diplomatico Reserva rum, Domaine de Cantone ginger liqueur, cranberries and rice syrup. Gorgeous! Chinese New Year at Yautcha

The puffs were then followed by caviar taro dumplings and … Chinese New Year at Yautcha

… caviar siew long buns, which surprise you with a burst of soup when you bite into it.

ChinatownThe Yauatcha scallop yusheng with radish, Japanese seaweed, grapefruit, pomegranate, pumpkin and mushroom arrived at the table looking quite artistic …

Chinese New Year at Yautcha

… before it was expertly mixed up and served onto our plates.


My second cocktail was the Saffron Gin and Tonic, which …

Chinese New Year at Yautcha

… I enjoyed with the Hakka fortune pot, which comes with prawn, abalone, dried scallops, roast duck, seabass, lotus root, Chinese leaves and mushroom.

Chinese New Year at Yautcha

To accompany this feast, we also had the dried oyster fried sticky rice with dried shrimp. I savoured every mouthful.

Chinese New Year at Yautcha

Finally, the macarons arrived and admittedly I snapped these and ate them later. The gin and tonic macaron with Monkey 47 gin, grapefruit pâte de fruits and tonic buttercream was divine as were the juniper berry and camomile buttercream macarons. Light, full of flavour and the buttercream fillings take these macarons to another level.

Chinese New Year at Yautcha

Overall I had a fantastic time at Yauatcha. The service was great and the food and cocktails were wonderful as ever. If the Year of the Monkey is going to be anything like this menu then all I can say is, bring it on! 🙂

Yauatcha, 15-17 Broadwick St, London W1F 0DL

Disclaimer: The meal was complimentary for the purpose of the review and it doesn’t sway the fact that it was a gorgeous meal all-round.

Chelsea Girl

Last week I popped into Soho for an afternoon catch-up where Alix and I enjoyed Yauatcha’s fantastic cocktails. I had the Cha la lai which includes Belvedere vodka, black grapes, oolong tea, apple juice and Champagne whilst …
Afternoon Tea at Yautcha Soho

… Alix had the Guava Bellini.

Afternoon Tea at Yautcha Soho

And it dawned on me how ideal dim sum is for a mid-afternoon treat. Light, tasty and perfect for sharing, I’m starting to see it as an alternative to afternoon tea.

Afternoon Tea at Yautcha Soho

And even though we are in the middle of summer I loved seeing the steaming small plates arrive. Maybe it evokes the familiar feeling of home cooking (albeit a Michelin starred feeling) or perhaps it is the sense of freshness as well as quality that presides over each dish as it arrives; swiftly reassured by every first bite into each dumpling. Afternoon Tea at Yautcha Soho

But by the time dessert arrives, in this case the raspberry delice with raspberry, Madirofolo chocolate, lychee, I remember what a special place Yauatcha is. For example, slicing into this cake is encountering chocolate heaven. Every mouthful is culinary bliss and it is difficult to leave it unfinished. That would be a sin.
Afternoon Tea at Yautcha SohoLocated in the heart of Soho, Yauatcha’s stylish dining room has a laid back atmosphere that is matched by impeccable service. I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I last visited.

Chelsea Girl

Yauatcha, 15-17 Broadwick Street, Soho, London, W1F 0DL

Disclaimer: I was Alix’s guest for this delicious catch-up. Thank you Alix! x

I can easily say September is my favourite month. It’s when I celebrate my anniversary with the OH and it’s my birthday month too. And of course, it’s a good excuse to hit the shops for a brand new autumn wardrobe. Always my favourite season to buy clothes.

September is also when Michelin-starred Yauatcha turns 10 years old. And in a custom which every birthday should enjoy,  there will be a month-long series of celebrations centred around Yauatcha’s favourite treats: dim sum, tea, patisseries and Champagne.


There will also be secret off-menu items, which I cannot disclose but which sound very very delicious. Trust me. 


If you’d like to see what else Yauatcha has to offer, here’s a review from my visit earlier this year.

So here’s to September and another reason to celebrate!

Yauatcha, 15-17 Broadwick Street, Soho, London W1F 0DL.

If you’re passing through Soho, you might want to walk past Yauatcha to take a look at their Chinese New Year window …


Not just for the delectable-looking cakes but also because you will get to see the Harvey Nichols window display, which were designed as part of Yauatcha’s Chinese New Year celebrations.

Yauatcha But the collaboration doesn’t stop there …

YauatchaThere is also the whiskey-based cocktail The Lucky Horse, which you can also try at Harvey Nichols’ Fifth Floor bar. If you like whiskey and cocktails, you will love this. It has a deep flavour and a kick to it that makes it very satisfying. 

This was the drink the OH started with when we visited Yauatcha for lunch last weekend, whilst I had a signature Yauatcha cocktail. The Hakka includes Belvedere vodka, Akashi-Tai sake, lychee, lime, coconut and passion fruit. And surprisingly, it wasn’t as sweet as I had anticipated. It was very delicious and very easy to drink.

Yauatcha Our lunch started with a few dim sum dishes and I can’t recommend the venison puff enough.

YauatchaThe pastry was melt-in-your-mouth and the venison was very tasty.

Yauatcha We also had the scallops shui mai …

Yauatcha… and the King Crab dumplings.

Yauatcha We then … and let me warn you, there are quite a few dishes to come … had a rack of ribs, which were fantastic: sweet, aromatic and tender.

Yauatcha The soft-shell crab was a complete surprise. They were spicy because of the chilli and I loved the toasted almond touch to this dish, which had texture and a myriad of flavours.

Yauatcha - soft shell crab

We also had the prawn and beancurd cheung fun …


… and we tried the crispy aromatic duck.


Finally, I had a taste of the stir-fry rib eye beef which was unbelievably succulent. If I hadn’t consumed so much beforehand, I would have definitely dived into this dish. The noodles with shimeji mushrooms were a perfect accompaniment.

Yauatcha - Beef

Whilst setting our tastebuds alight, I sipped on a glass of red wine as the OH sipped on a Sake No Hana beer, which it turns out was brewed in London. According to the OH, the beer had a lot of flavour and he was very impressed.


To celebrate Chinese New Year, Yauatcha has created a couple of desserts for a limited period of time. They include the Red Petits Gateaux, which are jasmine mousse filled with a honey panna cotta centre, caramelised mandarins and sesame brittle. Amazing and very light. The perfect end to a meal.

Yauatcha - Dessert

And there is also the Red Macarons filled with mandarin ganache and mandarin pâte de fruit. Pure indulgence.

Yauatcha - Macarons

At the end of each meal, every guest at Yauatcha receives a red envelope containing Harvey Nichols vouchers, including one for a Lucky Horse cocktail from the Fifth Floor bar. What a great way to end such an amazing lunch.

Yauatcha And as we walked through Soho and headed back to Chelsea, it was easy to assume that Chinese New Year had come early.


Disclaimer: The lunch for two was complimentary for the purpose of the review but I assure you, this did not affect my opinion. Yauatcha was a great way to celebrate the Year of the Horse. 

What’s your plan for Halloween this year? Will you be donning a fancy dress outfit and heading to the nearest party? Getting drunk with your mates and seeing who can carve the best pumpkin face? Or will you be taking your little ones trick or treating in your neighbourhood?

One way to get into the Halloween spirit is to indulge in the finer things in life with a spooky twist. From now until 31st October 2013, the Michelin-starred Chinese dim sum tea-house Yauatcha will be offering an exclusive range of seasonal macarons and chocolates available both à la carte and from the front-of-house patisserie.

They include Pear and Liquorice macarons; Pumpkin Spiced macarons and Halloween Toffee-Apple Eyeball Chocolates (white and dark chocolate eyeballs filled with green apple paté du fruit and salted caramel).

Halloween Afternoon Tea

Macarons are available from £1.60 each, £9 for 6 pieces or £18 for 12 pieces. The chocolate eyeballs are available for £3.50 for 40g; £8.50 for 100g. So you could pick up a gift-wrapped box and take it to a party or treat some lucky kid who knocks on your door.

If you want to sit down and savour each morsel for yourself at the restaurant, there is also Yauatcha’s Chilli Martini to wash the sweet treats down with. Yauatcha’s Chilli Martini which includes Belvedere vodka, Aperol Barbieri, chilli syrup, orange juice and Champagne is the perfect way to add a touch of sophisticated indulgence to this fun evening.

Happy Halloween!

Yauatcha, 15-17 Broadwick St, London W1F 0DL,