The next live music event at The Cellar, which is in the basement of The World’s End Distillery, kicks off on Thursday 13th October! Three acts will be performing: Fiona Culley, Will Heard and Cosi and I reckon it’s going to be a good night!

After checking out The Cellar for the Chelsea Rocks party, which was organised by the same people who run this live night, I have to say, I love this venue.

The space is intimate and the interior with its leather seats, well-stocked bar and shelves of wine and champagne bottles is a great venue to hang out in, especially as we’re now into autumn. They also make a mean Espresso Martini!

Tickets are £5. The night starts at 7.30pm and goes on ’til 10.30pm. And to check out the event’s Facebook page, click here.

If you make it down, have a fab time!

The Cellar, 459 Worlds End Distillery, Kings Rd SW10 0RJ