Yesterday I popped into the Little Black Jacket exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery and I do have to say, go see it!

Whilst you may have seen a few photos in the press or online, nothing makes up for the scale of the exhibition as well as the photographs themselves.

There are a few rooms to go through and each portrait is as stunning as the next.

There were also free exhibition posters which we could help ourselves to yesterday.

And whilst you are at the Saatchi Gallery, it is also worth checking out Karl Lagerfeld’s other exhibition – on Yoko Ono. It’s quite mesmerising.

The Little Black Jacket runs until 4th November 2012 at the Saatchi Gallery.

1. Renowned film director Mike Figgis will be signing copies of  his photo book ‘The 4 Dreams of Miss X’ on 25 June from 12-1pm, at The Little Black Gallery.

MIKE FIGGIS: Kate & Other Women exhibition will run from 22 June – 30 July 2011.

2. The fabulous My Fair Lady on The Bluebird forecourt on Monday 20th June with popcorn and a glass of rosé. More details.

And perhaps pop into Proud Chelsea beforehand to check out The Audrey Collection by Bob Willoughby.

3. Enjoy the Wimbledon tournament at Picasso. Matches will be shown on a projection screen. Strawberries and cream will be on offer as well as Pimms and their new Wimbledon Smash Cocktail!

4. The Penny Black Restaurant will also be celebrating Wimbledon with a Strawberry themed menu.

5. If you’re a budding fashionista or  fancy ramping up your sewing skills to conjur up a mini skirt or other fab summer items, take a look at Saturday Sewing Session‘s June calendar. Lots on offer!

And to everyone going to Polo in the Park this weekend. Have an amazing time!

Last night’s launch party for Sex Drugstores and Rock & Roll at Proud Chelsea was so much fun. As the champagne and beer flowed, so did the music and some dancing. Both floors were packed. People spilled out onto the streets and as I looked around the gallery, there were some very interesting faces in both rooms. These faces looked like they had been here, on the King’s Road, when the upstairs photos were taken. They had turned up to revisit history whilst the rest of us admired the images as if they represented a romantic period of a long lost era.

King's Road Boy is Ad Hoc today © Janette Beckman

The photographers involved in the exhibition included: Colin Jones, Janette Beckman, Harold Chapman, William English, Bill Zygmant, Philip Townsend, Romano Cagnoni, Laura Asprey and Terry O’Neil. Their images captured King’s Road at its height; the 60’s to the 80’s. This was a time when The Rolling Stones and The Who were fresh faced and King’s Road was their shopping destination. This was a time when idiosyncrasy defined the street. Shops were boutiques rather than a small part in a large chain and fashion was experimental and a form of expression, from rock and roll to punk.

One of my favourite photos is the one of John Lennon standing outside Apple Tailoring. His flamboyance and style defined the boldness of this era. This was also the first public appearance of John and Yoko: what an historical moment. Over the decades, Apple Tailoring has changed facades but today it stands as Proud Chelsea.

Knowing the history of this venue added something special to last night. It was as if the history of King’s Road had come back to life, if only for a couple of hours.

© Bill Zygmant

Sex, Drugstores and Rock & Roll: A History of the Kings Road, Proud Chelsea, 24th March – 8th May 2011,

*UPDATE: Congratulations to Natalie Portman for winning the Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her part in Black Swan. Her best role to date!*

It’s the countdown to the 83rd Oscars and I’m crossing my fingers for Black Swan and its five nominations. To celebrate this great albeit dark film, I have to write about Colin Jones’ exhibition currently on at Proud Chelsea.

Fifty Years of the Ballet is a wonderful exhibition that gives us an insight into the stolen moments of The Royal Ballet over the decades.

These photographs celebrate the intimate portrayal of the ballet dancer rehearsing and waiting around behind the scenes, as well on the stage. Some of the images, which include Nureyev as one of their subjects, demonstrate the dancers’ relationships without the drama. It is almost as if this beautiful exhibition could be an antidote to Aronofsky’s film. I loved it.

Fifty Years of the Ballet by Colin Jones, Proud Chelsea, 13th January to 6th March 2011,

© Colin Jones /

A few things I’m looking forward to on King’s Road in 2011:

1. Reopening of Picasso

This King’s Road institution has been transformed from an Italian coffee shop into a cafe/bar/restaurant and it is looking decidedly swish through the glass doors. The feel of a family business seems to have been replaced by a more corporate trendy style. And instead of looking to cater for the locals who appreciate its cosy decor, the refurbished interior looks like it will attract a much wider clientele. Nonetheless, Picasso’s name is still over the door and the bar and booths look very inviting. Can’t wait for it to open.

2. Opening of Mori

Ugh. It has always bothered me that it’s impossible to grab quality sushi to go or drop in for a fast food service. Fulham Road has Feng Sushi (to reopen on 6th January and hopefully with a loo for its customers) and Brompton Cross has Itsu. Sure, you can pop into a supermarket or Pret A Manager on King’s Road and find sushi box sets but I have never found these places to be particularly delicious when it comes to raw fish.

One of my favourite places to grab sushi to go is The Japan Centre and I have always felt insanely jealous that the West End has this great institution. So, what a great new year’s surprise to discover that something called Mori is opening on King’s Road. Other branches include St. John’s Wood and Marylebone High Street. I’m not too familiar with the former but I love and trust anything that comes from the latter. A quality sushi shop on King’s Road? Bring it on and here’s hoping!

3. Proud‘s King’s Road exhibition

Always a fan of Proud, since they opened in Camden with their great rooftop bar, I can’t wait to see which photos will be on display to celebrate this historical road.

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