There are pancakes and there are pancakes that are taken to another level. Over the weekend, I tried The Botanist’s Shrove Tuesday special which transcended any pancake experience I’d had before.

The Botanist

Lunch started with a few Prestigé oysters which were accompanied by … 

The Botanist

… a well recommended white wine. I wish I’d noted down the name because the wine was perfect for the oysters and the pancake which was on its way. There was a tinge of mineral that complimented the seafood deliciously. 

The Botanist

Seafood, seafood with pancakes? Yes, indeed. To be precise, chunks of lobster. There were also morel and chanterelle mushrooms and a creamy, smoked garlic bisque that arrived with the pancake, which was outstanding. 

The Botanist

Needless to say, my lunch was polished off without any delay. The BotanistIf you’re thinking about popping into The Botanist on Tuesday, their other pancake special is a deliciously sweet marshmallow pancake with hot chocolate sauce and coconut ice cream.

And The Cadogan Arms (The Botanist’s little brother) are also offering up pancake specials on Shrove Tuesday: Pork fillet and prosciutto with maple glazed baked apple and cider jus; and Buttermilk chocolate chip pancakes with hazelnut cookie dough ice cream.  How good does that all sound?

My lunch was complimentary for the purpose of the review which reflected just how spoilt my tastebuds felt by the end of the meal. This is indeed one fine pancake and one to certainly try. 

Chelsea Girl

There are two reasons why I’m excited that it’s Pancake Tuesday tomorrow: 1. I love pancakes and 2. Because Pancake Day is essentially the eve of the first day of Lent, which means the countdown to Easter and thus springtime is about to begin. Oh yes!

Last year I celebrated Shrove Tuesday at The Botanist and I can’t recommend their one-day-only menu enough, especially the foie gras crêpe with wild mushrooms and cauliflower purée. The sweeter specials include blood orange Crêpe Suzette; a caramelised apple crêpe with vanilla ice cream and Calvados syrup; and a banana and chocolate crêpe with pistachio praline. Here is my post, which I wrote last year if you’d like to see some pics.

Unfortunately I’m not going to be able to indulge in pancakes tomorrow: the day looks packed and in the evening I’ll be at the Tate Modern for the Kraftwerk gig. So yesterday I popped into The Botanist to review their American pancakes which are served with cured crispy bacon and maple syrup, to make up for it.

The other week I was somewhere else and when I asked for some bacon on my pancakes, I was given a funny look. I had to explain that it was an American thing and whilst the woman was gracious about the whole confusion, I did feel slightly weird. So needless to say, yesterday I was very happy to be heading somewhere for breakfast that was on the same page as me.

And here is the dish, which is a permanent fixture on The Botanist’s breakfast menu.

American Pancakes

The BotanistThe bf ordered the crêpe complète, which is a crêpe served with egg, bacon and gruyere cheese. And I have to admit I had slight food envy because it made me think back to the foie gras crêpe from last year.

Crêpe Complete at The BotanistFor drinks I had an orange juice and a spinach and apple smoothie, which I was dubious about initially but which I actually liked. It wasn’t as spinachy as I’d imagined it would be.

Spinach and Apple SmoothieThe Botanist’s Shrove Tuesday menu is available for one day only (12th February 2013) but if you don’t get a chance to try it, there is always pancakes on the breakfast menu. Enjoy!

The Botanist, 7 Sloane Square, London, SW1W 8EE


I have just taken time out of my day to have a yummy pancake and cocktail at The Botanist.


True, my day was so busy that I missed lunch but I couldn’t resist the crêpe suzette because I was curious to try it with the All Fur Coat And No Ricard martini on the cocktail menu.


They went together perfectly because of their tangy edge. Delish!

The martini involves pampero blanco rum, velvet falernum, ricard, rhubarb bitters and fresh lime juice.

Just as I was about to get up and leave, I was asked if I wanted another pancake. So I said, why not? And picked the savoury pancake: poppy seed crêpe, foie gras, wild mushrooms and cauliflower purée.


It is SO good! And I wholeheartedly recommend having it with a glass of bubbles. Admittedly I didn’t but I do have to head back to work after this and I wish I did!

So if you’re heading here tonight, it’s easy to say you’ll be spoilt for choice. Enjoy!