When I put together the first fashion outfit for my blog, I hadn’t thought about matching the clothes to the cocktail of the week as I am doing now. So it only makes sense for me to update this post to include the cocktail which inspired the military look below.

Let me introduce you to the Egg & Soldiers at Dukebox! – which is enough for 8 to 10 people.

It is made up of pear purée, apple and lemon juice, and is shaken with Iceberg Vodka and apple liquor. The cocktail is garnished with gourmet marshmallows, and topped with Pommery Champagne. Are you tempted?

And for now my original post …

This is my first fashion board and I thought I’d go straight for the Military look, given the recent launch of Dukebox with their staff in 17th century military outfits and my penchant for snapping pics of Chelsea Pensioners as and when I spot them. Does anyone else smile inside when they see a Chelsea Pensioner walking around? Or is it just me?

1. Military Jack from Zara

2. Metal Finger Ring and Metal Knuckle Ring by Hannah Warner

3. Current Elliott The Combat Skinny Army from Donna Ida

4. Trinkah pleated front panel shirt by Ted Baker

5. Yellow Bondage Boot by Vivienne Westwood

6. Cone compartment necklace by Hannah Warner

I’ve been thinking about my fashion posts recently and how I could make them more interesting and more me. And then, this morning, I had a flash of inspiration. Given that my most populated blog category is cocktails, it just makes sense for me to merge the two: fashion and cocktails. After all, when hitting a bar for a cocktail or few, it’s important to be wearing the right outfight, yes?

So here is my first cocktail-inspired fashion outfit for the Black Velvet. Some of you may already know that this Guinness and Champagne cocktail is one of my favourites. It’s a must-have with oysters, if it’s on the menu but even on its own, it’s a very smooth and luxurious-feeling drink.

From a girly perspective, I’ve always found Guinness to be AMAZING when my head is feeling out of sorts in a PMT way (sorry guys!). In the 1970s, Guinness used to be served to new mothers in hospitals, so there must be something chemical that works to help us ladies feel better. And what better way to indulge in a bit of comfort drinking than to include Champagne into the mix.

At J. Sheeky and The Wolseley, Black Velvets come in silver tankards but if you’re not looking for an accompaniment to oysters, you can of course drink them from Champagne flutes. Here’s one I sipped at The Aubrey Doyle Bar in The Kensington Hotel.

And here is my suggestion for a Black Velvet inspired outfit:

1. Stripy Velvet Boat Neck Dress at Orla Kiely

2. Daytime shoes: Harriet Ballet Flats at French Sole

3. Black and Gold Friendship Bracelet at Links of London

4. Evening shoes: Black Ghillie Shoes at Vivienne Westwood

5.  The Pippa shoulder bag by Modalu at Harvest

I hope it inspires! x

Scallops at Aubrey Doyle, which I’ve enjoyed before.

Yet another ‘I love London’ moment earlier this week.

Cocktail and Cake Liquid Afternoon Tea tasting at The Royal Horseguards Hotel.

Ross X Bute fashion event.

Red Velvet Cupcake from The Chelsea Teapot.

Discovering Addies Thai in Earls Court, almost opposite Ping. Win!

Brunch at Carluccio’s in Kensington.

Picking up some magazines from My Fulham News – one of the only few newsagents left in Chelsea and where I bought my first issues of Just 17 and Smash Hits. These guys are local legends!

Today’s brunch from my fave chef, the bf!


Last week I popped into Chelsea fashion boutique Austique, to meet with its owner Katie Canvin. We talked about fashion, life and of course the fabulousness of the King’s Road.

And before I left, Katie gave me a gift which I’d like to tell you about.

This box is a set of Smartee Pants, which include days of the week knickers inside – and I love them!

It’s amazing how days of the week knickers can reveal a lot about who you are: do you have to wear the right pair on the right day? (Sadly, I do. I blame being a Virgo on being so finicky – or is that a tenuous link?)

Smartee pants also have a heart set which are just as cute. And not only are they pretty but they’re also comfy to wear.

Thank you Katie for my present. If they don’t help me become more organised, at least they’ve brought more pretty colours into my life!

Goodness knows, I’ve been meaning to write about post about Ad Hoc for as long as I can remember. It is easily one of my favourite shops along the King’s Road and it’s a real mecca for Chelsea Girls.

Yesterday, Ad Hoc released this fab video starring Kitty Candy. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. I love it!


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