It’s been over a year since I last visited La Brasserie. I remember it clearly, sitting at the bar, ordering a cocktail and thoughts about when to start planning for a family drifting through my mind. Flash forward to 16 months later and a lot has changed – though thankfully not everything. Not my appreciation for good food and cocktails.

Over the weekend, the OH and I popped into La Brasserie for lunch. The place was busy. It was buzzing and I very much appreciated the opportunity to review La Brasserie when there was a lot going on. You get a real feel for the place, if you are new to it.

To celebrate our return, I ordered La Brasserie Martini, which included Belvedere Vodka, elderflower cordial, Château de Bligny Champagne with a twist of grapefruit – and I loved it. It felt light and yet moorish. It was the perfect balance of substance and style.

La BrasserieThe OH ordered the Chelsea Fizz, which he thoroughly enjoyed – not least because it was very refreshing.

La Brasserie For starter, I chose the St. Jacques which involved seared scallops, pea purée, red pepper coulis and crispy pancetta …

La Brasserie

… whilst the OH ordered the escargots (six snails in shells with garlic and parsley butter).

La Brasserie

For my starter, I loved the combination of the juicy scallops with the crispness of the pancetta. This dish was all about texture as much as flavour. As for the OH’s starter, I had a nibble. The snails were very tasty with a tinge of earthiness to the flavour. And I loved the garlic buttery taste.

For our next cocktail, I ordered a julep. Sorry, I can’t tell you exactly what was inside. I hadn’t taken the recipe down, thinking it would be on the website. But when I’m back there, I’ll update my post with the details. Why? Because I absolutely loved it and would recommend it (along with the other cocktails, hands down).

La Brasserie

As for the OH, he ordered the Bison Grass cocktail which again was fabulous. The cocktails here are consistently very good and if you live or work nearby, La Brasserie is definitely worth popping into. There’s also Happy Hour if you’re feeling slightly cautious. (You won’t regret it.)

La Brasserie

For our mains, I had the Dover Sole (Meunière) with new potatoes and a side of onion and tomato salad. The fish was kindly boned for me and presented impressively very tidily. I enjoyed every morsel of my lunch and I was reminded why this place was unsurprisingly very popular. This is where you go for reliably good food.

La Brasserie

In the meantime, the OH ordered the rib eye steak which he thoroughly enjoyed. I had a taste with the bearnaise sauce, which was excellent!

La Brasserie

La Brasserie

Finally, for dessert, we both had a special treat from the restaurant: a chocolate mousse with crushed hazelnuts and a very thin biscuit layer inside. It was divine. So good and the perfect way to end the afternoon …

La Brasserie

… with a double espresso (for him) …

La Brasserie

… and a glass of Amaretto (for me) …

La Brasserie Whether you’re a devout fan of French food or not, La Brasserie will deliver on quality dishes and cocktails. And I for one, can’t wait to return for afternoon tea which La Brasserie has just started this year. It’s supposed to be amazing! Impressive cocktails and afternoon tea? Sounds like my idea of heaven …

La Brasserie, 272 Brompton Road, London, SW3 2AW.

Disclaimer: We were guest of La Brasserie, which didn’t influence my opinion in any way. So all I have to say is a big thank for such a delicious meal. It’s been a pleasure to write this review.


This evening I made my second cocktail ever! The first was a Margarita at a Sri Lankan hotel bar, which I was invited to stand behind; the second was a Lychee Martini behind La Brasserie‘s bar in Chelsea.

Until Friday 12th August, La Brasserie is celebrating Cowes week by offering its customers the opportunity to make their own cocktail which they don’t have to pay for. So you can step behind the bar, learn how to make your own martini and not have to pay for it. Triple win and so much fun!

Admittedly, I did ask myself why I deserved to celebrating Cowes week, having minimal sailing experience and given that I was nowhere near the Isle of Wight. But then I remembered the bf used to race yachts, having sailed the Fastnet three times. So, as we learned to make our martinis and sipped them accordingly, I listened to his racing stories and as a result, felt very comfortable sitting in a Chelsea bar rather than having to start my night watch for the round Britan race, for example.

But if you don’t end up making your own martinis, it’s worth trying La Brasserie’s cocktails if you haven’t already! I only blog about cocktails I truly enjoy or in one instance, found repugnant; anything in between is simply ‘meh’.

The Lychee Martini I made!

Other recommends!

Watermelon Martini (perhaps with a champagne shot)

Tiramisu Martini