Yes, I’ve finally visited Bunga Bunga and it was SO worth the wait!

The girly night started with cocktails and aperitivo:

For mains, most ordered pizza to accompany the Prosecco:

I ordered the chicken salad. It normally comes with avocado but because they’d run out, a couple of us chose mozarella as a replacement. The salad was surprisingly quite filling (I couldn’t finish my dish) and the mozarella was delish!

We then had more Prosecco:

Espresso Martinis. A couple of us swapped the vodka for the rum and I’m never going back! The rum gives the martini a smoother edge.

Tequila Shots:

And more cocktails:

The whole place was rocking and yes, we ended up on the stage. But not singing, dancing. For a fab night, Bunga Bunga is a definite recommend! I thought because it was south of the river, Bunga Bunga would be a trek to get to. It isn’t. It’s merely a walk across Battersea Bridge. How easy.

For more pics from the night, click here.

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