Chelsea Football Club’s double win Victory Parade has just happened and I managed to catch it on the corner of Hortensia Road and Fulham Road. But if you missed it, here is a video recording which the bf kindly offered to do for me on his iPhone.

As the buses continued along Hortensia Road, crowds from Stamford Bridge started to proceed down the road and we were swept away in the moment. Here, have a watch.

Whilst the bf filmed away for me – and what a rock star he was for doing so because he’s really not a fan of football! – I took some photos, which hopefully captured a sense of the afternoon. I had a bit of time to snap away because the parade didn’t start at 4pm as scheduled but probably half an hour or so later.

I’ve also been to a couple of Chelsea matches but one thing I’d discovered this afternoon is how many uses a flag actually has. You can wear it.

And of course, fly it.

Also, hats don’t have to always be silly.

They can have a more sophisticated look too. 😉

Scarves are also essential!

And finally, I learned that children look cuter in football t-shirts than middle-aged men.

The atmosphere was completely buzzing.

And the crowd went wild when the footballers and the Champions League Cup arrived in their coaches.

We had to wait a short while until the parade started but it was so worth it!

Once again, very well done to Chelsea! It was so great to see all types of Chelsea fans take to the streets and support their team. And of course, it feels like the perfect kick off to an awesome summer!

ps. And if you’re confused as to why celery was thrown around, it has something to do with a particular CFC chant.

OMG! What a match! Frustrating until the 83rd minute, disheartening until the 87th minute and thrilling from the 88th minute onwards, thanks to Drogba’s goal!

Then we went into extra time – followed by penalties, which made my heart race even more. But Petr Cech saved two goals and Bayern Munich’s goalie only saved one. And at that point, Chelsea became the Champions of Europe 2012!! Did you see Abramovich’s face??

I watched the game at The Hollywood Arms after doing a recce around the other local Chelsea pubs in the Chelsea Beach area. From 5.30pm onwards, they were already busy: The Kings Arms, The Goat And Boots and even The Sporting Page who had taken their benches out to make more room inside.

When we arrived at The Hollywood Arms, the tables were also either taken or reserved so I took a look upstairs.

The tables upstairs were also booked up but when we enquired, we heard that there was a booking cancellation and were given a table.

This is also where The Hollywood’s Sunday film screenings happen: a different film each week with free popcorn.

So with over an hour to go, we settled in and ordered some food and drinks with our Saturday papers in hand. Nice and chilled.

I had the mackerel salad.

And the bf had a burger.

And I started the evening sipping Vodka Sodas.

As the room started to fill up, we were told that there was a booking error with our seats and were offered a booth downstairs. At first my heart dropped because no-one likes being moved (especially when the seats were being given to fans of the opposing team, 😉 ) but I also knew that to get a booth downstairs when the pub was already so busy was also a great bit of luck. After all, we hadn’t booked in the first place.

So we moved downstairs, in time for the start of the match where the atmosphere was rocking as everyone watched the screens, gripped.

And after a dramatic game, Chelsea won!!

So it was time to celebrate (with jägerbombs of course!).


Unsurprisingly, we were the last ones out and as we left the pub I managed to grab a few pics of the venue. This pub is one of my locals and I love what they’ve done with the recent-ish refurb.

When we stepped out onto the streets, Chelsea fans had taken over. I could see a crowd heading for Valmont whilst cars with Chelsea flags beeped along the Fulham Road and fans waited at the bus top.

I heard that it was getting quite messy around Fulham Broadway but in Chelsea, the atmosphere was electrifying.

Well done to the boys in blue! I do hope Di Matteo is given a contract to sign this summer. Goodness knows, he deserves it!

So now the countdown to the Chelsea FC Victory parade begins! The parade is due to start at 4pm from Stamford Bridge’s West entrance. It will then head towards Hortensia Road and onto King’s Road. It will then make its way towards Eel Brook Common and after a short stop, it will head towards Parsons Green where it will end.

So who’s going to be there? Maybe see you later!


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Congratulations and well done to Chelsea’s Football Club for winning this year’s FA Cup final! They all played fabulously and I really hope Di Matteo stays on. He’s the best thing to happen to CFC since Mourinho. True, not as cute but  I just love the way he holds himself. Plus, he comes through with the results and he looks dapper!

So fingers crossed for Munich and wishing the Chelsea boys the best of luck!!

And yes, I do own this song. 😉 xox