The Abingdon is by far my favourite pub for cocktails. Every now and again I try other pubs for martinis but somehow they always prove to be a disappointment. As a general rule, based on experience, cocktails and pubs don’t seem to mix. Only the exceptional places can get away with it and The Abingdon is definitely one of them.

This evening, we popped in as we were heading back to Chelsea. It was a spontaneous decison and we managed to grab a table. The place was busy on a Monday night.

I skipped starters and for main, I ordered the lobster lasagne with a second dirty martini:

For dessert, the bf and I shared a chocolate cheesecake and OMG, see below:

Note the very thin base at the top of the image. For the most part, the cheesecake had a mousse-like texture. It was divine.

The Abingdon was the venue for my first date with the bf, four years ago, and for other reasons it will always be a special place. But I have to admit, this isn’t the type of place to go to if you’re in a hurry. The restaurant area is relaxed and that includes the service. And if you don’t mind the pace, you’ll be in for a real treat!