Last weekend I ventured down to BRGR.CO on the King’s Road. I’ve been curious about this place since it opened a while ago. Perhaps it’s because I’m a creature of habit but it wasn’t until I was invited in to review the kids menu with Little Man that I finally stepped through these doors.

BRGR Co King's Road

I love burgers and up until quite recently I’d be there at the opening of a new burger joint. And up until last weekend I thought I had tried it all (almost) in London …

BRGR Co King's Road

… seen it all …

BRGR Co King's Road

… and that there were very few surprises left for me to discover. As I learned last weekend, I was wrong. (Don’t you love this cow? I loved the décor in this place.)

BRGR Co King's Road

So to start with the reason why I was here in the first place: Little Man’s first official review – the kids menu. The pressure was on. Was he going to like the food or not? Little Man is already used to eating out so restaurant etiquette didn’t concern me. He’s not shy to ask to press the green button on the card machine or to call for the ‘lady’ if he wants his ice cream ‘please’, at the tender age of two. But what I hadn’t expected was that Little Man was just on the verge of coming down with an awful bug that he is still suffering from and so his appetite was on its way out when we visited BRGR.CO.

What arrived in front of him were these two cute sliders and some fries. Little Man picked at the fries but struggled with the burgers and later, the old fashioned mac n’cheese. What he didn’t have a problem with was the …

BRGR Co King's Road

… Oreo cookie milkshake, which he talked about the next day – asking for it, all morning.

BRGR Co King's Road

The OH and I on the other hand did eat our burgers and I can testify that I was surprised, I clearly haven’t seen it all and this was a brand new experience I hadn’t expected.

Mine was the rump steak burger, which was truly divine. Melt in your mouth succulent and so tasty, I actually forgot to add any sauce or relish. I did ask for guacamole to be added to the burger, which had a smoothness that complimented the whole experience. The OH loved his Hanger Steak Burger too.

BRGR Co King's Road

We also had some parmesan truffle chips, which were gorgeous as well as …

BRGR Co King's Road… matching his and her bubbles.

BRGR Co King's Road

I am certain that the quality of the grown ups’ food is consistent with the kids’ because as the early evening proceeded, we saw quite a few children come into the restaurant.

As for Little Man, bless his foodie heart, we left with a doggy bag in case he felt a little peckish later.

BRGR Co King's Road

BRGR.CO 127 King’s Rd, London SW3 4PW

Chelsea Girl


Last Friday, I dropped by The Admiral Codrington to meet with its chef Fred Smith and to finally taste his popular burger. It was lunchtime and the pub was already filling up.

For starters, I ordered the chilli squid. I had only meant to try a few as a taster but the flavours were so unexpectedly enticing, I managed to polish the who bowl off. I truly recommend this dish.

For main, of course, I had to try the burger this time.

I will elaborate on this delicious choice later when I tell you about my meeting with its creator.

The burger came with fries and for dessert, I gave into temptation to taste the rhubarb crumble, which was indeed a great dish.

And the whole meal was washed down with some still water and a glass of obligatory bubbles!

The Admiral Codrington isn’t just about the burger as you can see from my initial post on the pub’s restaurant (here). But with such a buzz about the Ad Cod burger, I decided to focus my Q&A with Fred Smith on the local’s meaty favourite.


CG: Your Twitter bio states your journey for a perfect burger. When did that begin?

FS: About 18 months ago when I was in Manhattan. I was inspired by the quality of burgers over there. It then took about six to eight months of experimenting: getting the right flavours and combination of ingredients.


CG: Outside London, where is your favourite place to go for a burger?

FS: The Shake Shack in the US and Minetta Tavern in Greenwich Village, NYC.


CG: Where did your journey as a chef begin?

FS: When I was 18, I started working at Ransome’s Dick restaurant in Battersea. I also worked for Stephen Terry at The Walnut Tree in Wales, who incidentally once ran this place too. After some time in Australia, I worked at the Brown Dog in Barnes, later moving to the Duke of Wellington in Marylebone and I’ve been here at The Admiral Codrington now for two and a half years.


CG: So essentially, you’re a bit of a London Boy?

FS: I grew up in Clapham and spent a lot of time hanging out on the King’s Road, going to Peter Jones and spending time in Chelsea with my friends.


CG: Where are your favourite places to go in Chelsea?

FS: The Botanist, Foxtrot Oscar, Medlar, Barts and Tom’s Kitchen.


CG: What is your favourite cocktail?

FS: A Manhattan, which I once had at 21 Club in New York – where the drink was invented. I also like an Old Fashioned and a good G&T.


CG: Now, your burger. There was an infusion of smokey flavours. Did you put anything into the meat?

FS: That would be the bacon but no, I didn’t mix the bacon into the patty. I don’t like it when a burger has a slice of crispy bacon on top of the patty so when you bite into the burger, it falls out. I grilled the bacon between the patty and the cheese so it becomes part of the burger.


CG: It was so good and all the way through, I was trying to figure out where the flavours were coming from. (*Just to add, the burger has a real depth of flavour, so complicated yet so simple. I loved it!*) … So what about the rest of the burger?

FS: The bun is a brioche bun but not a typical brioche – not overly sweet. It’s more to reflect the American styled bun which has a bit of sugar in it. The caramalised onion creates a bit of an onion chutney. There is also shredded iceberg lettuce, mustard and pickles with cheese and of course the bacon and patty.

The construction of the burger is also important: you must be able to pick it up.


CG: And so your final word on the perfect burger?

FS: Keep it simple.


I just want to say thanks Fred for taking time out to meet me and for a great lunch. I’ll definitely be back!

The Admiral Codrington is located on 17 Mossop Street, London, SW3 2LY.

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