Scallops at Aubrey Doyle, which I’ve enjoyed before.

Yet another ‘I love London’ moment earlier this week.

Cocktail and Cake Liquid Afternoon Tea tasting at The Royal Horseguards Hotel.

Ross X Bute fashion event.

Red Velvet Cupcake from The Chelsea Teapot.

Discovering Addies Thai in Earls Court, almost opposite Ping. Win!

Brunch at Carluccio’s in Kensington.

Picking up some magazines from My Fulham News – one of the only few newsagents left in Chelsea and where I bought my first issues of Just 17 and Smash Hits. These guys are local legends!

Today’s brunch from my fave chef, the bf!


Last night, I popped into The Kensington Hotel to round off the weekend at the Aubrey Doyle: the fantastic bar and restaurant which I’ve written about many times.


The evening began with a glass of champagne on my Champagne For Life card:


And as the bf and I wondered where we were going to go for something to eat as well as the fact that we couldn’t leave without tasting the crayfish martini which The Aubrey Doyle had tweeted last week, we saw some food being delivered to a couple nearby and decided to stay put.

So I ordered the goats cheese salad, which I enjoyed:


The bf ordered the Aubrey Burger, which came with its own Kensington fries:


And we both sipped our crayfish martinis:


Mine was made from vodka and the bf’s gin. To taste a vodka soaked crayfish was divine. If you like savoury martinis, this one’s worth trying.

The whole evening was such a lovely end to the weekend. Just nice and chilled with some bubbles, a good martini and some good food. Bliss.

What a gorgeous day! Hurrah for an Indian Summer! This morning, I had a blissful time sipping bubbles at The Serpentine Gallery thanks to The Aubrey Doyle bar and restaurant from The Kensington Hotel.

The breakfast was held inside this year’s Pavillion, which was designed by Peter Zumthor and which is open until 16th October.

There were plenty of delicious offerings!

I had a couple of pastries and a glass of champers as I caught up with a few familiar faces and met a few new ones too.

Thank you Aubrey Doyle for a great morning in great surroundings!

See you soon again!

Over the weekend, I popped into The Aubrey Bar at The Kensington Hotel to meet with Alessandro Pizzoli. Alessandro is this year’s Galvin Cup winner, beating The Waldorf, The Ritz, The Savoy and The Dorchester to the winning post. So, I wanted to know what were the secrets of a cocktail maker.

1. When did you make your first cocktail?

I was already experimenting with cocktails when I was 14 years old, living in Bologna. My brother who was much older than me was a barman and he inspired me. I also used to make my mother Mojitos when she arrived home from work.

2. Have you seen the Tom Cruise film, Cocktail?

Yes, once, about two years ago. My friend showed it to me because he said if there’s one film about cocktails you have to see, it’s this one.

3. If music be the food of love, which cocktail would you serve the woman you love?

A champagne cocktail. It’s a classic.

4. Sex and The City helped to bring cocktails to the mainstream, especially Cosmopolitans. Have you got any tips when ordering a Cosmo?

Don’t have it with orange. Some bartenders serve Cosmos with orange but this cocktail wasn’t created with orange in it. It’s not a Cosmopolitan if it has orange.

5. Can you share your philsophy of cocktails with us?

A classic drink musn’t be disturbed, like a Martini. You can add a twist to it but if you shake it, you’re spoiling the product. There’s no point in putting a good vodka, gin or whisky into a blender. Making cocktails is like cooking; being a barman is like being a chef.

6. What’s your secret behind making a good cocktail?

No two cocktails are the same. The cocktail depends on the drinker. I always try to identify my customer’s taste when making a cocktail for them. Each drink is an entirely personal experience.

Find out how you can win a free Cocktails Mastercall with Alessandro, here.

Other cocktails, we (I had help) tried.

After a round of cocktails tasting at The Aubrey Bar, we were invited to try dinner at The Kensington Hotel’s restaurant.

My first impression was the style of the dining room. I loved it. The deep green leather and wooden floors leant a richness to this library inspired interior.

There were also photos of Vivienne Westwood and Mick Jagger amongst others on the wall to add a sense of edge to this traditional interior.

As for the meal, delicious!

For starters, I had seared scallops with pea puree, pea shoots, broad bean and tomato broth. The bf chose the seared foie gras, fried duck egg, crispy pancetta and toasted sour dough.

Main courses involved, the slow pork belly, with wholegrain mustard mash, calvados apples for me and the fillet of sea bream, lobster crushed potatoes, confit cherry tomatoes and lobster sauce for the bf.

For dessert, yes I forced myself, I had the chocolate and pistachio mousse with glazed cherries and cherry sorbet whilst the bf picked the warm figs, honey ice cream with walnuts and honeycomb.

With our starters, we sipped on glasses of Pinot Grigot and for our mains, we selected a bottle of Malbec. Alessandro from The Aubrey Bar then delivered a couple of martinis as a parting gift. Mine was called Le Mari Jaloux, which was made of Calvados, vanilla syrup, caramel syrup and double cream. Compared to a White Russian, this cocktail was relatively guilt free!

To help celebrate my first Twitter birthday, The Kensington Hotel are giving away a dinner for two. Click here for more details.

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