Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe from The Botanist

Thank you to The Botanist for providing the recipe for the red velvet cupcake, which I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday! *This recipe makes 18 cupcakes* And of course, my preference to tea: King’s Robe Martini Enjoy!

Afternoon Tea at The Botanist

First thing first, I’m so pleased to see the King’s Robe back on The Botanist‘s cocktail menu! I’m not sure how long it’s been back because admittedly, the last time I was at The Botanist I’d popped in for a glass of wine…

Best View in Chelsea

Earlier this afternoon, after a late lunch at Mori, I popped into Peter Jones for dessert and some air-con. I headed upstairs and grabbed a table by the window for the real reason I decided to go to the 6th…

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