I feel the need to blog about my regular pizza hangout; Rossopomodoro on Fulham Road. The reason being Little Man’s second birthday which he had in the upstairs part of the restaurant last month. As a result I’ve gone from being a fan of this place to being a HUGE fan, especially of the staff.

Rossopomodoro is generally kid-friendly so it’s a great place to go for lunch or an early supper. Alternatively, later in the evening, it’s a good spot to hang out with friends too.

Rossopomodoro Chelsea on Fulham Road

When we popped in over the weekend, I started our early supper with an Aperol Spritz. When folks say they haven’t tried this cocktail, I describe it as a savoury Pimm’s. If you love Dirty Martinis, I think you might like it. Think olives.

Rossopomodoro Chelsea on Fulham Road

And when I chose Little Man’s birthday venue, I wanted the focus to be on good food as well as a fun space. There are no bouncy castles or soft play areas upstairs but there is a huge room with a great sound system and a screen to play a film in the background. We had Thomas The Tank Engine on, which went down a treat. The kids didn’t really stop to watch (thankfully) but it was good for them to see Thomas chugging away when they looked round.Rossopomodoro Chelsea on Fulham Road

As for the food, I love the pizzas here. All the kids loved the pizzas here, apparently so did the fussy ones, which made Little Man’s birthday a huge success.Rossopomodoro Chelsea on Fulham Road

This was the pizza (below) that I had on Sunday. It was the Salsiccia Friarelli with pork sausage, friarielli, smoked mozzarella and basil, which I really enjoyed.
Rossopomodoro Chelsea on Fulham Road

As well as kids’ parties upstairs, the space also has other events including Rosso Cinema and live football in Italian.Rossopomodoro Chelsea on Fulham Road

Unfortunately I don’t have any photos from the birthday party to post. But if you are looking for an event space, this place is definitely worth considering.

As for the rest of the time, maybe I’ll see you in around. As I’ve said, I love it in here.
Chelsea Girl

Last month I visited Cupcake Family Club for their Special Cupcake Halloween Afternoon, which included baby and toddler classes as well as special treats such as stylish family photos, playtime and face painting.

Nestled in a side street off New King’s Road, Cupcake Family Club is much bigger than I had remembered when I first visited a couple of years ago to try their gym. Now returning with a confident one year old who is very much his own little man, this place has taken on a new meaning: somewhere for little ones to roam around, learn through play, and all in a fun and safe environment.


Admittedly, Little Man did turn off the music during the sensory class which involved plenty of musical instruments and playing with toys that light up. What is it with toddlers and plugs? 😉 Thankfully a little girl fixed the matter of the class being without music when she subsequently toddled over to the speakers and pressed a few buttons, much to everyone’s surprise.

But away from buttons and switches, safe in the soft play area, Little Man also enjoyed exploring and curiously climbing onto new toys.

Sadly I didn’t get to talk to any of the mummies. It was surprisingly very busy and there was so much going on. Little Man moves around so quickly nowadays and is so wonderfully curious, I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

But on a normal day, I imagine this place would be great for both kids and parents alike. There’s a café open to non-members which has a juice bar. Non-members also get to enjoy afternoon activities for an hour with a guest pass, if your child is between three and seven. And the £5 guest pass includes a hot drink.

There are day passes with more activities for the kids to enjoy and of course, you can also become a full member.

To get a better idea of Cupcake Family Club, here is a short video.

I visited Cupcake Family Club as a guest and if Little Man wasn’t at nursery, I would definitely consider it as a place for him to go for classes and just to hang out. Little ones need activities, stimulation and most importantly other little ones around. And this place offers a great sanctuary for mummies to go to.