The King’s Road is a very long road and it stretches beyond World’s End until it becomes New King’s Road and leads us to Eel Brook Common, which I love. In and around this leafy area a new pizzeria has opened. It’s called Santa Maria and some folks may already know about it from its original Ealing restaurant.

Santa Maria prides itself on its traditional Neapolitan pizzas that are cooked in their wood fired oven …

Santa Maria Pizzeria Chelsea

… and it is already proving popular amongst the locals – not least because of its eye-catching interior that seems very intriguing when you’re walking past.

Santa Maria Pizzeria Chelsea

I popped in for an early supper with the OH and Little Man after a visit to the playground on Eel Brook Common.

And for me, the evening started with a glass of Prosecco while …

Santa Maria Pizzeria Chelsea

… the OH poured himself a beer.

Santa Maria Pizzeria Chelsea

Some of you may already know that I gave up wheat at the start of the year and because Santa Maria doesn’t serve gluten-free pizzas I thought I’d test the pizzas on two huge pizza fans when I was invited in to review.

The OH had the San Giuseppe with smoked mozzarella, rare breed Yorkshire sausage, friarielli (wild broccoli), chilli flakes and parmesan.

Santa Maria Pizzeria Chelsea

And Little Man ordered his favourite: margarita pizza with mushrooms.

Santa Maria Pizzeria Chelsea

Both pizzas were devoured. The OH was particularly impressed with his and Little Man took home what he couldn’t finish. The toppings looked amazing and the thin base of each pizza looked very tempting.

I ordered a few side dishes to make up my main. They included meatballs with ricotta cheese …

Santa Maria Pizzeria Chelsea

… caponata, which arrives with bread as a starter.

Santa Maria Pizzeria Chelsea

And I also enjoyed a mixed salad to accompany my very tasty dishes.

Santa Maria Pizzeria Chelsea

For dessert, the OH ordered a tiramisu …

Santa Maria Pizzeria Chelsea

… Little Man enjoyed (another) ice cream this weekend and …

Santa Maria Pizzeria Chelsea

… I had a lemon sorbet floating in lemoncello.

Santa Maria Pizzeria Chelsea

Overall, this was a very satisfying visit. The staff were all very friendly, the interior made the restaurant somewhere you wanted to be and the food was all very good. Definitely a great spot!

Santa Maria Pizzeria, 92-94 Waterford Road, Chelsea, SW6 2HA

The Easter Bank Holiday started with so much promise as it delivered clear blue skies and springtime weather that excited every living creature … perhaps maybe not the ones with woolly coats. Nonetheless it was gorgeous, so as the family and I made our way round the DIY stores in Wandsworth we decided to stop by The Ship for a bite to eat.

We were there early which made everything pretty simple.

The Ship pub in Wandsworth

And as we waited for Little Man’s fish and chips to arrive as well as the burger bar to open, we sat outside and enjoyed the riverside view over a glass of our chosen drinks. The passing boats and overhead helicopters were plenty to keep Little Man entertained, which makes me think we’ve found the perfect spot for everyone.

The Ship pub in Wandsworth

When the food arrived we had to go inside. Only food ordered from the burger bar can be eaten outside and for some reason Little Man has a thing against burgers and sandwiches. He doesn’t get the point or so he says. 😉

The Ship pub in Wandsworth

The OH ordered a classic burger …

The Ship pub in Wandsworth… which I also ordered except without the bun – and we were both very impressed. I loved my burger which was served medium rare. It was tender and tasty and it felt like you were really getting your teeth into something meaty. The curly fries were great too and overall, we all had an awesome lunch.

The Ship pub in Wandsworth

By the time we left the place was filling up and of course it would, it was a sunny start to the long weekend.

A great thing for me is that I’ve found another place that ticks all the boxes, for all of us. Now all we need is more sunny weather and a very long summer to make the most of it. 🙂

The Ship, 41 Jews Row, Wandsworth, London, SW18 1TB

Some folks may have already discovered Jacob’s Finest at Duke of York Square’s Fine Food Market. That’s where I found them and since then I’ve personally got to know the wonderful people behind what I consider to be easily the best falafels I’ve tasted in London.

My first encounter with falafels was when I was living in Israel whilst working on a kibbutz during a summer holiday whilst at university. Flash forward to today and while I really love these beauties, I’m a lot more concerned about my diet nowadays. So there isn’t the free for all with my stomach that there used to be. I gave up wheat at the start of this year for instance and I’m also diary intolerant.

But as much as I initially fell for the taste of Jacob’s Finest’s falafels, I’ve only just discovered that they are something I can also enjoy guilt-free. There’s no wheat, dairy, nut or egg. In fact they are allergen free with no additives or preservatives. This of course confuses me slightly because they are so good. Still, I’m not going to complain because a wheat-free diet can be tricky especially when it comes to grabbing lunch.

And this is where Daylesford comes in. The nearest one for me is the store on Pimlico Road …

Daylesford Pimlico Road

… which is gorgeous and has pretty much anything you could want that is tasty and healthy for you.

Daylesford Organic Pimlico Road

Recently they’ve started stocking Jacob’s Finest, which makes me very happy because the other day when I was in need of lunch and I wanted something to go with a salad, I popped in to pick up a box of apple falafels.

Jacob's Finest - great falafels in London

I was planning on taking pics of my lunch but of course I couldn’t wait to dig in. It’s also very exciting to know that I didn’t need to feel daunted by the idea of giving up wheat initially and that in fact the list of tasty wheat-free foods is just growing. 🙂

So if you end up missing Jacob’s Finest on Saturdays at least you know where to go now. I thoroughly recommend them. They are so fine!

Daylesford Organic Pimlico Road

Chelsea Girl

One of my favourite things right now is meeting up with Pink Julep blogger, Ashley, for our monthly catch-ups. We normally meet in the mornings over coffee. But when I was invited to review Big Easy’s lunch menu during Ashley’s birthday week, I knew that we had to move our morning natter to lunchtime.
Big Easy King's Road

Normally we talk about all things blogging, business and of course personal. But at some point during Ashley’s birthday eve lunch, I realised that I had completely switched off. There was no business involved. It was just pleasure. Perhaps it was the margarita or …
Margarita at Big Easy on King's Road

… the steak frites, which came as part of the set-menu we tried. But it was the first time I had grabbed a bite to eat at Big Easy and I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxing the place is during the day. I’ve been going to Big Easy for a long time, usually in the evenings or weekends. Never during the working day in the week. It wasn’t empty and the atmosphere was very chilled.

Steak frites at Big Easy on King's Road

Our lunch, which I thoroughly enjoyed, ended with an espresso shot to kickstart us into the second half of our day.

Big Easy on King's Road

And as we headed out and ventured in opposite directions along King’s Road, I was already looking forward to my next meet-up with Ashley. It’s always such a joy!

Big Easy, 332-334 King’s Rd, London SW3 5UR

Chelsea Girl

This morning I think I started a family trend on Valentine’s Day. I asked Little Man and the OH what they loved most: Little Man said dinosaurs, the OH said burgers – and my answer? Cocktails, of course. 🙂

So later in the day we all set out to enjoy a few of our favourite things … Magnolia Tree in Chelsea

Of course, when we arrived at the Natural History Museum we didn’t bank on the weekend/half-term crowds and the queue that snaked along the front of the stunning Romanesque architecture. Admittedly I did ask Little Man if he loved engines too (his other love) but he was adamant that we weren’t going to go round the corner and that we queued here, insisting ‘I love dinosaurs’.

Natural History Museum - Dippy

So we did it, we queued and as we waited I realised how much I appreciated some of the world’s renowned museums being on our doorstep. The Science Museum and V&A are also places we always visit.

Natural History Museum

The running around and the visit to the gift shop where we picked up a dinosaur egg, which is now sitting in a jar of water as we wait for it to hatch – and the cutest dinosaur toy – exhausted Little Man.

And as he fell asleep in his pram, the OH and I wondered – where to next? Burgers and cocktails, it was a no-brainer as we headed for Sophie’s Steakhouse.

There, the OH had a Black Angus Burger, which was really good. I tried the meat which was very tasty and the OH described the burger as, ‘if you could describe a 10oz burger as light, it was light and full of flavour’. He also loved the brioche bun and burger sauce. Sophie's Steakhouse

As for me, I had to order Sophie’s margarita …

Margarita at Sophie's Steakhouse

… which I sipped whilst thoroughly enjoying Sophie’s tuna steak (cooked rare) with avocado – my new fave!!!

Tuna steak at Sophie's Steakhouse

And of course, I had to have some fries to go with Sophie’s legendary steak sauce.

Fries at Sophie's Steakhouse

It was such a lovely afternoon, which ended with a trip to Daunt Books across the road and Little Man unable to wait until we got home to unwrap his Valentine’s Day gifts: Love is My Favourite Thing and The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep.

I’ve got a feeling that if we do this again next year and the year after, and the year after that – until Little Man is old enough to go on his own dates, things won’t really change for the OH and I. But for Little Man, I think it’s going to be very exciting to see how his favourite things will change over the years. I love this journey.

Chelsea Girl

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