There are plenty of firsts in a mummy’s life and being the foodie that I am, I feel compelled to document Little Man’s first use of chopsticks.

We were at Bone Daddies in Kensington Whole Foods when it all happened.

Bone Daddies Kensington

It was a quiet Sunday evening when we decided to give this place a try for the first time.

Bone Daddies Kensington

Normally we head to the main food court when we’re at Whole Foods so we can all have something different. But this time both the OH and I fancied noodles.

Bone Daddies Kensington

Tonkotsu Ramen

We didn’t think about whether there’d be something else for Little Man to have and eat with a spoon — like rice, for instance.

Bone Daddies Kensington

But being the trooper that he is and clearly into the idea of trying something new, Little Man got stuck in. It was a challenge he devoured and I think he enjoyed.


As for Bone Daddies, it was very pleasant. I was informed that the Tonkotsu Ramen was dairy-free even though it tasted creamy because it had been cooking for 20 hours. This still didn’t prepare me for the velvety texture of the ramen’s broth. So smooth.

With our noodles, I enjoyed some sake whilst the OH sipped his beer.

Bone Daddies Kensington

I also enjoyed the soft shell crab starter and the … Bone Daddies in Kensington

… pork and black truffle gyoza.

Bone Daddies Kensington

All in all, Bone Daddies is a great place for anyone looking for good noodles. Whether you’re with kids, on your own or with some pals, it’s a lovely spot to grab a bite to eat in Kensington.

Bone Daddies Kensington

Bone Daddies, 63-65 Kensington High St, London W8 5SE

Chelsea Girl

If you’re passing through Soho, you might want to walk past Yauatcha to take a look at their Chinese New Year window …


Not just for the delectable-looking cakes but also because you will get to see the Harvey Nichols window display, which were designed as part of Yauatcha’s Chinese New Year celebrations.

Yauatcha But the collaboration doesn’t stop there …

YauatchaThere is also the whiskey-based cocktail The Lucky Horse, which you can also try at Harvey Nichols’ Fifth Floor bar. If you like whiskey and cocktails, you will love this. It has a deep flavour and a kick to it that makes it very satisfying. 

This was the drink the OH started with when we visited Yauatcha for lunch last weekend, whilst I had a signature Yauatcha cocktail. The Hakka includes Belvedere vodka, Akashi-Tai sake, lychee, lime, coconut and passion fruit. And surprisingly, it wasn’t as sweet as I had anticipated. It was very delicious and very easy to drink.

Yauatcha Our lunch started with a few dim sum dishes and I can’t recommend the venison puff enough.

YauatchaThe pastry was melt-in-your-mouth and the venison was very tasty.

Yauatcha We also had the scallops shui mai …

Yauatcha… and the King Crab dumplings.

Yauatcha We then … and let me warn you, there are quite a few dishes to come … had a rack of ribs, which were fantastic: sweet, aromatic and tender.

Yauatcha The soft-shell crab was a complete surprise. They were spicy because of the chilli and I loved the toasted almond touch to this dish, which had texture and a myriad of flavours.

Yauatcha - soft shell crab

We also had the prawn and beancurd cheung fun …


… and we tried the crispy aromatic duck.


Finally, I had a taste of the stir-fry rib eye beef which was unbelievably succulent. If I hadn’t consumed so much beforehand, I would have definitely dived into this dish. The noodles with shimeji mushrooms were a perfect accompaniment.

Yauatcha - Beef

Whilst setting our tastebuds alight, I sipped on a glass of red wine as the OH sipped on a Sake No Hana beer, which it turns out was brewed in London. According to the OH, the beer had a lot of flavour and he was very impressed.


To celebrate Chinese New Year, Yauatcha has created a couple of desserts for a limited period of time. They include the Red Petits Gateaux, which are jasmine mousse filled with a honey panna cotta centre, caramelised mandarins and sesame brittle. Amazing and very light. The perfect end to a meal.

Yauatcha - Dessert

And there is also the Red Macarons filled with mandarin ganache and mandarin pâte de fruit. Pure indulgence.

Yauatcha - Macarons

At the end of each meal, every guest at Yauatcha receives a red envelope containing Harvey Nichols vouchers, including one for a Lucky Horse cocktail from the Fifth Floor bar. What a great way to end such an amazing lunch.

Yauatcha And as we walked through Soho and headed back to Chelsea, it was easy to assume that Chinese New Year had come early.


Disclaimer: The lunch for two was complimentary for the purpose of the review but I assure you, this did not affect my opinion. Yauatcha was a great way to celebrate the Year of the Horse. 

Scallops at Aubrey Doyle, which I’ve enjoyed before.

Yet another ‘I love London’ moment earlier this week.

Cocktail and Cake Liquid Afternoon Tea tasting at The Royal Horseguards Hotel.

Ross X Bute fashion event.

Red Velvet Cupcake from The Chelsea Teapot.

Discovering Addies Thai in Earls Court, almost opposite Ping. Win!

Brunch at Carluccio’s in Kensington.

Picking up some magazines from My Fulham News – one of the only few newsagents left in Chelsea and where I bought my first issues of Just 17 and Smash Hits. These guys are local legends!

Today’s brunch from my fave chef, the bf!


Last night, paps were spotted along King’s Road. Turns out they were waiting for Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and their entire brood.  Click here to find out the whole story.

Recently, I’ve had the bad habit of not blogging about my day-to-day life in Chelsea. I guess it’s because I’ve been presuming that everyone knows about these places or indulgences; that perhaps I might be stating the obvious.

But, I’m now putting that idea to the side and will start to include my favourite things about King’s Road.

First up, Phat Phuc Noodle Bar, which is found in The Courtyard on Sydney Street. You’ll be able to see the sign from the King’s Road as you cross the road from Heal’s, if you haven’t been here before.

Phat Phuc clearly has to be one of the best names for somewhere foodie but in Vietnamese, it means ‘Happy Buddha’, which makes it all the more special.

I had lunch here yesterday and as usual I loved what I had: Vietnamese Dim Sum and Prawn Laksa, whilst the bf had Bang Bang Chicken Noodle Salad.

The al fresco style of dining makes you feel as if you’re somewhere between a Vietnamese street stall and holistic goodness (with Balance the Clinic and Reflexions – The Reflexology Shop in your immediate vicinity).

And with photos of actors such as Orlando Bloom and Kevin Bacon pinned to the counter, it becomes obvious that Phat Phuc isn’t the big secret you thought it was when you descended the stairs from Sydney Street for the first time.

Al fresco dining at Phat Phuc isn’t just for the summer. I took this photo earlier this year.