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The Kensington Mums blog has been on my radar for quite some time now, especially since giving birth to baby boy. Dina, who runs Kensington Mums, arranges morning coffees once a month for local mummies and has also been responsible for the successful Motherhood Exhibition which I have one more chance to check out (details here).

So when I learned about the Christmas Dinner which Dina was arranging, I knew I had to go along. After all, not only was I a new mummy keen to meet likeminded local mummies but I love Lebanese food and I had never been to Randa Restaurant on Kensington High Street where the dinner was being held.

Kensington Mums Christmas DinnerSo eventually I got round to booking my place and on a blustery evening, headed to the Kensington Mums Christmas event.

There, I met inspiring women and enjoyed a laugh with Dina and the other mummies who came along for the evening. They included Deborah aka Metropolitan Mum and Amber who has an exciting project planned for 2014, which we were all so excited to hear about.

As for the food, we enjoyed an abundance of dishes from cold and hot mezzes to mains and desserts. Here are a selection of foodie photos which I took when I remembered to: It was so easy to dive in with the next dish, which we waited with excited anticipation.

Kensington Mums - Randa Restaurant

Kensington Mums - Randa Restaurant

Kensington Mums - Randa Restaurant

Kensington Mums - Randa Restaurant

Kensington Mums - Randa Restaurant

Kensington Mums - Randa RestaurantDina is planning the next Kensington Mums event for January, which I can’t wait for. From what I hear, it’s exactly something every mummy will need and want to do. Maybe see you there!

You may have originally noticed L’Eto whilst walking along Brompton Road, because of its eye-catching selection of cakes by the window. Well now the same visual treat can be found on the King’s Road (around the vicinity of the Curzon Chelsea cinema – on the other side of the road).



L'EtoAnd the great thing is when you step inside, it doesn’t stop there. There are also salads and chocolate truffles to consider. So much so that you could easily find yourself gawping at the selection on offer that it’s difficult to know where to start.





L'EtoThe way it works is that you decide on what you’d like to order, which you relay on to the helpful staff who then serve you. Or another way to do it is to head downstairs and to order á la carte.

Last weekend, I opted for the latter. It was my second time here: the first time I was with London Unattached blogger, Fiona MacLean, who kindly invited me to go along as her guest. And I was so impressed with the downstairs menu, I wanted to try it again.

So for my starter, I had the duck salad …

L'EtoWhilst the OH had the beef starter …

L'EtoI’m not sure who won that one. They were both so good: rich in flavour and ingredients. And don’t you love it when something tastes so good, yet feels so healthy?

For our mains, I chose the lamb dish whilst the OH opted for the seared tuna.


L'EtoWhilst I liked the tuna for tasting so clean and light, I particularly loved the lamb which was accompanied with quinoa, couscous and bulgar wheat. The salsa and feta cheese also complimented the dish very well.

For dessert, we popped upstairs and decided on the two bestsellers: the honey cake (which apparently is L’Eto’s signature dessert) and the profiteroles. And whilst I enjoyed the honey cake with a dessert wine, the OH opted for a Baileys latte with his pudding. The Baileys latte is gorgeous by the way – and not too sweet.


L'EtoThe thing about L’Eto is that you can’t just visit once. There are too many reasons to go back and to try something else, which I can’t wait to do.

Disclaimer: I was L’Eto’s guest during my recent visit but this in no way affects my opinion. The food is truly scrumptious and the service is very friendly.

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while because it is about Kazan, my favourite Turkish restaurant! Kazan is located in Victoria, on Wilton Road – and has been there since before the chains sprung up along this now busy road.

The last time I was there, I had the Drunken Calamari (fried battered baby squid marinated in vodka, served with salad & garlic sauce), for starter.

The bf had the Mini Duck and Date Shish.

For main, I had the Imperial Seafood Guvech, which involves King prawn, monkfish & scallops, simmered with mediterranean vegetables & herbs in a regional tomato & wine sauce served with giant bulgur.

The bf had the Ottoman Grill: Marinated until tender; a selection of chicken & lamb shish & kofte plus a lamb chop, poussin & garlic sausage. Served with rice or chunky fries & salad.

We shared dessert, which included baklava and rose ice cream.

The whole meal was delicious as always. The quality of the ingredients and the delicate flavours are always what bring me back to Kazan, which I have been going to for years. The fact that I have visited Turkey two summers in a row makes me appreciate this place even more. There’s a real sense of authenticity about this place, which is also visually demonstrated with the interior.

Turkish food isn’t just about kebabs. It’s as much about fish and seafood; it’s also about slowly cooked meat; and it is about dishes bursting with flavour. Undoubtedly, I will be back here soon again!

Kazan Restaurant, 93-94 Wilton Road . London SW1V 1DW. 020 7233 7100

It had been years since I last visited The Collection, on Brompton Road, and as I walked along the walkway-esque corridor that changes colour as it leads you to the bar and restaurant, I instantly remembered what was so special about this place: The Collection was and still is the most glamorous bar in the area.

Whether it was the distraction of the West End’s bright lights or the natural propensity to evolve onto another ‘cool bar’, I stopped coming here. Yet with the recent refurbishment and a nostalgic call to action, I accepted an invitation to return and see how The Collection had itself evolved.

My instant impression was the number of tables that filled the ground floor space and the banquettes at the back, which looked very inviting. Flashbacks to crowds dancing in this very space, many moons ago, made me wonder what The Collection would now be like on a Saturday night (something I intend to discover soon).

Once seated in the more formal dining area upstairs, my friend and I decided on the small plates for starters. Our selection included the mograbiah, spinach & feta cheese; salted cod, crushed potato & rocket; smoked duck, green beans & sesame; and seared veal, watercress & salsa verde.

For mains, we chose the pan roasted royal bream, green beans & harissa pepper and the hay roasted lamb shank, pistachio sauce & artichoke puree. And for dessert, we had the warm pistachio tartlet, white chocolate mousse & macerated cherries and the praline parfait, melted chocolate cremeux & sesame tuile.

Everything we ordered had surpassed any subconscious expectation I may have had. Even the bread and oil at the beginning was a burst of delicious surprise. The recommended cocktails and wine also hit the right note for the evening. In other words, The Collection is an easy recommend.

The Collection, 264 Brompton Road, London SW3 2AS

And for my photos from the night, click here.

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