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Last week I visited Swingers, a Crazy Golf Club located right next to the iconic Gherkin building in the City.
Swingers The Crazy Golf Club in London

I was with Steph who had kindly invited me and we were the guests of Venue Search London who have Swingers on their list of exclusive places to hire.

Swingers The Crazy Golf Club in London

Before last week I’d only held a golf club on a course in Majorca (Disney clubs for toddlers not included). And so I felt slightly wary about what to expect. Thankfully when we walked in, the crazy golf course looked more fun than intimidating …

Swingers The Crazy Golf Club in London

… and with some bubbles to help us along the way, I had so much fun trying to putt like a pro.

Swingers The Crazy Golf Club in London

On top of the course, the buzzy atmosphere and the flowing drinks, there was also the amazing food to enjoy. Putty & Bun, Pizza Pilgrims and the newest guys on the block, Le Bab.

Swingers The Crazy Golf Club in London

In my humble opinion, Patty & Bun serve the best burgers in town.

Swingers The Crazy Golf Club in London

And upon hearing the story behind the Michelin trained founders of Le Bab, I had to try their gourmet kebab which was truly amazing. Succulent meat and so tasty.

Swingers The Crazy Golf Club in London

Sadly, I didn’t get to try the pizza and I confess have yet to try Pizza Pilgrims. But there were plenty of satisfied looks from folks who were indulging.

Swingers The Crazy Golf Club in London

The evening flew by and as we left our clubs behind I knew this place was a winner. Recently opened in the City, it’s definitely one to try after work or to get a party of folks along to. It’s a lot of delicious fun!

Swingers The Crazy Golf Club in London

Swingers, 8 Brown’s Buildings, London EC3A 8AL

I absolutely love turning up somewhere not knowing what to expect, only to end up having a fun-packed evening filled with a string of surprises. This happened a few weeks ago when Suze from The Luxury Columnist invited me to visit Buddha-Bar in Knightsbridge with her.

Buddha Bar Knightsbridge

I absolutely adore Suze so I already knew the night was going to be great fun. What I hadn’t anticipated were the fantastic cocktails served by the charming bar staff; the tuna tartare with a hint of truffles that wowed both Suze and I; and the wonderful atmosphere that happens regularly with Buddha-Bar’s 1001 Nights.

Buddha Bar Knightsbridge

1001 Nights is an evening of belly dancing where the diners are also taken by the music and the whole basement part of the restaurant truly comes to life as we are transported into the tales of the Arabian Nights. Some diners head to the dance floor, others stand up to dance by their tables, and some even create their own stage by standing on their chair. When those professional belly dancers step through the door, the evening becomes charged.

This was my first visit to a Buddha-Bar – a name that can be found all around the world, from Prague to Manila and from New York to Monaco. The first one opened in Paris in 1997 and many years later the London bar and restaurant serves fusion cuisine and experimental cocktails that are spectacles in themselves.

The cocktail we started the night with was the Bubble Wap, a signature cocktail that included strawberry & raspberry puree, rose liquor, elderflower liquor, with touch of Belvedere vodka and topped up with Champagne – which I absolutely loved. I also had a lychee martini at the bar which also didn’t disappoint.

Buddha-Bar is now on my radar as somewhere to drop in for a good cocktail when catching up with a friend and their 1001 Nights is definitely something I’d recommend for a refreshingly fun night.

Buddha-Bar London, 145 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7PA

Some folks may have already discovered Jacob’s Finest at Duke of York Square’s Fine Food Market. That’s where I found them and since then I’ve personally got to know the wonderful people behind what I consider to be easily the best falafels I’ve tasted in London.

My first encounter with falafels was when I was living in Israel whilst working on a kibbutz during a summer holiday whilst at university. Flash forward to today and while I really love these beauties, I’m a lot more concerned about my diet nowadays. So there isn’t the free for all with my stomach that there used to be. I gave up wheat at the start of this year for instance and I’m also diary intolerant.

But as much as I initially fell for the taste of Jacob’s Finest’s falafels, I’ve only just discovered that they are something I can also enjoy guilt-free. There’s no wheat, dairy, nut or egg. In fact they are allergen free with no additives or preservatives. This of course confuses me slightly because they are so good. Still, I’m not going to complain because a wheat-free diet can be tricky especially when it comes to grabbing lunch.

And this is where Daylesford comes in. The nearest one for me is the store on Pimlico Road …

Daylesford Pimlico Road

… which is gorgeous and has pretty much anything you could want that is tasty and healthy for you.

Daylesford Organic Pimlico Road

Recently they’ve started stocking Jacob’s Finest, which makes me very happy because the other day when I was in need of lunch and I wanted something to go with a salad, I popped in to pick up a box of apple falafels.

Jacob's Finest - great falafels in London

I was planning on taking pics of my lunch but of course I couldn’t wait to dig in. It’s also very exciting to know that I didn’t need to feel daunted by the idea of giving up wheat initially and that in fact the list of tasty wheat-free foods is just growing. 🙂

So if you end up missing Jacob’s Finest on Saturdays at least you know where to go now. I thoroughly recommend them. They are so fine!

Daylesford Organic Pimlico Road

Chelsea Girl

Summer may be officially over but the sun is still shining. This means more chance to prolong one of my favourite ways to dine: al fresco! A couple of weeks ago, I had an early supper at Comptoir Libanais on Duke of York Square.

The weather was warm enough to eat outside, which was wonderful because on a Saturday it puts you in amongst the shopping buzz. I love that feeling. Though to be honest, I love being inside just as much. Computer Libanais is full of colour and vibrance, as most folks would already know.

On my recent visit I ordered what seems to be evolving as my usual: the Lamb and Prunes Tagine, which also has butternut squash, peas and roasted almonds in the dish. Although with Little Man by my side, the prunes didn’t stay too long on my plate. His creeping hand kept reappearing as he snatched one prune after the next.

And for my drink, I had one of Comptoir’s Prosecco cocktails. There are three altogether: The Mona with a dash of fragrant rose syrup; Yara, with a dash of mulberry molasses; and Zeina, with a dash of pomegranate molasses. I’ve tried and like them all.

So onwards into our warm start to autumn and then towards dining outside surrounded by festive lights. To be honest, I think just as long as I’m covered if it’s raining, al fresco is wonderful all year round if the setting’s right.
Comptoir Libanais Duke of York Square


Disclaimer: I received a discount on my meal as part of a bloggers event. But I am also a regular here and will continue coming here to have ‘my usual’.  😉Chelsea Girl

The Kensington Mums blog has been on my radar for quite some time now, especially since giving birth to baby boy. Dina, who runs Kensington Mums, arranges morning coffees once a month for local mummies and has also been responsible for the successful Motherhood Exhibition which I have one more chance to check out (details here).

So when I learned about the Christmas Dinner which Dina was arranging, I knew I had to go along. After all, not only was I a new mummy keen to meet likeminded local mummies but I love Lebanese food and I had never been to Randa Restaurant on Kensington High Street where the dinner was being held.

Kensington Mums Christmas DinnerSo eventually I got round to booking my place and on a blustery evening, headed to the Kensington Mums Christmas event.

There, I met inspiring women and enjoyed a laugh with Dina and the other mummies who came along for the evening. They included Deborah aka Metropolitan Mum and Amber who has an exciting project planned for 2014, which we were all so excited to hear about.

As for the food, we enjoyed an abundance of dishes from cold and hot mezzes to mains and desserts. Here are a selection of foodie photos which I took when I remembered to: It was so easy to dive in with the next dish, which we waited with excited anticipation.

Kensington Mums - Randa Restaurant

Kensington Mums - Randa Restaurant

Kensington Mums - Randa Restaurant

Kensington Mums - Randa Restaurant

Kensington Mums - Randa Restaurant

Kensington Mums - Randa RestaurantDina is planning the next Kensington Mums event for January, which I can’t wait for. From what I hear, it’s exactly something every mummy will need and want to do. Maybe see you there!

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