Le Pain Quotidien has opened a new restaurant in Chelsea, along the Fulham Road – on the stretch between Beaufort Street and Edith Grove.

I’m a huge fan of LPQ and as soon as I found out they were opening I was very excited. The LPQ on King’s Road is always busy and it’s a great spot to take time out and enjoy some good hearty French food. Plus, I also think this part of Chelsea (the middle bit of Fulham Road) has limited offerings when it comes to good coffee.
Le Pain Quotidien Fulham RoadSo when I was invited to review lunch at the new LPQ, I leapt at the chance. After all, I normally find myself rushing around at lunchtimes or sitting in my office and grabbing a few minutes to devour something I had just picked up on my way back. But instead when the rain was pouring last week and the general mood wasn’t typical of summer, I decided I wanted to take a break and enjoy a leisurely-ish lunch.

Admittedly this restaurant is much smaller than the one on King’s Road. But it also has outdoor seating and there is a spacious basement with booths and plenty of room for little feet to move around if they’re feeling restless, which I’ve realised is always blessing.

For lunch I had the tartine and soup deal. And on my bread, I enjoyed proscuitto and fig with some cheese which was wonderful. The soup I chose was a vegetable special which was perfect for a rainy day.
Le Pain Quotidien Fulham Road

What separates this LPQ from the others is the evening menu here. This restaurant closes at 11pm and I’m looking forward to visiting for supper because I’m intrigued about what the menu will be.
Le Pain Quotidien Fulham Road

But for now, I’m very happy with LPQ being one of my regular lunch and coffee stops especially because the staff are very friendly too.

Chelsea Girl

Disclaimer: I was invited to review LPQ on Fulham Road as a guest. 

You may have originally noticed L’Eto whilst walking along Brompton Road, because of its eye-catching selection of cakes by the window. Well now the same visual treat can be found on the King’s Road (around the vicinity of the Curzon Chelsea cinema – on the other side of the road).



L'EtoAnd the great thing is when you step inside, it doesn’t stop there. There are also salads and chocolate truffles to consider. So much so that you could easily find yourself gawping at the selection on offer that it’s difficult to know where to start.





L'EtoThe way it works is that you decide on what you’d like to order, which you relay on to the helpful staff who then serve you. Or another way to do it is to head downstairs and to order á la carte.

Last weekend, I opted for the latter. It was my second time here: the first time I was with London Unattached blogger, Fiona MacLean, who kindly invited me to go along as her guest. And I was so impressed with the downstairs menu, I wanted to try it again.

So for my starter, I had the duck salad …

L'EtoWhilst the OH had the beef starter …

L'EtoI’m not sure who won that one. They were both so good: rich in flavour and ingredients. And don’t you love it when something tastes so good, yet feels so healthy?

For our mains, I chose the lamb dish whilst the OH opted for the seared tuna.


L'EtoWhilst I liked the tuna for tasting so clean and light, I particularly loved the lamb which was accompanied with quinoa, couscous and bulgar wheat. The salsa and feta cheese also complimented the dish very well.

For dessert, we popped upstairs and decided on the two bestsellers: the honey cake (which apparently is L’Eto’s signature dessert) and the profiteroles. And whilst I enjoyed the honey cake with a dessert wine, the OH opted for a Baileys latte with his pudding. The Baileys latte is gorgeous by the way – and not too sweet.


L'EtoThe thing about L’Eto is that you can’t just visit once. There are too many reasons to go back and to try something else, which I can’t wait to do.

Disclaimer: I was L’Eto’s guest during my recent visit but this in no way affects my opinion. The food is truly scrumptious and the service is very friendly.

So Megan’s has opened up a new deli/restaurant further along the King’s Road, towards the Chelsea Town Hall. And at first I wasn’t so sure if this was a wise decision because there are some addresses on the King’s Road that seem to be perpetually having new businesses move in and months later move out: Megan’s had sprung up at one of these units.

Megan's Deli and RestaurantBut when I popped in to try out Megan’s new venue, I realised that my superstitions were obviously invalid. Megan’s new location was busy, busier than the fromagerie which had been here beforehand. Locals and passers-by knew exactly where to find Megan’s new address.

Megan's Deli and RestaurantHere, the food which you can order to take-away from the deli counter or to eat at a table include salads and quiches.

Megan's Deli and Restaurant

Megan's Deli and RestaurantOr you can order from the brunch and lunch menu …

Megan's Deli and RestaurantThe cakes are also very yummy…

Megan's Deli and RestaurantAnd I love the attention to detail with the décor …

Megan's Deli and RestaurantAlong this strip of the King’s Road, you are quite spoilt for choice with Le Pain Quotidien and Gail’s Bakery only doors away. But if you are looking for somewhere that has a more personal/less chainy feel whilst producing food that is freshly made each day, with good ingredients, I wholeheartedly recommend that you check out Megan’s. It’s a bonafide local gem. x

Earlier this week I picked up my Valentine’s Day present from my local Aubaine restaurant on Brompton Cross.

Aubaine RestaurantIt was slightly embarrassing because I had the bf with me and when I told him I needed to pick up a V-Day present, he initially thought it was for him. So I had to explain that this gift was actually from Aubaine themselves to me.

Excited about what was in the box, I opened it as soon as possible to find this peeking back at me:

Aubaine RestaurantA chocolate cake I thought and instantly I abandoned any idea of giving up chocolate for Lent. How could I? I love chocolate too much. And so I opened the box further to have a clearer look …

Aubaine RestaurantBut as I looked closer, I realised it wasn’t a cake. It was actually a box. My present was inside a box made from Valrhona chocolate – but what was inside?  Macarons! Macarons delivered in a chocolate box. Could there be anything better for my sweeth tooth?

Aubaine Restaurant

Macarons in a chocolate boxInside were two pistachio macarons and two raspberry …

Aubaine - RaspberryAubaine’s slogan for Valentine’s Day is “Say It With Flowers Macarons” and I couldn’t agree more. Flowers are always lovely but for Valentine’s, why not try something different? Macarons in a chocolate box is such a delectable experience and who says you can’t give both anyway?

For more information on Aubaine’s Valentine’s Day treats including the chance to win a Tiffany necklace with your V-Day dinner, click here.

Thank you very much Aubaine and Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

There’s just over a week to go until Christmas and I can’t pretend to have finished my shopping for presents, must less started it. But I have been getting into the mood of festive feasting and I did attempt the annual trip to Winter Wonderland, which seems to be getting bigger every year. It was nuts.

Christmas in London

Snapshots from my week include: ‘I can never tire of the Natural History Museum in winter’; choosing cakes at Le Pain Quotidien – today’s was a slice of baked apple tart; one of my fave hot chocolates from Paul; lunch at Patty & Bun; Sunday Roast at Gordon Ramsay’s Foxtrot Oscar; the Alan Turing exhibition at the Science Museum; wandering through Winter Wonderland followed by a walk through Hyde Park; a classic car on the King’s Road; and the cheeky snowman from Ted Baker’s window display!

This time next week I’ll be in the Philippines for Christmas and New Year so I will be resuming my snapshots posts in January. Can you believe we’re almost in 2013? I’m so excited for next year! x

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