Itsu has arrived on King’s Road and it seems like everyone has been waiting for it. When I walk down the road around lunchtime now it’s guaranteed I’ll see a parade of Itsu takeaway bags, it’s great. Itsu on King's Road

Admittedly the first couple of times I walked past the store, I was put off by the crowds. But on Thursday the queues weren’t bad at all so I picked up some lunch, which included my favourite salmon box. I also discovered the fruit superseed smoothie; normally blended at the counter, I asked if I could take it away unblended (so I could take a photo of it before mixing it up). The smoothie includes a superseed mix, coconut milk, banana, apple, dates, pineapple and strawberry to be blended with ice.Itsu Lunch

I know Itsu has been around forever but I still can’t help being excited. I love this place and most of all it’s great to have somewhere that doesn’t just focus on sandwiches or pasta since Mori closed.

Chelsea Girl

London is fast becoming exciting when it comes to healthy choices when eating out. And when the healthier options are available at a favourite local, event better.

This local is Bumpkin; be it on Sydney Street or in South Kensington, which has a brand new guilt-free menu.

Bumpkin Created with Julie Montagu, this menu includes four hydraulic cold press juices:

The Lean Green Machine has green kale, tenderstem broccoli, watercress, Cox apple, lemon, lime, spirulina and a pinch of ginger, whilst the Carrot Digestif includes carrots, oranges, celery and curly parsley.

Don’t Beet Around The Bush is made from beetroot, pear, blueberries, Cox apple, acai berries and lime – and the Bloody Berry has red pepper, yellow pepper, rhubarb, oranges, green kale and goji berries.

Bumpkin Healthy OptionsEach of the juices has its own benefits that could make you feel good on a hangover, post-gym or just in general. And as for taste, they’re great. The Bloody Berry was the most unusual of the selection and as a result, the one I enjoyed the most.

After tasting the juices, I opted for the green kale and spinach soup which came with organic quinoa and seven seed pancakes. You may have read in a previous post a year or two ago about how frustrated I was that there wasn’t much quinoa in London restaurants. Well, flashforward to today and it looks like we’re finally catching up with New York where I was eating quinoa over ten years ago.

Bumpkin Healthy OptionsFor starter, the OH opted for ribs. He’s got this thing for ribs at the moment and when it came to Bumpkin’s, (in his words), they were really succulent and fall-off-the-bone. They were really good.

Bumpkin Healthy OptionsFor main, we moved to the salads. Mine was as a result of the Good Healthy Combinations that is available on the menu. I chose chicken to go with the braised celery, green lentil, wild, mushrooms, granola clusters and chestnuts …

Bumpkin Healthy Options… whilst the OH opted for prawns to go with malt glazed allotment carrots, roasted hazelnuts, pearl barley and spirulina salad, topped with goji berries, bee pollen and a sesame dressing.

Bumpkin Healthy OptionsWe’re both fans of warm salads and were impressed with both our choices. I particularly loved the granola clusters in mine as they added a surprise burst of texture to my dish.

But of course, with all this guilt-free dining, it would be a sin to not taste Bumpkin’s Bloody Mary – which is so good, by the way.

Bumpkin Healthy OptionsAnd if you are looking for a cocktail to order, then I recommend the British Martini: Gin, fresh berries and lemon. It is so smooth and delicious. You can be forgiven for wanting to order another.

Bumpkin Healthy OptionsI like this direction which Bumpkin has taken because it now has choices for every mood or lifestyle and if you’re like me, you can always mix them up a bit for a bit of guilt-free pleasure.

Disclaimer: The lunch for two was complimentary for the purpose of the review. But this did not affect my opinion. If you give this new menu a go – or the cocktails for that matter – you’ll see why.

This afternoon I visited Harrods to try their Salad Kitchen. It’s located on the 4th floor where you’ll also find The Fashion Lab.

Harrods - Salad Kitchen

The restaurant’s contemporary design allows customers to either sit at the bar or at tables which line the walls.

Harods - Salad Kitchen

Whilst looking at the menu, we tried the baba ghanoush with homemade lavash.

Harrods - Salad Kitchen

Baba ghanoush is an aubergine-based dip. This one came topped with pomegranate which contributed to the already existing freshness of this nibble. The lavash is a seasoned bread, which I loved. You can taste the cumin among other subtle flavours which work well with the dip.

Along with the nibbles, the OH ordered a strawberry daiquiri which was amaaazing.

Harrods - Strawberry DaiquiriI had a passion fruit martini which was rich in both flavour and texture. It was faultless.

Harrods - Passion Fruit MartiniFor starter, we shared the yellowfin tuna tartare, avocado, crostini with wasabi …

Harrods - Salad Kitchen… as well as the cauliflower and cumin fritters with cauliflower purée and salsa verde.

Harrods - Salad KitchenI loved the wasabi touch along with the avocado. And the tuna? It was amazingly fresh – melt in your mouth fresh. As for the cauliflower and cumin fritters, I relished the middle-eastern inspired flavours.

For our next course, I chose the Harrods Chablis to accompany my main …

Harrods - Salad Kitchen… whilst the OH ordered a Bramble cocktail, which included gin, crème de mure, blackberries, lemon and sugar. Call me naïve but I’d never thought about ordering a cocktail at Harrods before. I don’t know why. But today I discovered some great cocktail making, which I unreservedly recommend.

Harrods - Salad KitchenFor my main I chose sea scallops and tiger prawns to go with a lamb’s lettuce salad with quinoa, radish, toasted almonds and roasted pepper yoghurt.

Harrods - Salad KitchenThe OH ordered chorizo-stuffed baby squid to go with a purple potato, wax beans, sugar snap peas, tahini and lemon dressing.

Harrods - Salad KitchenThe way The Salad Kitchen’s menu works for mains is that you choose a dish from the robata grill and a salad, either cold or warm. The selection leaves you spoilt for choice but the puzzle of trying to find out what to pair with what is worth it. Both our choices were very delicious.

For our final course, the OH and I decided to share a dessert. Or more like, I said no thank you but the wise waiter gave me some cutlery to try the trio of flourless chocolate desserts.

Harrods - Salad KitchenThis involved three slices of flourless chocolate cake, mousse and in the centre a chocolate treat with a chocolate mint cake base. Yummmm!

Disclaimer: Our lunch was complimentary for the purpose of the review but this did not affect my opinion on what we tried today. The food and drinks were fabulous. 

I remember the first time I had avocado on toast. I was in Sri Lanka and a Sydney-sider had introduced it to me. At the time I thought it was a strange albeit delicious concoction. But as I discovered on my first visit to Australia, Sydney was ahead of the game with healthy food that tastes good. It makes sense, right – because of their climate?

Flash forward to present day, London – and avocado on toast seems to be everywhere. The last time I tried it was when I tagged along with Fiona from London Unattached to review No. 11 Pimlico Road.

No. 11 Pimlico - Avocado on toastExcept that this wasn’t simply avocado on toast. It also included feta cheese and chilli oil. This had taken my original experience to the next level and I really enjoyed it.

Also on that morning, I tried the fresh fruit salad …

No. 11 Pimlico - Fruit Salad… whilst Fiona tried the homemade granola with yoghurt, fruit compote and wild flower honey as well as …

No. 11 Pimlico - Granola… the grilled field mushrooms on sourdough toast.

No. 11 Pimlico - Mushrooms on ToastAs you can see, it was a leisurely breakfast. A great way to have a girly catch-up.

If you’re walking along the King’s Road and are looking for a healthy place to lunch, head to The Good Life Eatery on Sloane Avenue.

The Good Life EateryTheir salads are amazing and they also have their own pressed juices. You can find all types of superfoods including chia seed pudding and anything from avocado on toast to egg white frittata.

The Good Life EateryAnd if you have a sweet tooth, even their cakes are too good to miss.

The Good Life EateryThe Good Life Eatery, 59 Sloane Avenue, SW3 3DH

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