One of my favourite places in London is Kensington Roof Gardens. It’s a stunning oasis of colour and beauty that makes you feel like you’ve walked into a garden in Morocco once you’ve stepped out of the High Street Kensington lift on the 6th floor.

So when I discovered their Easter Egg Hunt in support of Starlight Children’s Foundation I booked tickets straight away.

Along with the egg hunt another reason to book was of course the beautiful flamingoes that were kept safely away from the children. I thought it’d be great to show Little Man that flamingoes really do exist after pointing out so many imaginary ones in the name of creating a distraction when getting from a to b.

And of course the bubbles for grown ups were a pull.

Admittedly, I wasn’t sure what the kids were going to enjoy except for a few chocolate eggs. After all, I’d only known Kensington Roof Gardens for events and their nightclub. But there was so much for the children to enjoy: games, face painting, arts and crafts. Little Man had a real blast along with all the other children.

In fact I was so impressed by the entertainment, I have to give Sharky & George a big shout out. These guys really do know how to throw a party for little ones. At one point Little Man wasn’t sure of a game and I loved how the patient team member took the time to involve him. By the end of the afternoon, Little Man was attempting his breakdancing and didn’t want to leave.

Along with the entertainment, there was the usual barbecue at The Roof Gardens serving the usual fare as well as mini burgers that came with chips.

And finally at 3.30pm the rest of the garden was opened up and a hoard of children rushed through to collect their eggs. There was of course plenty of excitement and following his Easter Sunday egg hunt at a friend’s house, Little Man behaved like a seasoned pro. The hunt also gave everyone else a chance to wander around and in some cases reminisce about the awesome parties that have been held here.

Eventually the hunt slowed down and it was time to find a relaxing nook to enjoy the chocolate eggs.

It was such a gorgeous afternoon and the perfect end to the Easter bank holiday weekend in London. I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for more family events at Kensington Roof Gardens. I really love it there.

Yesterday I popped into Rococo Chocolates in Belgravia to meet its founder Chantal Coady …

Rococo Chocolates… and as we talked, I sipped the most gorgeous thick hot chocolate and reminisced about the first time I tasted something as true as this. I was in Rome a long while ago and the revelation was akin to discovering that not all pizzas were deep crust. As for hot chocolates, Angelina in Paris is a hot spot for veritable chocolate fans. But where do you go when you’re in London? If you like yours thick and smooth, Rococo would be a good first stop.

Rococo Chocolates

Whilst talking with Chantal, I learned about Rococo’s ethical farm in Grenada and the reason behind Rococo’s unique style and designs: Chantal designs everything.

Rococo ChocolatesAnd as we got to know each other, Chantal also kindly gave me some fabulous mummy tips that I have already started to put into practice.

I am such a huge fan of Rococo Chocolates on King’s Road that yesterday morning was a true pleasure. Getting to know the Belgravia store and the person behind such a fabulous brand was a real treat.

And being given a full box of chocolates to take away with me was also very exciting.

Rococo Chocolates

When I arrived home and took the box out of the bag …

Rococo Chocolates

I discovered some brand new flavours I hadn’t yet tried.

Rococo Chocolates

They included kalamansi lime caramel, (two) passion fruit and rosemary caramel, jivara milk chocolate ganache and almond marzipan hot cross bun.

Rococo Chocolates

The flavours were exceptional and their textures sublime. The kalamansi lime caramel and passion fruit and rosemary caramel were both melt in your mouth smooth.

I wish I had the discipline to savour each one slowly and carefully but I’m afraid I devoured them all instantly (unfortunate for the OH). They were a feast for the tastebuds and I guess I got overexcited.

Thank you Chantal and Rococo for a delicious morning! I’ll be back. 🙂

Rococo Chocolates, 321 Kings Road, London SW3 5EP and Rococo Chocolates, 5 Motcomb Street, London SW1X 8JU