It has been a while since I visited Haché on Fulham Road. Not since its stylish refurb had I set foot in here. But recently I was invited to pop in for a review and I accepted, unbeknownst to me how much had changed since the last time I dropped by.

Along with the more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing interior, I discovered that the burger menu had changed. Steak burgers are now a feature and my OH chose the Steak Fumé which arrived with caramelised onions, smoked bacon, gruyère cheese and Haché coleslaw. Its theatrical arrival in a smoke-filled dome was enough to capture anyone’s attention and gauging OH’s reaction, the burger was very good too especially …

… with a side of truffle fries.

As for me, I opted for the Steak Le Truffle burger which was topped with truffle shavings, truffle aioli, caramelised onions and Gruyère cheese. It was divine.

My side was a bowl of kale salad to add a healthy balance and I enjoyed it very much too.

Little Man went for the chicken goujons burger with fries and although he didn’t give the bun a chance he was a big fan of everything else he tried.

Overall, it really felt good being back at Haché and as I sipped a glass of gorgeous Kir Royale I wondered why it had taken us so long to return. I guess sometimes we slip in and out of habits; Haché was always one of the places we popped into before catching a film at the cinema across the road. It was almost a weekly event until Little Man came along and now he’s old enough to go to the cinema (today we watched Despicable Me 3), I feel that we will definitely be visiting Haché more often – not least because I’d like to indulge in another one of those steak burgers.

And another reason to return is for their breakfast menu (here). After our usual family Sunday mornings at the gym this menu looks so good.

Haché, 329-331 Fulham Road, London, SW10 9QL

We’re reaching the end of January and whilst I had meant to write this post weeks ago, I’m also pondering on the idea that detox isn’t just for January.

But just to set the record straight, I haven’t spent this entire month teetotal, juicing or detoxing. The only teetotal January I remember having was when I was pregnant a few years ago. What I have been doing (and why I love January) is focusing on things I want to change or make better. I’m not calling them new year’s resolutions just to take the pressure off. Though I have been taking a leaf out of my mother’s book and starting the year as I mean to go on.

This means I have found a new way of getting to the gym regularly; I make time to read the books I buy; I’m also paying more attention to what I’m eating and I’m feeling so much better for it.

So when I was invited to Grace Belgravia to review their Sunday detox brunch I was very happy to accept.

Grace Belgravia is a women’s only health, wellbeing and medical club. I’ve visited a couple of times before and I’m in love with their interior.

There are fabulous areas to lounge around in and enjoy their fantastic juices …

And there are surprises at every corner. I love this space so much. It normally has beautiful art hanging on the walls. I had just missed the previous exhibition when I visited this time.

Grace Belgravia’s Sunday detox brunch is available to non-members, both men and women, and it runs from 11am until 3.30pm.

For £30, the detox menu starts with three shots: “tomato, red chili and lime, followed by calming lemon, ginger and turmeric, and finally cleansing green apple and spirulina.”

The menu also includes bottomless juices which are a great idea. Sarah chose the Strength & Glow with beetroot, pineapple, cucumber, turmeric and Kangen water while I enjoyed an alkaliser green juice. We both also tried the Golden Milk with turmeric, honey, black pepper, cinnamon and almond milk.

For starter, Sarah ordered the buckwheat, vegan protein powder, poppy and chia seed pancakes with grilled banana, coconut yoghurt, maple syrup and blueberries – which looked amazing. Admittedly I had slight food envy but not entirely because …

… I enjoyed my smashed avocado with feta and parsley, heritage tomatoes, mung beans, mixed seeds, served with a poached egg and homemade gluten-free bread.

And for main, Sarah had the red and white quinoa with goji berries, harissa squash, pecans, poppy seeds, parsley and mint while …

… I loved every bit of my roasted wild sea bass with sauté wild mushrooms, pumpkin purée, apricots and pumpkin seeds.

Grace Belgravia is somewhere I could very easily spend the entire day. It’s a beautiful and calming place to be. And luckily there’s also a chance for non-members to enjoy Grace Belgravia’s facial treatments with QMS Medicosmetics, a skincare brand I’ve been a fan of for years – as you might have picked up on from my past reviews.

Sarah and I were guests but honestly, if you’re looking for a healthy alternative to the bottomless brunch, especially after a big Saturday night out, Grace Belgravia is the best place to be.

Grace Belgravia, 11c West Halkin Street, Knightsbridge SW1X 8JL

Last week I had the great pleasure of visiting the Whitehall Penthouse at Corinthia Hotel where I stood upon its terrace to glimpse Buckingham Palace in the distance.

Celebrating The Queen's 90th Birthday at Corinthia Hotel London

The special occasion was The Queen’s 90th birthday, which meant the morning started with an obligatory glass of Champagne. 😉

Celebrating The Queen's 90th Birthday at Corinthia Hotel London

The brunch was also an opportunity to preview the menu for the 1920s themed Jazz Sunday Brunch, which will be held on 12th June in celebration of The Queen’s public birthday.

Starters on the full menu include …

Crème Dubarry, Charred Cauliflower and Chervil Cream

Smoked Salmon and Halibut Terrine with Sweet Pickled Cucumber and Dill

Chicken and Foie Gras with Wild Mushrooms and Morels, Cumberland Sauce 

Eggs Benedict Financier, Monmouthshire Beech Smoked Ham 

Beef Steak Tartare, Fresh Bloody Mary Sauce 

Scotch Egg

My favourite was definitely the beef steak tartare with the fresh Bloody Mary sauce because of the burst of flavour that felt adventurous yet familiar at the same time.

Celebrating The Queen's 90th Birthday at Corinthia Hotel London

There will also be a seafood display on 12th June which will involve …

Oysters, Served with Lemon Merlot Vinegar and Shallots

Prawn Cocktail Marie Rose and Fresh Horseradish

Dressed Cornish Crab and Avocado, Crème Fresh

I tried the oysters which were very good though I didn’t try the prawn cocktail or the Cornish crab but I heard plenty of compliments around me about the crab.


For mains there is a choice of …

Saddle of Lamb stuffed with Spinach and Kidneys, served with Roast Potato or Dauphinoise Potatoes and Honey Roast Root Vegetables

Smoked Beef Wellington, Port and Red Wine Baby Beetroot, Truffle Jus, Pea and Mashed Potato 

Roast Chicken Chivry, Peas, Mushroom and Broad Beans casserole, Wild Mushroom and Root Vegetable Egg Cocotte

Poached Salmon Bellevue, served with Egg Mayonnaise and Crayfish Tails 

Fillets of Lemon Sole Waleska, Lobster Glazed Sauce

I went for the saddle of lamb with roast potatoes and vegetables, which I thoroughly enjoyed. And yet again, I felt that I could have picked anything from this menu and it would have tasted just as good.

Celebrating The Queen's 90th Birthday at Corinthia Hotel London

And as for pudding, well …

Nougat Parfait, Candied Fruits and Roasted Nuts, Red Fruits Coulis

Ginger and Milk Chocolate Tart, Caramelised Walnuts, Salted Caramel, Malt Ice-cream 

Chocolate and Orange Delice, Blood Orange Sorbet 

Blueberry and Violet Cheesecake, Lemon Jelly, Lemon crumb, Violet ice-cream 

Galatte des Reine, Puff Pastry, Frangipane, Raspberry Compote, Rose, Raspberry Sorbet 

Celebrating The Queen's 90th Birthday at Corinthia Hotel London

With the Terry O’Neil portrait of The Queen as part of the setting and the gorgeous selection of platters on offer, I had a truly wonderful morning; so much so I even made my first foray into Snapchat to document it. The surroundings were sumptuous as it is throughout Corinthia Hotel and as per my last visit I was yet again impressed by the food.Celebrating The Queen's 90th Birthday at Corinthia Hotel London

So if you are looking for a special way to indulge in The Queen’s public birthday – in a way that will also take you back to the time when HRH was born – then this could be the treat for you. Enjoy! 🙂

Corinthia Hotel London, Whitehall Place, London, SW1A 2BD, UK

I am starting to realise that my favourite mealtime is quickly becoming brunch. Of course, there’s nothing better than an evening in your favourite restaurant or a leisurely lunch that goes on for hours. But there is also something quite special about brunch that cannot be emulated at any other time.

Earlier today I met up with a few lovely bloggers who Emma from Adventures of a London Kiwi had invited. Our destination was the 40th floor of the Heron Tower, Duck & Waffle.

Duck and Waffle

We were very lucky with the weather, with a clear view of London around us, which made riding up in the lift to the tallest restaurant in the UK an absolute thrill. Duck and Waffle

When we arrived, there was a great vibe: laid back yet buzzing, which was very energising. Waking up early on any day comes with the territory of being a mummy. On Sundays, you really feel the pain. There is no such thing as a lie-in anymore. But when you step into somewhere like Duck & Waffle, you get this burst of energy which is rejuvenating. It’s the type of energy that is electric in somewhere like New York … which leads on to my first point, why brunch is the best.

It is a good time to head out with your girlfriends because husbands and boyfriends don’t mind. It gives them an extra hour or two in bed. They can lounge around whilst you head out. It’s not unsociable at all. In fact, it’s quite a treat for them. 😉 And as for daddies, it gives them quality time with their little one(s), which isn’t so easy in the week.
Duck and Waffle

Also at brunch, you can have anything to drink. I had a soya cappuccino but I’ve also had bubbles and of course, there’s the all time brunch cocktail Bloody Mary. There really aren’t any rules.

On Duck & Waffle’s menu I was particularly intrigued by the Marmite Black Velvet. But I resisted.

Duck and Waffle

As for what to eat, again you can have anything. Make it sweet like this Full Elvis waffle dish which a couple of the girls had … Duck and Waffle

Or you could go savoury (with a touch of sweet) with the Duck & Waffle that comes with mustard maple syrup, which is what I had. Duck and Waffle

I ended up over-ordering when I also chose the spicy ox cheek doughnut with apricot jam and smoked paprika sugar, which I hadn’t expected to be so large. Duck and Waffle

Still, I gave it a try and loved it. Duck and WaffleBut the main reason why I love brunch is because it feels like an occasion without really being an occasion. It’s just a good excuse to get together, catch up and enjoy somewhere special: be it a favourite haunt or a new discovery. But because it’s in between regular mealtimes, it feels like a real treat.

Duck and WaffleAre there any places you like to go to for brunch? Where would you suggest I try next?

Chelsea Girl

I remember the first time I had avocado on toast. I was in Sri Lanka and a Sydney-sider had introduced it to me. At the time I thought it was a strange albeit delicious concoction. But as I discovered on my first visit to Australia, Sydney was ahead of the game with healthy food that tastes good. It makes sense, right – because of their climate?

Flash forward to present day, London – and avocado on toast seems to be everywhere. The last time I tried it was when I tagged along with Fiona from London Unattached to review No. 11 Pimlico Road.

No. 11 Pimlico - Avocado on toastExcept that this wasn’t simply avocado on toast. It also included feta cheese and chilli oil. This had taken my original experience to the next level and I really enjoyed it.

Also on that morning, I tried the fresh fruit salad …

No. 11 Pimlico - Fruit Salad… whilst Fiona tried the homemade granola with yoghurt, fruit compote and wild flower honey as well as …

No. 11 Pimlico - Granola… the grilled field mushrooms on sourdough toast.

No. 11 Pimlico - Mushrooms on ToastAs you can see, it was a leisurely breakfast. A great way to have a girly catch-up.

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