This is a long overdue post and one that is still worth writing because there is still time to pop into Pradasphere at Harrods.

Prada at Harrods

But in case you don’t make it to the 4th floor of Harrods by May 29th 2014, here are some snapshots to give you a taste of the fabulousness of this Prada exhibition.

Prada at Harrods

Prada at Harrods

The exhibition is divided into sections akin to the Natural History Museum with the first area to explore being Origins.

Prada at Harrods

And as you make your way around this space, which is normally known as the Georgian Restaurant, you discover the evolution of the Prada brand.

The whole thing is really quite amazing and I love the original Prada artefacts on display …Prada at Harrods

Prada at Harrods

Prada at Harrods… as well as these beauties which give you a chance to browse past editorials. These books are especially stunning and if you have the time to take to look through them, I would suggest doing so. (Unfortunately, I arrived at the countdown to closing time and so attempted a quick flick through.)

Prada at Harrods

Prada at HarrodsOf course, there are also accessories and clothes on display …

Prada at Harrods

Prada at Harrods

Prada at Harrods

Prada at Harrods

Prada at Harrods

Prada at Harrods

… which include the beautiful dress from The Great Gatsby.

Prada at HarrodsThere is also a Prada timeline which gives you details on landmark dates as well as the names of artists, which the Prada Foundation has nurtured over time.

Prada at Harrods

They include, Sam Taylor-Wood …

Prada at Harrods… Anish Kapoor …Prada at Harrods… and Laurie Anderson.

Prada at HarrodsThere is also a screening room which shows short films by Prada. I didn’t have a chance to see them this time round but it gives me a reason to pop in again.

In fact, this exhibition has something for everyone which is testimony to how influential Prada has been over the years in the arts and in the case of the Prada Transformer, architecture …

Prada Transformer… as well as food, with the Marchesi Café. You can read about my lunch, here.

Marchesi Café at Harrods

The whole exhibition was a revelation. I walked in thinking I knew what to expect and I walked out with layers of knowledge which were all a complete surprise to me. This is a great exhibition!

Prada at HarrodsHarrods, 87-135 Brompton Rd, London SW1X 7XL.

So the longest month of the year is over – or so it felt like it. And now it’s time to get on with 2013, forget about Dry January (if you bothered) and look forward to this being the last month of winter (officially). To help you along, here are my top 5 don’t miss tips for February 2013:

1. It’s the Super Bowl on Sunday and most of us are probably talking about Beyoncé’s much anticipated performance rather than the game. Either way, if you are planning on having a Super Bowl party then consider heading down to Bodean’s BBQ to pick up their marinated meat which are vat packed and therefore easy to cook. Here are the instructions to give you an idea.

Bodean's BBQ Window

Unfortunately Bodean’s Super Bowl party has sold out so this would be the next best thing if you do love their tasty ribs. And if you haven’t tried them yet, here’s my review from the other night.

2. Paris concept store, The Space, is coming to Austique on the King’s Road for one week only over London Fashion Week, from 14th until 21st February 2013.

The Space is a creative hub which hosts emerging Parisian designers, cutting edge fashion labels and international artists and like Austique stocks labels such as Zimmermann, Austique, Cheek Frills and Madeleine Thompson. They will also be showcasing a selection of SS13 collections, which include Parker, Camilla & Marc and lifestyle brands such as Twins for Peace, Claus Porto and Nina Peter.


3. Donna Ida’s current sale is ending on Monday 4th February 2013 with a serious bang! That is to say, 75% off with an extra 20% off. Just make sure you enter SPECIAL20 at the checkout.

Click here to find out which items are in the clearance sale.

Donna Ida Clearance Sale

4. Whatever you do, don’t miss the ‘Debbie Harry Queen of Punk: Portraits by Brian Aris’ exhibition at Proud Chelsea. It ends on 17th February 2013 and you can read my review as well as watch a couple of Blondie music videos here.

Debbie Harry

5. Don’t Miss The Hollywood Arms’ February movie calendar. With free entry and free popcorn, the films include: The Tourist, The Other Boleyn Girl, When Harry Met Sally and Greenburg. The Hollywood Arms are also introducing a monthly film club which kicks off on 11th February at 7.30pm with Senna.

Hollywood Arms

If you haven’t been upstairs at The Hollywood Arms, here is a photo of the room. It’s a great venue and you can order food as well as drinks there.

Hollywood Arms - Pub

Punk has many definitions but when it comes to music, it is more akin to “a loud, fast-moving, and aggressive form of rock music, popular in the late 1970s.” Politically, it is associated with anarchy; a rebellion against the establishment. So I’m not sure I would describe Debbie Harry or her music with her band, Blondie, as punk. Unless I’m missing something?

For example, the 1979 hit Heart of Glass seems to be more akin to a disco/pop track emerging from a nightclub in New York, as part of the American New Wave music scene.

Heart of Glass

Not to mention that in Rapture, Debbie Harry starts to rap halfway through this 1981 hit which sounds more like hip hop or should I say hip pop.


But when you look at Debbie Harry’s style and make-up from the 70s and 80s, you could see how she would fit in with the King’s Road punk scene. Her edgy yet sultry look defined Debbie Harry as an icon of her time. And Brian Aris’s collection of photographs for Proud Chelsea’s latest exhibition manages to show us exactly why.

Until 17th February 2013, Proud Chelsea will be exhibiting stills from Aris’s personal archive that include shots from the video shoot of “Island of Lost Souls” on the Scilly Isles as well as sittings in London and New York. These photographs have never been seen before and they are stunning.

bie Harry Queen of Punk: Portraits by Brian Aris


bie Harry Queen of Punk: Portraits by Brian ArisSo whether you are a Debbie Harry fan or are looking to appreciate the photos of a style icon, I know you’ll enjoy this exhibition: ‘Debbie Harry Queen of Punk: Portraits by Brian Aris.’

Proud Chelsea, 161 King’s Rd, London, Greater London SW3 5XP

I’ve recently noticed how snow seems to elicit opposing reactions from people: either you love it or you hate it. Either you want to stay indoors in the comfort of your own home unless you really have to leave it or you want to go outside and play in the winter wonderland whilst dodging snowballs. I belong to the latter group.

As much as I enjoyed sitting curled up on the sofa on Sunday, watching the snow fall outside, I couldn’t help but feel a strong itch to go for a walk in Battersea Park. After all, this weather comes but once a year and in London, the snow doesn’t hang around for too long. So wrapped up in layers and in my winter coat, I took a stroll along Chelsea Embankment.

What I’d discovered was more than snowy fields. There were snow people and snow sculptures all around with grown ups and adults rolling snowballs. At one point I did wonder whether a father was having more fun than his son whilst building their snowman, given the bottom snowball was actually bigger than the little boy. But that’s what I love about snow. It can bring out the kid in us.

So here are a few photos of my favourite finds. As you’ll see, Battersea Park turned into one big snowy playground and I loved every minute of it.

Walking along Chelsea Embankment towards Battersea Park:

Chelsea Embankment in the snow

Where I discovered a winter wonderland:

Battersea Park

And where I also found snowmen and other snow creatures lurking:

Battersea Park

Battersea Park

Snowman in Battersea Park

Snow rabbit in Battersea Park

Snowman in Battersea Park

Snowman in Battersea Park

Battersea Park

Battersea Park

The bf and I made this little fella:

Snowman in Battersea Park

As it started to get dark, no one was in a rush to go home …

Battersea Park

Battersea Park

But for me it was the perfect time to head off because I caught my favourite bridge in its best light:

Albert Bridge

Doesn’t it look so pretty? x

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