1. Duke of York Square’s Farmers Market starts back on Saturday 11th January 2014 after the festive break. You can find everything from cupcakes to all types of food from around the world. There is so much choice, it’s easy to wander around at a loss as to what to buy. That’s usually what happens to me anyway. Here’s a list of what you can pick up.

2. The Live Music season at The Roof Gardens returns on 10th January 2014 for a few months. The award-winning showcase of some of music’s newest as well as established talent will take place in The Roof Gardens Live Lounge where there is a separate bar and performance space to the rest of the club. It’s a great night! Here is a list of which artists will be performing.

3. London Ice Sculpting Festival kicks off on Friday 10th January and runs until 12th January 2014 in Canary Wharf. So if you’re feeling slightly uncomfortable with this warmer than usual winter, you can catch your chill whilst admiring beautiful sculptures at this event. Find out more here.

4. The London Short Film Festival runs from 10th until 19th January 2014. You can find film screenings taking place around London including BAFTA, BFI Southbank and more locally, Ciné Lumière in South Kensington. I love watching short films because when they work, they have as much impact as watching a feature. Here is the LSFF11 programme.

5. The London International Mime Festival starts on Saturday 11th January and runs until Sunday 26th January 2014. Now in its 38th year, this year’s festival will feature the best artists in contemporary visual theatre from around the world. I studied theatre for a few years and am a sucker for physical theatre. This year’s programme looks very exciting, if this is your thing too. Find out more here.

The other day, when I was at the gym, somebody advised me to put together a playlist for when I give birth. She’d carried on from talking about her yoga classes, so I’m presuming that she was thinking of something chilled out. But given that I can’t even bear to watch One Born Every Minute, the horror of what I could be expecting made me think more rock or heavy metal. Would Guns ‘N’ Roses be more suitable?

Or what about something a bit more upbeat to help lift my spirits? Some old-skool Tod Terry perhaps? Or even Robin Thicke, to help me forget the pain?

I’m still trying to figure out what kind of playlist to put together. But given the summer vibe we’re all experiencing, I thought I’d put this one together first: something to chill out in the garden, park or on the beach to.

I am planning on filling up my iPod, which I haven’t used in ages. So if you do have any chill out tracks to recommend, please leave a comment below. I’m going to need as much help as possible on the big day. Or maybe you’d like to suggest a bit of Sex Pistols instead?

I went to one of the best gigs I’ve ever had the luck of seeing last night: Kraftwerk at the Tate Modern. It was the sixth night in their eight date run of concerts, which you probably heard about with regards to the fans’ desperation to get tickets.

Tate’s website had crashed, the phone lines were jammed and mixed messages were being sent out to those trying to buy their way into one of the most anticipated concerts of recent times. I was on the phone on-and-off for eight hours. Not because I am a die-hard fan but because the bf is and I wanted Kraftwerk at the Tate Modern to be one of his Christmas presents. In the end, I called up the members’ line and was fast-tracked to the booking line, wishing that I had been informed that this was possible in the first place because of course I would have saved a lot of time.

Kraftwerk at Tate Modern

Still, I cannot complain anymore because that day of pressing redial was so very worth it. The bf loved his pressie and a couple of friends who we invited along had an amazing time: the night being described as legendary.

But my write-up of last night’s gig isn’t going to attempt to riff on the geekery of Kraftwerk’s music. I’m not that much of a muso and I’ll probably risk offending die-hard Kraftwerk fans with my limited music knowledge.

So instead I’ll write this post from the perspective of an electro music fan. I love Daft Punk and have done so for years. When I watched Kraftwerk on stage, it was clear that this seminal German group are the Godfathers of electro. You could say that their appearance was reminiscent of Daft Punk’s style in Tron but then again, you would have to remember which came first.

Yet Kraftwerk wasn’t restricted to electro bleeps. There were also deep club beats that were very old school house and there was also a nod to the Detroit electronic music scene. We were almost at the front: not too close so we could enjoy the 3D visuals, but close enough to feel the bass pumping itself into the Turbine Hall.

The sounds had substance, the visuals were a true spectacle that were off-the-scale, and probably to the annoyance of those who couldn’t get tickets, the space was blissfully not crammed. It was an experience to soak up and every single minute was a true wonder.

Kraftwerk have two more nights to go: tonight and tomorrow. And whilst they are officially sold out, I’ve heard that ‘returns’ are being sold on the night. My friend’s cousin managed to buy a return on Saturday night at cost price (£60), having just waited from 8.30pm. The gig starts promptly at 9pm. We also bumped into someone who had bought a returned ticket last night. He had been waiting for two hours because he didn’t want to miss out: Techno Pop is his favourite Kraftwerk album. So, if you are desperate to buy a ticket, it isn’t too late to try – and you may not have to pay £500 or whatever is supposed to be the going price on ebay. Good luck!

To end my post, here are a few pics I took from last night. I took a lot more but sadly, they were too blurry to post.

Kraftwerk at Tate Modern

Kraftwerk at Tate Modern

Kraftwerk at Tate Modern

Kraftwerk at Tate Modern

Tate 7

Kraftwerk at Tate Modern

I also recorded a video of their poptastic track, The Model:

And I uploaded a couple more clips onto my new Vine account: King’s Road Rocks.

Aero Dynamik was one of my favourite tracks of the night. Listening to it on You Tube doesn’t really do it justice but at 1.05 when the bass kicks in, and imagine it pumping hard through the Turbine Hall, Kraftwerk smashed it. (I didn’t record this video.)

If you managed to see Kraftwerk play at Tate Modern, which was your favourite moment (if you could choose one)? Or did you think it was all brilliant?

I started the week by checking out Jeremy Reed at Chelsea Theatre as part of their SACRED Season.

On Wednesday, I listened to David Byrne of Talking Heads fame in conversation with Matthew Herbert aka Doctor Rockit/Radio Boy/Wishmountain amongst other muso identities. The first question put to this duo was ‘Do we have enough music?’ The evening was an opportunity to indulge in a discussion about the state of today’s music industry, which was fascinating.

I attended a cocktail-making masterclass at Mahiki. But beforehand I sipped a couple of cocktails from the bar, including this Wiki Tiki delight. Yummy!

I finally managed to enjoy Sophie’s free breakfast offer this weekend, which ends on 4th November 2012. A tip: get there early because not only does it get very busy but the steak and chips breakfast also goes very quickly.

Spotted at Burlington Arcade: Pudsey in Theo Fennell’s window. Have you seen their limited edition bracelets for BBC Children In Need?

One of my fave documentaries is Banksy’s Exit Through The Gift Shop and I’m wondering if this is a piece of work by Space Invader in Soho. Anyone know?

Who, in Chelsea, hasn’t spotted the parrot man yet?

I love being a member of the V&A. Not only can you just walk into an exhibition by simply showing your membership card but you can also pop in over and over again, if you enjoyed the exhibition that much.

The Hollywood Costume exhibition was heaving on Saturday – and I’m keen to return. There’s plenty to take in and with the crowds, it wasn’t easy to read all the placards which contribute largely to the meaning of the costumes.

The Gourmet Burger Kitchen tomato sauce container always makes me smile. I love it. Yesterday, I grabbed a Classic Burger from the O2 branch whilst discovering that GBK are also still serving the Windsor Burger, which I wholly recommend.

Last night was Muse’s gig, which was amazing!! Laser lights, stunning visuals and rockstar performances – I wanted to see it all over again as it came to an end. Definitely going to see them again!

I took this photo whilst walking across Hungerford Bridge yesterday and as I watched a similar view whilst watching Skyfall earlier today, it made me feel lucky to be a Londoner. Urban paradise. 😉

Eyebrow threading at Strip Wax Bar.

Loving the new spin studio at my gym!

I also love my new eyelash extensions by Boudoir Lashes!

Tommy’s Margarita at 86.

The Wellesley Hotel opens in Hyde Park later this year. The building used to be the legendary jazz club Pizza on the Park – and its jazz legacy is set to continue with this stunning art deco boutique hotel, which will also be a massive draw for cigar fans. Watch out!

Street art in Clerkenwell.

Saturday morning cupcakes from Storm in a Cupcake, Chelsea’s latest cupcake shop.

The John Williams’ 80th Birthday Concert was amazing. The concert kicked off with Superman’s theme tune and ended with Stars Wars. In between, there was a string of Williams’ classics. Schindler’s List was hauntingly beautiful whilst E.T., magical.

Last night, I returned to Barbarella after the launch party, for dinner. The food was fantastic and the atmosphere was yet again buzzing, so there was no way we were leaving after the food. We stayed and danced the night away instead!

And right now, Sleepless In Seattle is on in the background. Love!

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