Salon Sloane has arrived on Pavilion Road and has settled in very well amongst its boutique neighbours. The team are friendly and the calibre of their work outstanding.

Recently I popped in to say hello to celebrity stylist Ivan who cut my hair a few weeks ago so I could ask him a few questions about Salon Sloane’s move from Holbein Place and to find out more about his expertise that makes him very much in demand. Ivan’s clients include Demi Moore and Uma Thurman when they are in London. 

  1. What is your hair styling background?

I am originally from Brazil, a country famed for amazing hair and this is where my passion began. I moved to London 18 years ago and began my styling career at Real Hair based in Chelsea; working with Belle Cannan and Josh Wood. I am lucky to have always worked with some of the most talented hair stylists in the world and here I learned my craft! I have been called a ‘celebrity’ stylist due to my clients but to me all my clients are celebrities and they should leave the salon feeling like one! 

  1. What are your favourite places in Chelsea?

I LOVE London, it is a diverse mix of people, culture, food, creatively and talent. My favourite place in all of London and where I am based is of course Chelsea. It is the ultimate edit of the best London has to offer; the insiders’ secret. Specifically, my favourite place is Pavilion Road and I can easily spend a day here. I start at KXU for a workout and breakfast, Salon Sloane for Hair, lunch at Granger or the new vegan restaurant Wulf and Lamb, then a spot of (window) shopping at Boutique 1 and all my daily grocery shopping at the selection of grocery, baker, butcher and cheese stores.

  1. What’s your favourite hairstyle to do?

I love any style that my client loves. This to me is the most rewarding part of my job. When my client loves the way they feel or look. For guys, increasingly they love ‘the no-colour colour’; an easy treatment that can take 5 years off in an undetectable way! For ladies a great cut and blow dry that will make them look and feel AMAZING.

  1. What experience does a Salon Sloane customer expect when they visit?

In a luxury salon like this you can experience a first-class experience, understated elegance, natural talent, a friendly and welcoming and ultimately fun experience. Whether you want to have a chat or if you just want to relax and enjoy your experience, you can do so with the knowledge that you will have some of the world’s leading hair talent all under one stylish roof. Renowned stylists, colourists and new generation talent will all make your hair look and feel the very best.

  1. Do you have any hair tips to share? What are the latest trends?

Healthy looking hair whether that be in a beachy blow or a glamourous Anna Wintour style crop; it has to look and feel healthy.   

Salon Sloane, 186 Pavilion Road, Chelsea, London, SW1 2BF

Last week I visited Salon Sloane on Holbein Place, just around the corner from Sloane Square tube station. There were quite a few reasons for my excitement: I’d heard so much about the great team at the salon who included the fabulous Kelly (the salon’s Chief Operating Officer) who I was thrilled to be seeing again after quite a few years. Another reason why I was looking forward to discovering Salon Sloane was because of its imminent move to Pavilion Road.

Pavilion Road deserves an entire post to itself because it is fast becoming a thriving neighbourhood hangout in Chelsea.

Diagonally across Sloane Square when you step off Symons Street …

… you can find UK’s longest mews lined with boutique stores and artisan food …

… along with this beautiful courtyard where you can enjoy Granger & Co, April’s Café and soon KXU (KX’s pay as you go gym, which is also very exciting).

In September, Salon Sloane will be moving to Pavilion Road and after being treated to a fabulous haircut with a fringe that is constantly being complimented, I am very certain the salon will be a great addition to this fabulous road. The staff are so friendly and just like the rest of Pavilion Road, Salon Sloane’s expertise excels.

With Cosmetics à la Carte and Sarah Chapman a stone’s throw away from Salon Sloane it looks like Pavilion Road is fast becoming as much a beauty destination as it is foodie for the locals.

Thank you Ivan for my haircut. I can’t wait to see you guys soon again.

I woke up this morning with a bounce in my hair and a spring in my step thanks to yesterday’s visit to Clo & Flo on Old Brompton Road. It was my first visit to this family run hair salon where two sisters called Chloe and Florence are starting a new chapter that continues on from their father’s work who had run the salon under the name of Belissima for years. And I absolutely loved meeting them and finding out more about their story.

Clo & Flo Old Brompton Road

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m now a mother or because I have friends who have taken over their family business. Or it could be because of the strong community feel around South Kensington and the different nooks in Chelsea but when I was speaking to Chloe and Florence I could see why they fit in so well into the area.  They grew up round here, went to schools nearby for starters so the switch between speaking in french and english is seamless. Customers also walk in and are greeted on a first name basis. There’s a friendly atmosphere here that makes the salon a relaxing place to be. And as for my blow dry? I was very happy with the results that gave my hair a well needed lift. Clo & Flo Old Brompton RoadLooking at their website I also love that they do private parties and children’s parties: Blowdrys, updos, mini manicures and drinks to kick off the evening sounds great, especially when you have Boujis, Ramusake and Eclipse down the road.

Normally I get my hair cut a few doors down from me because I always tend to walk in last minute on a Sunday asking if they can squeeze me in. But I think I’m going to try to organise myself a bit more so I can take a walk down the road and try Clo & Flo for my next haircut because in a nutshell, I really like their vibe.

Clo & Flo, 55 Old Brompton Road, Kensington, London, SW7 3JS

Disclaimer: My blow dry was complimentary for the purpose of the review. But I will gladly return as a paying customer for another visit.

Recently I’d written about Duck & Dry when Barts cocktail bar had popped up there for Valentine’s Day. Genius, I thought. Cocktails and hairstyling are a match made in heaven.

Unable to drop by to review this delicious concept, I visited Duck & Dry the day after. I wanted to experience this place which I’d been curious about since it first opened on the King’s Road.

Duck & Dry

The interior is stylish …
Duck & Dry

And there’s even a bar. Looking at Duck & Dry’s website, I noticed that they even host parties which I love the sound of. It’s a great space.Duck & Dry

Don’t you love these Kilner jars?Duck & Dry

So what do Duck & Dry offer? Blow dry or updo styles as well as extensions and treatments. There are even little dos for under 12s.Duck & Dry

And you can also sip a glass of prosecco or a cup of coffee or an orange juice whilst enjoying some nibbles.

Michael who looked after me was a really great guy to meet and I was very surprised that he managed to add waves into my thick straight hair which I loved.Duck & DryWhen I first arrived, it was pretty clear that the place had caught on. There were a few women having their hair done as somebody else waited.

And what I loved the most about Duck & Dry was how relaxed the whole place felt. It’s not intimidating at all. In fact, it fits into the area just nicely. It feels like it’s been around for years whilst at the same time it looks brand spanking new.

Duck & Dry is located towards the Beaufort Street end of the King’s Road.

My blow-dry and Prosecco/popcorn were complimentary for the purpose of the review. But once my hair starts to grow out, I’m definitely planning on going back; especially when I have a special event to go to.

Chelsea Girl

I’m not looking forward to uploading my before and after photos but it has to be done, to show what a great job Yasmin aka Sarah at Toni&Guy has done.

It was a couple of weeks ago when I popped into the hair salon in South Kensington for my review. I had decided that enough was enough. As much as I loved having my hair long, it was time to give it the chop. Fact is being a new mother and running my own business doesn’t give me much time to spend on my hair, as you can see from the state it was in …

Long HairDry, lacklustre and overgrown. Sitting down with Yasmin, we talked about what I wanted. I didn’t give Yasmin any specifics. In fact, I just left her to it in the end.

Yasmin decided to try one of Toni&Guy’s styles from their latest 50/50 collection. Can you believe it? Toni&Guy have been around for fifty years? And yet, they still feel fresh and cutting edge.

The hairstyle Yasmin gave me was this … which I LOVE!

Short HairWithout knowing it, this was exactly what I wanted. The length was much shorter and it felt shapelier. And what I’ve discovered since, it’s a lot easier to look after. I don’t have to do much and it still looks more presentable than the mop in the top photo.

Before I left the salon, Yasmin gave me a goodie bag with label.m products inside.

Label ShampooI’ve been enjoying discovering this brand as my hair is feeling a lot different and is a lot shinier again. The sea spray is a good touch too.

So all I can say is a big thanks to both Yasmin and Toni&Guy for making the chop feel like an easy decision. I love it.

Disclaimer: My haircut was complimentary but this has no way affected my opinion. I hope you’ll agree with me that my hair has experienced a vast improvement thanks to Toni&Guy.

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