It’s Blue Monday and it’s supposed to be the most depressing day of the year according to a British holiday company who did the calculations in 2005. And whilst the sums may tell us to be down I can’t help but think perhaps they got it wrong. After all, isn’t January supposed to be the month when we really focus on ourselves? New year resolutions, detoxing, the 30-Day Shred – you name it. There are so many reasons to be feeling better than you probably did during the hangover season of the Christmas party season.

For me, one of the reasons why I’m feeling good in my skin is my new found beauty routine which I’m determined to not let slip as the year progresses.

Before Christmas I was asked to review QMS Medicosmetics’ new Classic Collage Set …

QMS Medicsometics

I started 2016 hitting the ground running with work and my personal life, potty training being the next big thing to deal with in our household – when it hit me that my skincare beauty routine was pretty much ad hoc at best.

Seeing QMS Medicosmetics’ bottles in my office and remembering Dr. Schulte’s wise words that “from 30 years old onwards, it’s time to think about collagen which starts to decrease in quality and quantity because at this stage our skin starts losing the capability to retain moisture,” I knew I needed to get my act together.

There is plenty of science behind this pioneering collagens range but in essence this innovative line is designed to “deliver an even greater effectiveness in targeting premature skin aging, stimulating cell renewal and providing intense hydration across more layers of the skin.”

The collagen sets also include either an Exfoliant Fluid or a Debrassive Gel, which remind me of the fruit acid and enzyme exfoliation that always do wonders to my skin when I go for a facial at QMS Medicosmetics.

I had been planning to write this review in reference to giving my skin a January MOT but when I saw my skin in the mirror this morning – looking shiny and healthy despite the central heating being turned up at home and the cold winter weather outside – I felt I had already conquered Blue Monday and that I knew the secret to feeling good. It’s simple: look after your skin, look after yourself.

Chelsea Girl

A few weeks ago I was walking along Cadogan Gardens when I noticed the absence of QMS Medicosmetics. Thankfully I ended up learning that QMS hasn’t moved far, to Grace Belgravia and it is also more central at Liberty, which is great news because I love this brand.

QMS Medicosmetics at Liberty

So yesterday I paid a visit to Regent Street to experience one of QMS’s new homes.

QMS Medicosmetics at Liberty

When you walk into Liberty’s beauty department you can find QMS’s products on display. QMS are at the forefront of skincare innovation and this range is a veritable treat for the skin.

QMS Medicosmetics at Liberty

When I arrived, I met Nicole who took me downstairs into one of Liberty’s treatment rooms. I was to have an 80-minute facial, which would include the following:

  • Deep cleansing
  • Freshening Tonic
  • Exfoliant fluid
  • Day collagen = In my interview with the founder of QMS, Dr. Schulte talks about the importance of collagen when you step into your thirties.
  • Night collagen
  • Activator mask – of which I am a huge, huge fan. Great for rehydrating your skin and bringing it back to life. A Godsend for tired skin really.
  • Advanced intensive eye care
  • 24 hour cream
  • Hand care = I am also a massive fan of QMS’s hand cream and have no reservations recommending it.
  • Neck and more cream

QMS Medicosmetics at Liberty

One of my favourite steps was the algae mask, which I had to capture. It’s really interesting when you take the mask off, you can identify the driest parts of your face by feeling the inside. My skin felt a lot fresher as a result and the mask was surprisingly light when it was on.

I also enjoyed Nicole feeding oxygen into my face towards the end of my facial. The purpose was to stimulate the collagen and creams that were applied to my skin but I also found it very relaxing – like a soft breeze being blown onto my face.

So even though QMS has moved from being just off the King’s Road, I’m so glad it’s still around in London. Loyal clients from Chelsea continue to visit QMS in the West End and I’m really not surprised that they do.

QMS Medicosmetics, Liberty, Regent Street, London W1B 5AH

Chelsea Girl

Disclaimer: The facial was complimentary for the purpose of the review but this hasn’t influenced my opinion. Rather I’m going by my skin at the end of the treatment. It was simply glowing.


Last week I paid a visit to One Aldwych, a five star luxury hotel located minutes away from Covent Garden …

OSKIA facial at One Aldwych

Image courtesy of One Aldwych

OSKIA facial at One Aldwych

Image courtesy of One Aldwych

The reason for my visit was to enjoy a dip in this very lovely pool with its underwater sounds and uber-relaxing visuals and …

… it was to try the 75-minute signature glow facial from OSKIA, which I absolutely loved for many reasons.

Firstly, the nutritional value of the OSKIA products really impressed me. Whilst I’m not a beauty expert I do know what my skin likes and the more natural the product, the happier my face is.

The basis for OSKIA’s skincare are natural ingredients with the healing value of sulphur being an influencing factor in the starting up of this brand. And when my skin was being cleansed, steamed, treated and massaged, the entire experience felt soothing and very relaxing – so much so I felt like a brand new person stepping out of the hotel.

OSKIA facial at One Aldwych

Image courtesy of One Aldwych

Sometimes when you have a facial you feel the tingly sensation of the ingredients working on your skin. In the case of the OSKIA facial, you feel like your skin is being nourished and brought back to life. I actually mentioned during the facial that I felt my face was getting more nutrition than the rest of my body has been for a long while. It was 75-minutes of absolute bliss and not because it was me being horizontal for over an hour without my two-year old jumping on me.

After the facial, I stepped back into this gorgeous lift and headed upstairs to the bar. But of course. 😉

One Aldwych Bar

In fact, there were plenty of gorgeous details in this hotel and whilst I haven’t seen the bedrooms – I’m a sucker for beautiful flowers.

One Aldwych Bar

In the bar …

One Aldwych Bar

… where I took time out to check my phone as I waited to meet up with blogger pal Mayfair Office Girl, somewhere else in Covent Garden …

One Aldwych Bar

… I thoroughly enjoyed the vodka-based cocktail called Rose de Mei, which was inspired by the OSKIA facial I’d just had. Throughout the facial the aroma of rose lingered, which I loved. So to savour one of my favourite scents in a cocktail glass moments later was heavenly. A couple of the other ingredients included Coco Kanu coconut rum and lemon. With layers of different flavours, this was a great cocktail.
One Aldwych Bar

One Aldwych’s Sip & Spa ticks all the boxes for me. It was a wonderfully indulgent time out and I left the hotel feeling a million dollars. My skin was very very happy too.

Disclaimer: My experience at One Aldwych was complimentary for the purpose of the review. But if you know my blog, you’ll also know that I like to think I know what a good cocktail is. As for the facial, my face was truly glowing and that is why I recommend it. 

Chelsea Girl

Last week I visited Harrods to meet Nurse Jamie, celebrity skin care expert whose clients include Sophie Dahl, Rita Ora and Kirsten Dunst to name a few.

Nurse JamieThe purpose of my visit was to try Nurse Jamie’s B12 Energy Shot which works as a “natural energy boost that supports your metabolism, mood, brain and memory function”. Nurse JamieThe thing is what I discovered at Harrods was even better than the Holy Grail of energy potions that most working mothers strive to discover I’m sure.

What I discovered has got me quite excited.

To start with, it’s a gadget. I love gadgets. I have plenty of them, more than I know what to do with. But this gadget feels more like a little miracle especially as it’s so easy to use.

I am talking about the ACELLerator ultra beauty device for face and body. I’m not sure how it works for the body but Nurse Jamie tried it on my face after applying some ultra conductive gel.

Nurse Jamie ACELLerator Ultra

The way it operates is there is a 1MHz wave that works on the skin as the gadget is placed on targeted areas. And after several minutes on one side of my face, I could truly see a difference. I’m not kidding. One side of my face suddenly seemed plumped up and glowing. It was quite amazing. When I saw that Nurse Jamie was offering complimentary mini facelifts I didn’t expect this.

I’m thinking a set of ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots would be quite wise at this point, to illustrate the reason for my astonishment. Unfortunately, whilst my skin was looking impressive I could say less about my hair.

So, if you are in the vicinity of Harrods and if there is an opportunity to test the ACELLerator, I urge you to try it. I popped along to meet Nurse Jamie who was a real pleasure to talk to and now I am looking at this gadget on the Harrods website. I am very tempted to buy it or if I am asked what I’d like for my birthday, I think I know what to ask for. Or to put it another way, I am very impressed with this skincare gadget. It’s no wonder Sophie Dahl has beautiful skin with Nurse Jamie at the helm.

Chelsea Girl

A few weeks ago I met Charlie McCorry and Claire Aggarwal who own a mobile beauty company called Perfect 10. We were at an event at Monica Vinader on Duke of York Square when they told me about their company, which left me very intrigued to find out more.

After all, being a hands-on mother of a toddler whilst running my own business and training for a relay-duathlon means my day is determined by priorities. And well, when it comes to finding the time to step into a nail bar, I usually call around to see who can fit me in when I think I have time between the office and picking up Little Man from the nursery, if I’m lucky.

So when I was invited to try Perfect 10’s services, I jumped at the chance. And whilst the sensible option was to enjoy a beauty treatment one evening in the comfort of my own home, I decided to do what most mothers apparently seem to be doing with Perfect 10 and to see if I could squeeze them into my day.
Perfect 10 Mobile Beauty

The beauty therapist (I feel bad that I’ve forgotten her name because she was so lovely. She was both friendly and very professional.) arrived on time, having parked somewhere close to my office. And when she arrived, we hit it off straight away. I was booked in for a manicure and some threading, all of which I was very happy with. The hand massage with the manicure was also a real treat, especially as I knew I wouldn’t be going anywhere for a while after it had finished.Perfect 10 Mobile BeautyDuring my treatments I asked about the type of clients Perfect 10 seemed to come across and the variety is wide. From mothers squeezing in some pampering time whilst the baby is sleeping to other worker bees enjoying some time-out when in the office. You can also find Perfect 10 at hen parties, any parties, and even festivals. Their cross-section of clientele is impressive.

As for me, I’m really pleased to have finally discovered them. I think they’ll make my life a lot easier now because not only do they save on travelling time but they are also reliable and friendly. A 10/10 all round.

Chelsea Girl

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