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When walking along the Chelsea end of Fulham Road, you may be forgiven for thinking that Strip is simply a lingerie boutique.

But if you go inside and head downstairs, you’ll discover six themed treatment rooms for different hair removal services: laser, threading and waxing included.

Yesterday I popped in to have my eyebrows threaded.

My therapist and I also talked about me perhaps trying out High Definition Brows. I had a patch test done and there was no allergic reaction. So I’m thinking about it and if I do ahead with it, I’ll let you know how it goes!

As for Strip, the staff are friendly, it’s easy to feel relaxed here …

… and you can find it at 102 Fulham Road, Chelsea, London, SW3 6HS.

Enjoy! x

Congratulations to Park Hotel Igls for reaching 5th position in the category of ‘Destination Spas’ for the Condé Nast Traveller Readers’ Awards

To be published in their October 15th anniversary issue, Condé Nast Traveller celebrates the best in international travel, listing the world’s top 100 in 27 categories: Park Hotel Igls is the only Austrian entry whilst it also received the highest European entry in its category.

Last winter I visited this modern Mayr clinic and I completely swear by it. And given the indulgent last few days I’ve had, I think I might just pull out the report from my stay and go over my dietary and lifestyle notes once again.

You can read about my stay here and if you ever feel the need to escape and recharge, I truly recommend looking this place up!

As the plane descended into Salzburg, I realised that there was nothing more alien to the overindulged and stressed out body than the concept of wellbeing.

The path to self-purification seemed obscured, most probably by the champagne fuelled party from the night before.

My destination was Parkhotel Igls which sits nestled in the picturesque Tyrolean village of Igls. Built in 1905 and originally named Hotel-Sanatorium Igls, this health retreat was initially described as a “bourgeois family hotel with doctors, treatments, baths and special dietary cuisine.” Today, the central premise still applies with developments in its dietary approach, physical structure and technology maintaining Parkhotel Igls’ status as the pioneer of Modern Mayr Medicine.

The first stage of my detox programme involved a doctor’s check-up to determine my treatments and dietary requirements. The diet selected for me was stage 4 out of 8: 0 representing a fasting diet (which is rarely carried out) and 7 being the vital Mayr diet. The criteria for 4 involved food combining, which required carbohydrates and protein to never be mixed together. Portions were measured carefully and we were taught about the importance of chewing: digestion begins in the mouth. Each meal was well-prepared and the quality was outstanding.

Daily treatments started with the consumption of bitterwasser to purge the body of unwanted toxins. Massages included reflexology, lymphatic drainage and circulatory stimulation. The continuous shower involved lying in an oblong machine and being massaged with water whilst my liver received help from a water bed cocoon which I lay wrapped up in. The sensation of kneipp was invigorating and the stats of my bio-impedance measurement, eye-opening.

My allergy tests highlighted my various food intolerances and my acupuncture and neural therapies helped my aching back, exacerbated by lazy home working practices. In between treatments, I enjoyed the indoor swimming pool, spa facilities and the outdoor walks with the Austrian Alps in the background.

But six days seemed too short and I wanted to stay an extra week or two like the other people I had met. Some were at a turning point in their lives; others just wanted time out to focus on themselves. No one seemed in a rush to return to their families and lives.

Before leaving, I visited the adjoining beauty center for an Akari facial that involved deep cleansing, peeling and lymphatic drainage and I learnt about the other cosmetic treatments which worked in harmony with the Mayr programme.

Few experiences have a profound effect and Parkhotel Igls has simply changed my life: from my eating habits to allowing my body to switch off regularly. It all sounds so simple but it is also easy to forget – as we charge through our daily tasks before dropping into bed, exhausted.

Parkhotel Igls defines itself through its medical approach. Health is integral to this retreat and the process of wellbeing is achieved scientifically, holistically as well as through pampering. I arrived, feeling like a train wreck and left with energy that I forgot existed.

To look at my Facebook photos, click here.

Guide price per person: 1week Mayr -Classic programme incl accommodation in single standard room Euros 1955 
nearest airports: Innsbruck 20 mins; Salzburg or Munich 90 mins
for info & reservations:
tel +43 512 377 305



The other day, I received a surprise in the post. It was a belated birthday present from a dear friend who had moved away to the other side of the pond.

When I opened the package, I discovered Mitchell And Peach‘s body cream stored in a very lovely box.

The cream is gorgeous and the scent it leaves on your skin, delicious. And although my friend couldn’t take a stroll along the King’s Road, she had ordered my pressie from Austique. It was quite amazing to receive something from down the road, sent by someone so far away. It made me feel like she was just round the corner.

Whether you’re in an autumn/winter maintenance mode or looking for a gift for someone, I wholly recommend Mitchell And Peach’s body cream. Right now, it’s my skin’s best friend.

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