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I’m sitting in a cosy lounge in my gym and the plan after I write this post is to head downstairs for a swim, a dip in the jacuzzi and some time in the steam room. After the last week of struggling with a horrible cold, I’m looking forward to unwinding. But as I think about all the heat that awaits me I can’t ignore the fact that freezing in Chelsea is trending.

Take KXU’s cryotherapy chamber; one of only a few in London. For those who have yet to discover this experience, a cryotherapy session involves being taken to -90 celsius. And after just a few minutes inside the chamber, the benefits include aiding muscle recovery, pain relief and boosting the body’s metabolic rate. There are other health benefits related to cryotherapy and plenty more reasons why sports stars are using this treatment to reduce injuries, help sleep and increase energy.

Another treatment that is becoming increasingly popular is Coolsculpting; the fat-freezing procedure that reduces body fat in a non-surgical way. It all stemmed from a discovery in the 1970s when scientists linked the dimples inside the cheeks of children who liked ice lollies to the idea that ‘excessive exposure to cold could reduce fat cells naturally and eliminate them from the body’.

A few weeks ago I saw this treatment, which is available at KX Private Members Health Club and Mallucci London, being demo’d at Claridges. And I can see Coolsculpting increasing in popularity because it is non-invasive. There are no scalpels or scars that come with this treatment; and from what I’ve seen the results are very impressive.

This winter I’ll be heading to the slopes for the first time in many many years. Normally I love a hot climate, sandy beaches and calm sea. But perhaps this freezing trend is about to become real. KXU is a pay-as-you-go gym with treatment rooms and a restaurant; so it’ll be very easy to find out sooner or later.

KXU, 241 Pavilion Rd, Chelsea, London SW1X 0BP; KX, 151 Draycott Ave, Chelsea, London SW3 3AL; Mallucci London, 13 Crescent Place, Chelsea, London SW3 2EA

I don’t know how many times I’ve walked past Wax in the City on King’s Road. I’ve lost count. It’s somewhere I’ve been curious about for some time. But for one reason or another, I’ve never given myself time to pop in. Until recently …

wax in the city

… when I paid it a visit for a press/bloggers evening. The irony about this place is that for some time now I’ve been trying to figure out an alternative to threading. With time feeling so precious at the moment, the fortnightly need to visit a threading bar is something I’d rather not think about. And this is where Wax in the City comes in.

Wax in the City

Image courtesy of M+M Management

Not only is waxing a monthly appointment but Wax in the City is actually a gorgeous place to visit. Both the upstairs and the surprisingly spacious downstairs with a dozen booths are stylish and great spaces to be in. There’s a sense of serenity that makes tidying up the eyebrows and other facial areas feel like quite a treat, as opposed to the very public experience of threading. It’s less painful too. A lot less.

All in all the great thing about the whole evening was that I went along thinking I was merely popping in for a look around. What I ended up discovering was a sanctuary that is going to make looking after myself a little bit easier.

Wax in the City, 370 King’s Rd, London SW3 5ET

Chelsea Girl

A few weeks ago I met Charlie McCorry and Claire Aggarwal who own a mobile beauty company called Perfect 10. We were at an event at Monica Vinader on Duke of York Square when they told me about their company, which left me very intrigued to find out more.

After all, being a hands-on mother of a toddler whilst running my own business and training for a relay-duathlon means my day is determined by priorities. And well, when it comes to finding the time to step into a nail bar, I usually call around to see who can fit me in when I think I have time between the office and picking up Little Man from the nursery, if I’m lucky.

So when I was invited to try Perfect 10’s services, I jumped at the chance. And whilst the sensible option was to enjoy a beauty treatment one evening in the comfort of my own home, I decided to do what most mothers apparently seem to be doing with Perfect 10 and to see if I could squeeze them into my day.
Perfect 10 Mobile Beauty

The beauty therapist (I feel bad that I’ve forgotten her name because she was so lovely. She was both friendly and very professional.) arrived on time, having parked somewhere close to my office. And when she arrived, we hit it off straight away. I was booked in for a manicure and some threading, all of which I was very happy with. The hand massage with the manicure was also a real treat, especially as I knew I wouldn’t be going anywhere for a while after it had finished.Perfect 10 Mobile BeautyDuring my treatments I asked about the type of clients Perfect 10 seemed to come across and the variety is wide. From mothers squeezing in some pampering time whilst the baby is sleeping to other worker bees enjoying some time-out when in the office. You can also find Perfect 10 at hen parties, any parties, and even festivals. Their cross-section of clientele is impressive.

As for me, I’m really pleased to have finally discovered them. I think they’ll make my life a lot easier now because not only do they save on travelling time but they are also reliable and friendly. A 10/10 all round.

Chelsea Girl

Last week I had the privilege of meeting the founder of QMS Medicosmetics, Dr. Schulte. If you’ve read my posts on QMS Medicosmetics, you’ll know why I am a big fan and why I was excited about the opportunity to ask some probing questions about skincare.

Dr. Schulte - QMS Medicosmetics

Being inspired in his work by his role as a father to three daughters, I wanted to first seek some sage advice about the different stages of skincare which women go through in life.

Dr. Schulte explained that as teenagers, the most important factor of skincare is sunscreen. This is because the skin has a memory and every sunburn gives a pre-aging impulse to the skin. So, it is important to never go out into the sun without protection. He also explained the fundamental difference between the different sunscreen filters: UVA which protects the skin from ageing and UVB which allows the skin to tan. And he recommended factors 10 to 15 to protect the skin in daily outdoor activities.

Other elements to consider with skincare as a teenager include free radicals which also destroy skin cells and causes skin ageing as well as keeping the skin clean and not with soap, which clogs pores.

When you hit 25 years old, moisturising your skin is something to be taken seriously. It’s important to try to keep the skin in a balanced state and again, to keep your skin protected against free radicals.

From 30 years old onwards, it’s time to think about collagen which starts to decrease in quality and quantity because at this stage our skin starts losing the capability to retain moisture. Before I had discovered QMS Medicosmetics, I had always associated collagen with cosmetic surgery but that practice belongs way in the past and now you can simply rub the collagen into your skin.

Reaching 40 years old, if you have done everything right you should be very happy with your skin. And in the meantime, it is worth taking note of the differences between skincare products. There are passive products and there are active products. Those with an active role work to change the skin for the better and in the case of QMS Medicosmetics’ stem cell products, they work to boost skin cell renewal.

I had plenty of questions for Dr. Schulte: about the difference between men and women skincare, other skincare procedures such as exfoliation and Dr. Schulte’s travelling around the world in search of new ingredients to work with.

But there was one questions I had to ask. It was about QMS Medicosmetics’ Body Performance Duo pack. I wanted to know ‘the science’ behind its effectiveness. I wanted to find out how it worked because after using it during my pregnancy I was left with no stretch marks at all. A miracle!

QMS Medicosmetics

Dr. Schulte explained that pregnant women are advised to rub oil into their skin, which ultimately works to weaken the skin tissue and cell walls. Instead, the exfoliator in the Body Performance Duo pack acts as an invisible micro peel. And going back to the idea that the skin has a memory, this process creates an impulse in the skin to tell the body to regenerate younger skin. There is also a moisturiser in the pack which also helps to plump up the skin. And from experience, this theory completely works.

My next QMS Medicosmetics review will be on their Advanced Intensive Eye Care, which I really can’t wait to try because …

QMS Medicosmetics… after meeting with Dr. Schulte, I’ve discovered an individual who is not only passionate about putting the best products on the market but he really does know what he’s talking about.

QMS Medicosmetics, 43 Cadogan Gardens, London SW3 2TB

Yesterday morning I headed out of Chelsea and towards Oxford Street for my full body massage at Cowshed in Selfridges.

I was semi-curious about the new Cowshed and I also wanted a change of scene. It was Mother’s Day and I guess I wanted a bit of time out for some well-deserved me-time, dare I say.

Of course, wandering around Selfridges with a juice in hand and a bit of a headache isn’t my idea of mummy-me-time. The bombastic music and early morning crowds, even before Sunday trading hours begin, is anything but relaxing.

And so I wondered as I stepped into Cowshed’s corner of the department store, will this massage actually work?

Cowshed Selfridges

In short, it did. In fact, it worked very well. The walls must be insulated very well because as soon as the door closed on the treatment room, there was no hint of the outside world whatsoever.

Cowshed at Selfridges

My therapist was also very good. I wish I could remember her name because I would recommend her to anyone.

For my 75-minute massage, I asked for something relaxing. Although I was feeling tired, I didn’t want something to perk me up. Instead I wanted a massage that would help me wind down. Being a mummy to a wonderfully energetic 8-month old boy and having my own business means that I am always on the go. I stop to sleep but otherwise, I just keep going: whether it’s to the office, nursery, play date, gym or heading out for a cocktail and a catch up, there’s rarely a time when I stop.

This massage was however an excuse to halt everything and the time out was completely worth it. When my massage ended, I felt like my whole body had hit the reset button. And as I enjoyed the rest of the afternoon with my baby boy and OH, I could feel myself winding down even more. By the evening, I was so relaxed all I wanted was a very long sleep: a concept new mummies may have forgotten exists.

So will I be going back to Cowshed at Selfridges for another massage? Of course, yes. But I think for their ultimate pedicure I’ll be venturing to the Notting Hill spa. I hear they play Sex and the City on the mini TVs in front of each armchair and unlike Selfridges, there’s more of a pampering feel because the other spas can offer you a glass of Prosecco and nibbles. That’s what I hear. I can’t wait to find out if it’s true …

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