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Exploring Taschen and Dinner at Manicomio on Duke of York Square

I love books. Books are my passion. I buy more than I can read and I still have so many yet to be opened from my days as a bookseller, as I worked my way through uni. and shortly after. So…


Pagoda at Battersea Park

I remember first visiting the Pagoda at Battersea Park with school. It was such a big thing for our teacher. We had to take our shoes off when we reached the top of the steps and I was in such…


Belly Dancing and Dinner at Buddha-Bar London

I absolutely love turning up somewhere not knowing what to expect, only to end up having a fun-packed evening filled with a string of surprises. This happened a few weeks ago when Suze from The Luxury Columnist invited me to…


Celebrating The Queen’s 90th Birthday at Corinthia Hotel London

Last week I had the great pleasure of visiting the Whitehall Penthouse at Corinthia Hotel where I stood upon its terrace to glimpse Buckingham Palace in the distance. The special occasion was The Queen’s 90th birthday, which meant the morning…


Lunch at Mango Tree

Thai food is something I have every week and so I was delighted to be invited to review Mango Tree in Belgravia, which I hadn’t visited before. I brought one of my besties who lives in the area with me…


Santa Maria Pizzeria Opens In Chelsea

The King’s Road is a very long road and it stretches beyond World’s End until it becomes New King’s Road and leads us to Eel Brook Common, which I love. In and around this leafy area a new pizzeria has…


The Rolling Stones Sculptures on Duke of York Square

For a while now I’ve been trying to figure out what I wanted to post on my YouTube channel especially as you normally find me behind the camera. So when the buzz about 360° video increased a couple of months back I…


Lunch at The Ship

The Easter Bank Holiday started with so much promise as it delivered clear blue skies and springtime weather that excited every living creature … perhaps maybe not the ones with woolly coats. Nonetheless it was gorgeous, so as the family and…


The Finest Falafels in Town: Jacob’s Finest

Some folks may have already discovered Jacob’s Finest at Duke of York Square’s Fine Food Market. That’s where I found them and since then I’ve personally got to know the wonderful people behind what I consider to be easily the best falafels I’ve…


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