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Lunch at Mango Tree, Harrods

It’s not usual I dine out on my own. It’s been done but not frequently. But the other week when I visited Harrods to review Mango Tree, I had lunch alone and it felt like a real treat. Of course, the…


Celebrating Birthdays at Marcus at The Berkeley

I love seeing messages from Emma come up on my phone. They always seem to arrive at the perfect moment and they always make me smile. One of the last messages I’d received was an invitation to Emma and Angie‘s joint…


Bon Voyage Supper at Coya

I started this blog for purely personal reasons and because I had an idea for a story based in Chelsea. I decided to follow that classic piece of advice, ‘write what you know’ and let it lead me into the…


Dinner at Kazan

A few weeks ago I experienced a very special meal at Kazan. It was more than just about the wonderful Turkish food and the place I’ve been going to for years since it opened. This was an evening where some of…


Chai Wu at Harrods

When I think about Harrods and food, the Food Hall on the ground floor and The Georgian on the fourth floor are what spring to mind initially. But there is more to the Harrods dining experience if you look closer. On…


The Bloomsbury Club Bar

A short while ago I revisited The Bloomsbury, a hotel which I used to consider to be one of the greatest hidden gems in the heart of London. The reason for my return was to visit The Bloomsbury Club Bar. I’ve always been…


REVIEW: I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

Last night I watched Justin Krook’s I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead. I happened upon it by accident as is the beauty of Netflix. On the heels of The Get Down which I binged watched over the weekend from Friday, I was looking…


Things To Do This Weekend: 2nd – 4th September 2016

It’s almost time to go back to school and this weekend there are a few summertime must-dos coming to an end. *Exhibitionism at Saatchi Gallery closes on Sunday 4th September and whether you’re a fan of The Rolling Stones or…


Lunch at Pan Chai in Harrods Food Hall

One of the most iconic food places in London has to be Harrods Food Hall. It is a veritable feast for the eyes and tastebuds. So when I was invited to review Pan Chai, I accepted with glee. I popped…


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