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Short Story: Home Sweet Home

She sat on the deck of her houseboat waiting for the sunset. It was her evening ritual even in the winter. With a glass of red wine in her hand, Alice loved to soak up the breeze that passed along…


Açai Berry The Amazon Boost on King’s Road

I’ve been meaning to write about this place for a while because I absolutely love their açai bowls. They are easily the best I have tasted so far. Açai Berry The Amazon Boost opened quite recently along the King’s Road…


Short Story: Pooh Bear in Chelsea

‘Imagine a short tubby bear walking down here’, said daddy. ‘Where do you think he’d be going?’ That was a tricky question. This is a long road. Where do bears go on the King’s Road? ‘I don’t know.’ ‘What do…


Celebrating National Pizza Day at Pizzeria Lievito

It’s National Pizza Day on Saturday 9 February and I just wanted to share my favourite pizza hangout at the moment.  Pizzeria Lievito on the Fulham Road (a couple of minutes from Beaufort Street) is something special. Their exceptionally light…


What’s On in February 2019

It’s been a slow start to the year on my blog mainly because I fell into the Netflix binge-watching trap when I finally decided to give Mad Men a try after all these years. Seven seasons later I feel like…


Beauty Makeover at NARS, King’s Road

When I started King’s Road Rocks many years ago, I wanted to hide behind an avatar. I hadn’t even planned on sharing my name. I just had a passion for writing and that’s all I wanted to do. But like…


What’s On in December 2018

Chelsea Christmas Shopping Event on Saturday 1 December kicks off the official countdown to Christmas. You’ll be able to jump on a complimentary horse & carriage ride from the Sloane Square end of Pavilion Road and take in Sloane Street…


Florence & The Machine at The O2

Florence & The Machine played at The O2 last week and I had the amazing opportunity to go and see them thanks to a kind invitation from the team at Debenhams. The night was electric. Florence was a powerhouse of…


Keeping The Cup Full at Matcha & Beyond

One of the philosophies I try to live by is to keep my cup full as I juggle between career and being a mother to an energetic, strong-willed 5-year-old boy. Self-care is a huge priority in order to make sure I…


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