Startisans on Duke of York Square

There have been a lot of exciting developments along the King’s Road for foodies – and the arrival of Startisans at Duke of York Square is no exception.

Opened now for a few weeks, Startisans is a pop-up indoor market that is packed with variety because every day is different.

One day you may find scrumptious marshmallows like you’ve never tasted before …

Startisans Duke of York Square

… which are sat alongside gorgeous homemade lasagne.Startisans Duke of York Square

Another day you may discover Vegan Sweet Tooth’s cakes and tarts, which are so divine. If you think you need to compromise on taste with vegan food, think again. Vegan Sweet Tooth has made me realise that dairy-free does not have to be uninteresting at all.Startisans Duke of York Square

Or, another day you could discover these Turkish wraps from Istanbul Lahmacun which I swear by. I’ve had the lamb wrap, which was not only tasty but also very satisfying. I’ll definitely be back for more when they return.

Startisans Duke of York Square

According to Startisans’ website, the definition of a Startisan is “an individual or group of individuals that have created a start up business specialising in artisan food.”

This means you’ll come across Eat ‘N’ Mess’s cakes which are a veritable treat if you can try them.
Startisans Duke of York Square

And what I also love about Startisans, apart from the truly delicious daily offerings, is the fact that start-ups have a platform to show off their goodies which focus on quality because of their small-scale operation.
Startisans Duke of York Square

But the main reason for me writing this post is an observation I made whilst walking along the King’s Road a couple of weeks ago. I spotted people with lunches in their plastic supermarket bags and I thought, if only they knew about ‘this place’. For the same price, they could send their tastebuds on a culinary journey and discover something both tasty and brand new. Makes lunchtimes a lot more interesting!Startisans Duke of York Square

Startisans is open 7 days a week and is definitely worth checking out.

Chelsea Girl

Chelsea Green’s Local Grocers: Andreas

I’ve always been a bit of a meat lover. Steaks, burgers and authentic Italian meaty pasta dishes have always been favourites on the menu. But since my pregnancy there has been an obvious shift towards more fruit and veg. Dark leafy greens such as kale entered my diet.

This week is Meat Free Week and aside from the health benefits there has been plenty to think about regarding why it’s better to increase the amount of fruit and veg in our diets. The environment and the animals themselves are issues to be aware of. (You can find out more about the issues, here.)

In the name of Meat Free Week, I visited Andreas on Chelsea Green (Cale Street), an area I have complete nostalgia for from my primary school days.

Adreas - Fruit and Vegetables in Chelsea

Meeting Andreas himself and learning about the ethos behind this popular local grocers was very eye-opening. I was reminded about the value of having a local store as part of the community; something I experience with my local newsagent.

I also learned about the difference between supermarket fruit and Andreas’ organic attitude which ultimately delivers tastier produce.

Adreas - Fruit and Vegetables in Chelsea

The type of fruit and vegetables you find here stem from the familiar to the unusual, which I also like.Adreas - Fruit and Vegetables in Chelsea

And most of all I learned that we share a common belief, that quality above anything else matters.Adreas - Fruit and Vegetables in ChelseaAnd so for Meat Free Week, Andreas has kindly given King’s Road Rocks a recipe to share on here.

The recipe is, Sophie’s roasted vegetables with a twist!

It feeds a family of 4/5 and here it is:

1400g Sweet Potato
1400g Butternut Squash
1200g Swede
300g Parsnip
300g Swede
300g Carrot
1200g Red Pepper
1200g Yellow Pepper
1250g Courgettes
1 Banana Shallot
1 Small Red Onion

Cheap olive oil or Pommace oil
Fresh Oregano and Thyme
Cayenne pepper
Fresh herbs

Peel and chop to a comfortable size and wash your vegetables
Preheat the oven to 190 degrees
Add vegetables to the oven tray with a good amount of olive oild
Shake some Cayanne pepper to taste
Put in the oven for 45 minutes

Eat and enjoy!

Chelsea Girl


Proud Chelsea Exhibition McQueen: Backstage – The Early Shows By Gary Wallis

The eagerly anticipated Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition opens at the V&A on Saturday and already the outstanding reviews are pouring in. So it’s no wonder, in anticipation of this exhibition, Alexander McQueen’s legacy is trending around London.

On the King’s Road Proud Galleries’ exhibition, McQueen: Backstage – The Early Shows By Gary Wallis, gives an intimate look at the fashion designer, a peek behind the scenes of his early shows and a look at those who were close to him.

Proud Chelsea Exhibition  McQueen: Backstage – The Early Shows By Gary Wallis

The intimacy of the photographs reflect the close relationship between the photographer and fashion designer: Gary Wallis first met Alexander McQueen when they were both studying at Central Saint Martins.Proud Chelsea Exhibition  McQueen: Backstage – The Early Shows By Gary Wallis

And in the space of three short years, McQueen climbed the ranks of the fashion industry. His greatest champion was Isabella Blow who also became his muse. Proud Chelsea Exhibition  McQueen: Backstage – The Early Shows By Gary WallisWallis’s collaboration with McQueen spanned these years and Proud Galleries’ exhibition gives you a “personal insight into the lawless and irreverent life of Alexander McQueen, celebrating a rare moment in time, as this young Londoner became the rebel king of British fashion, pushing the boundaries of convention and reinventing the catwalk, unleashing shock and awe onto the fashion elite.”

Proud Chelsea Exhibition  McQueen: Backstage – The Early Shows By Gary WallisThe photographs are beautiful to look and at times haunting. The exhibition also coincides with the launch Garry Wallis’s book, something every McQueen fan must look through.Proud Chelsea Exhibition  McQueen: Backstage – The Early Shows By Gary WallisProud Chelsea, 161 King’s Road, Chelsea, London, SW3 5XP.

Chelsea Girl

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