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Don’t Miss in September 2013!

Hello September, my favourite month! It’s good to see you finally. You are my birthday month, my anniversary month and I just love watching the seasons change. And as much as I love summer, when it comes to London fashion I can’t help but love autumn fashion too.

So what do you have in store for us this year?

… Ah right …

1. So this is one for Formula One fans, movie fans and anyone who is excited about the Niki Lauda biopic, RUSH, due out this month. There will be a screening and live Q&A with the film’s screenwriter, Peter Morgan, on 5th September at 6.15pm. You can book your tickets here.

2. Sadly Vogue Fashion Night Out won’t be happening in London this year but Somerset House will be hosting Vodafone’s London Fashion Weekend from 19th until 22nd September 2013. To find out more about the events and how to purchase tickets, click here.

3. Admittedly, I’ve never been to a singles night before so I can’t say what to expect from Lust & Love London’s next event at Beaufort House on 5th September. But it does sound like it could be fun. Find out more here.


4. The Scotch Egg challenge is back and it’s another excuse for local Chelsea folks to head back over the water to The Ship Wandsworth on 17th September, if you’re not heading over before. There will also be a Scotch Egg auction from the likes of Whyte and Brown; Fino; The British Larder; Duck & Waffle; The Modern Pantry; Cinnamon Club and last year’s Challenge winner the Bladebone Inn, with all proceeds going to Action Against Hunger. Find out more about the auction and live event here.

5. London Cru, which is London’s first winery and is located in Earls Court, is about to start making wine from its first delivery of grapes. The public will be able to tour the venue which will also be open for events, wine-making experiences and courses from November. And I can’t wait to taste the wine!

Born on King’s Road exclusive by Trilogy

As I’ve been acclimatising to my role as a newbie mummy, plenty has been happening on the King’s Road. For example, last week saw the launch party for Trilogy’s latest incarnation on Duke of York Square.

Trilogy Chelsea

Trilogy is now bigger – almost four times bigger.

Trilogy ChelseaIt has seven fitting rooms downstairs and even a customer bathroom. The jeans are on gold shelves to create the illusion of floating denim, as if they were appearing in a dream.

Jeans - TrilogyAnd to celebrate its new opening Trilogy have a few exclusive lines including Feel The Piece’s Born on King’s Road tees and sweats, which I LOVE!

Tyler Jacobs for TrilogyHere is one modelled by Fiona, aka Kensington Doll blogger, who also provided me with most of the other photos. (Thanks so much Fiona!)

Kensington Doll blogger - Trilogy on King's Road

It was a pity to miss what looked like a fun evening of manis by Nails Inc., bubbles …

Nails Inc

… as well as mingling with some of the fabulous guests.

Cara Delevigne

But as I step back into the real world, it’s good to know that at least I’ll have my Born on King’s Road tee to enjoy wearing!

Gifts For New Mummies

So my pregnancy posts didn’t last too long because the new arrival decided to make an early appearance into the world – and what an amazing joy he is!

Two and a half weeks early and I’ve had to have a crash course in being a new mummy. I still had so much preparation to do and even whilst I was in hospital, the cot was being delivered by Peter Jones.

What I’ve really appreciated are the gifts we’ve received. They range from clothing to toys for the little bubba and a particular gift bag, which this post is about and which was ideal in helping me along into my new role as a mother.

This gift bag was from The Kensington Hotel …

The Kensington Hotel present And it included a teddy bear: a baby can never have too many toys!

Teddy BearIt also included a Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Getting Started Kit, which includes nourishing lotion, shampoo & wash, diaper ointment, nursing baby oil and buttermilk soap. With so much to think about, navigating oneself through the baby grooming products can be yet another minefield for a mummy-to-be. So I was very grateful for this starter pack as it has introduced me to a range of baby products I hadn’t had a chance to consider.

Burts Bees -  Getting Starter KitThe gift bag also included Baby Bee Bundle of Joy Gift Set, which includes larger bottles of shampoo & wash, diaper ointment, fragrance free shampoo and wash as well as nourishing baby oil – which means the little bubba is all sorted for bath time and after.

I’ve yet to try Burt’s Bees products so please ignore my naivety when I wax lyrical about the richness of these goodies and their delectable honey scent.

Burt Bees - Bundle of Gift SetAlso in the gift bag were body suits with long sleeves, which I’ve learned you can never have too many of.

Body Suits - Long SleevedSeriously, it has only been several days and the amount of change of clothes a newborn requires is quite amazing. For such a little body, you wonder how it can make so much mess. But they do and body suits make for very very useful presents.

As do body suits with long legs …

Baby Grow Of course, there are other types of presents to consider giving a baby or their mother. But for a new mummy, this gift bag had it all. So thank you The Kensington Hotel for such a considerate present.

Disclaimer: Whilst The Kensington Hotel are a social media client, this post is both unsponsored and unpaid for. This piece is simply a token of my appreciation.


Summer Chill Out Playlist

The other day, when I was at the gym, somebody advised me to put together a playlist for when I give birth. She’d carried on from talking about her yoga classes, so I’m presuming that she was thinking of something chilled out. But given that I can’t even bear to watch One Born Every Minute, the horror of what I could be expecting made me think more rock or heavy metal. Would Guns ‘N’ Roses be more suitable?

Or what about something a bit more upbeat to help lift my spirits? Some old-skool Tod Terry perhaps? Or even Robin Thicke, to help me forget the pain?

I’m still trying to figure out what kind of playlist to put together. But given the summer vibe we’re all experiencing, I thought I’d put this one together first: something to chill out in the garden, park or on the beach to.

I am planning on filling up my iPod, which I haven’t used in ages. So if you do have any chill out tracks to recommend, please leave a comment below. I’m going to need as much help as possible on the big day. Or maybe you’d like to suggest a bit of Sex Pistols instead?

Chelsea Girl vs. Chelsea Mummy vs. Chelsea Business Woman

Recently, I have been trying to figure out a new direction for my blog – given that my lifestyle is about to undergo major changes when my little-bubba-to-be arrives into this world.

Of course, when he arrives it doesn’t mean I’m going to give up drinking cocktails. No way. But I won’t just be thinking of myself anymore. I’ll have something, a little someone who I will also be looking after. Then there is my new company, which I launched earlier this year and which technically makes me a bit of a business woman. And there is also Chelsea, where I grew up and still live: it should go without saying that I will still be shopping and living, just like any other Chelsea Girl in the area because life doesn’t stop when you become a mother.

Or does it? …

JugglerThis morning I saw this article on my Twitter feed, which mentions how Natalie Massenet, the founder of Net-a-porter, was pregnant when she launched her now multi-million pound company, having set it up in a small flat in Chelsea. I found this inspiring because it reminded me of the different reactions I have been receiving since finding out I was pregnant. They range from the positive: winning a new client to the absurd: being told by a company that they wanted to work with me as soon as possible but as soon as I disclosed that I was pregnant, not hearing from them ever again. On a personal level, some folks have been telling me how difficult it will be to have a baby whilst other friends have been over-enthused, to make up for the pragmatic voices.

So for the last few months I’ve wondered, can a woman really balance being a mother with having a life and running her own business? And for now, I’ve decided that the answer is yes. I’m not looking to have it all but I am looking to have a healthy work/life balance. And after meeting a very inspiring couture designer recently, which I will write about in time, I know this is possible. So going back to my initial point, I have included two new sections to my blog: career and motherhood, which I hope you enjoy if they are relevant to you.