There’s a new’ish restaurant in Chelsea that I’m excited about. It’s The World’s End Market which I’d looked into a few times before visiting and have always seen a good buzz in the evening. Curious, I had it on my list of places to check out. But before I could organise myself, Fiona from London Unattached kindly invited me to go along with her for lunch and review it.

Neither of us were disappointed.

The World's End Market

Inside, the interior stays true to the pub features of the original building which is a great thing. I’ve visited this venue over several years and its style has always changed but this is the first time in a long while since it actually feels authentic.

Bright and spacious during the day, this is a great lunchtime spot. Fiona and I were the first people to arrive (always great for photos) and by the time we left, this space was lively and filling up with folks lunching.
The World's End Market

And for foodies, there’s plenty of food porn to ogle at.The World's End Market

The menu itself is impressive and it took Fiona and I a short while before we could actually decide on what to have. The World's End Market

A glass of Prosecco always helps. 😉

The World's End Market

For starter, I chose and very much enjoyed the tuna tartare with a poached egg on top. The fish was wonderfully fresh and meaty, it made me realise how rare it is to find good seafood when dining out. You really have to seek it out.
The World's End Market

Fiona had the salmon carpaccio with horseradish, shallots, lemon and truffle oil, which I had a taste of and it was equally as fresh and flavoursome. Top marks. The World's End Market

For main, I had the skate wing which is the best I’ve had in a long while. Tasty and meaty, the skate arrived dressed in lemon caper butter with a salsa verde on the side; and there really wasn’t much left after I’d finished with it. The World's End Market

Fiona sang the praises of her lovely fillet steak. (Here’s Fiona’s review for the full low-down.)The World's End Market

And for dessert, I thought given that it was Shrove Tuesday and I was preparing to give up a couple of treats for Lent (I’ve already failed on the added sugar attempt), I thought I’d dive in and go for a slice of red velvet cake with my soya flat white. That was my excuse anyway. 😉

The World's End Market

Fiona had the chocolate fondant, which looked like a great way to polish off a meal. Slight food envy there.
The World's End Market

It goes without saying that I’ll be back. The burgers look fantastic (Truffle Burger, anyone?) and I think this would be a good spot for breakfast too; not to mention the cocktails. So much to choose from, I’m just pleased The World’s End Market is so close by.

The World's End MarketThe World’s End Market, 459 King’s Road, Chelsea, London SW10 0LR

Thank you Fiona for inviting me and to JPR Media for arranging our review.

Chelsea Girl

If you’ve read my original Kurobuta post, you probably know how much of a fan I was of their King’s Road pop-up. Flashforward to less than a year later and Kurobuta has found a permanent home on the King’s Road.

Kurobuta, King's Road, Chelsea

I was always planning to visit the new restaurant but I guess I was also bracing myself for a change in style. After all, the location was once the slick Sushinho and so I think I ended up holding off for a short while. But word of mouth soon caught up with me and I realised that I was a fool not to check it out at least.
Kurobuta, King's Road, Chelsea

Stepping inside, I discovered a place transformed. Kurobuta hasn’t lost its edge, which I was so excited about. Kurobuta, King's Road, Chelsea

A glimpse of the artwork …
Kurobuta, King's Road, Chelsea

As for the food, it is still great. If you haven’t already tried the Jerusalem Artichoke Chopsticks with Truffle Ponzu Dip then I urge you to. Kurobuta, King's Road, Chelsea

The cocktails are also very good. Sadly Kurobuta’s website doesn’t have its drinks menu on it (or perhaps I can’t find it), so I can’t tell you what this is. But the likelihood is you’ll like anything you order. It’s a good-looking menu.Kurobuta, King's Road, Chelsea

This is OH’s beer with the frozen top which he always loves. Kurobuta, King's Road, Chelsea

The other dishes we had this time round included the Tea Smoked Lamb with Smokey Nasu and Spicy Korean Miso,
Kurobuta, King's Road, Chelsea

Kombu Roasted Chilean Seabass with Spicy Shiso Ponzu, Kurobuta, King's Road, Chelsea

BBQ Kurobuta Pork Ribs with Honey-Soy-Ginger-Glaze, Kurobuta, King's Road, Chelsea

And of course the obligatory BBQ Pork Belly in Steamed Buns with Spicy Peanut Soy which I don’t think I could ever get tired of.Kurobuta, King's Road, Chelsea

The mochi ice cream is always a lovely way to end the meal here; refreshing, flavoursome and I just love the texture.

Kurobuta, King's Road, ChelseaI’m starting to feel like this is an exciting time for the King’s Road with regards to restaurants and bars, and Kurobuta is definitely one of the reasons there is a renewed sense of optimism in the air. I love it.

KB Chelsea, 312 King’s Road, Chelsea, London, SW3 5UH.

Chelsea Girl


Recently I’d written about Duck & Dry when Barts cocktail bar had popped up there for Valentine’s Day. Genius, I thought. Cocktails and hairstyling are a match made in heaven.

Unable to drop by to review this delicious concept, I visited Duck & Dry the day after. I wanted to experience this place which I’d been curious about since it first opened on the King’s Road.

Duck & Dry

The interior is stylish …
Duck & Dry

And there’s even a bar. Looking at Duck & Dry’s website, I noticed that they even host parties which I love the sound of. It’s a great space.Duck & Dry

Don’t you love these Kilner jars?Duck & Dry

So what do Duck & Dry offer? Blow dry or updo styles as well as extensions and treatments. There are even little dos for under 12s.Duck & Dry

And you can also sip a glass of prosecco or a cup of coffee or an orange juice whilst enjoying some nibbles.

Michael who looked after me was a really great guy to meet and I was very surprised that he managed to add waves into my thick straight hair which I loved.Duck & DryWhen I first arrived, it was pretty clear that the place had caught on. There were a few women having their hair done as somebody else waited.

And what I loved the most about Duck & Dry was how relaxed the whole place felt. It’s not intimidating at all. In fact, it fits into the area just nicely. It feels like it’s been around for years whilst at the same time it looks brand spanking new.

Duck & Dry is located towards the Beaufort Street end of the King’s Road.

My blow-dry and Prosecco/popcorn were complimentary for the purpose of the review. But once my hair starts to grow out, I’m definitely planning on going back; especially when I have a special event to go to.

Chelsea Girl

There are pancakes and there are pancakes that are taken to another level. Over the weekend, I tried The Botanist’s Shrove Tuesday special which transcended any pancake experience I’d had before.

The Botanist

Lunch started with a few Prestigé oysters which were accompanied by … 

The Botanist

… a well recommended white wine. I wish I’d noted down the name because the wine was perfect for the oysters and the pancake which was on its way. There was a tinge of mineral that complimented the seafood deliciously. 

The Botanist

Seafood, seafood with pancakes? Yes, indeed. To be precise, chunks of lobster. There were also morel and chanterelle mushrooms and a creamy, smoked garlic bisque that arrived with the pancake, which was outstanding. 

The Botanist

Needless to say, my lunch was polished off without any delay. The BotanistIf you’re thinking about popping into The Botanist on Tuesday, their other pancake special is a deliciously sweet marshmallow pancake with hot chocolate sauce and coconut ice cream.

And The Cadogan Arms (The Botanist’s little brother) are also offering up pancake specials on Shrove Tuesday: Pork fillet and prosciutto with maple glazed baked apple and cider jus; and Buttermilk chocolate chip pancakes with hazelnut cookie dough ice cream.  How good does that all sound?

My lunch was complimentary for the purpose of the review which reflected just how spoilt my tastebuds felt by the end of the meal. This is indeed one fine pancake and one to certainly try. 

Chelsea Girl

On 19th February we’ll be moving into the year of the Sheep as the Chinese celebrate their new year. A good excuse to celebrate without the hangover of Christmas, I’ve always loved the idea that we are given another chance to see in another new year. It’s almost as if in case January didn’t go so well, we have another chance to start all over again and set ourselves on the right course for the next 12 months. How wonderful.

Ahead of time, a friend and I visited Hakkasan to feast on their Chinese New Year menu and to experience their wishing tree, which did leave me with a glow in my heart as the food cast its culinary spell.

Stepping into the basement on Hanway Place with the incense aroma drifting up the staircase, I have always loved Hakkasan’s sumptuous interior.

hakkasanFlashforward, we were late in for lunch and the last ones out which gave me a chance to snap this photo. Hakkasan is a place where you can easily lose yourself for hours.


As for celebrating the new year, the idea of the wishing tree is to write your wishes on this card which then hangs along with many others on one of the  latticed woodwork cages that are the main features of the restaurant.hakkasan

There is also a special new year’s cocktail which includes Germana cachaça, Campari, kumquats, orange juice and lime. Very refreshing and delicious too.

For our lunch, we decided on the set menu which started off with three plates of small eats.

Golden fried soft shell crab,

Spicy lamb lupin wrap,hakkasan

And the Dim Sum platter (which I can’t seem to get enough of).hakkasan

The mains included spicy prawn with lily bulb and almond,hakkasan

Stir-fry black pepper rib eye beef with Merlot,


Stir-fry lily bulb and garlic shoot,


Grilled Chilean seabass in honey (which was easily the best sea bass I have ever tasted in my life),


And abalone and dry scallop fried rice.

All washed down with a delicious glass of Sancerre.hakkasan

Dessert arrived … hakkasan

With the Wishing Tree from which hung two chocolate, caramelised macadamia, cocoa rocks.hakkasanWhat struck me about this menu was its unpredictability when tasting most of the dishes. Whether it was the beautiful texture of the sea bass or the spices in a couple of the dishes, it was great to try something that had a sense of newness about the meal. As for the classic feel of the dim sum starter, this dish is so good it would be a sin to leave it out.

hakkasanSo here is raising a glass to the year of the Sheep. The Sheep is associated with being gentle and calm, which I very much like the sound of!

*On Sunday 22nd February as part of the restaurant’s Chinese New Year celebration, lion troupes will make their way through the restaurant. The lion dance will symbolise luck, fortune, wisdom and joy for all the restaurant’s customers to enjoy.

This meal was complimentary for the purpose of the review. But hand on heart, my opinion has not been influenced. I enjoyed every morsel and sip during my afternoon; easily the highlight of my week so far.

Chelsea Girl

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