Where to go when you’re on or around Beaufort Street

There are times I forget how long the King’s Road is, stretching from Sloane Square right down towards New King’s Road. There is so much to it; the fashion stores, the restaurants, the design quarter, the World’s End and all the history and new openings that run along it.

Starting my series of blog posts supporting local businesses, I’ll be exploring what’s on and around the Beaufort Street part of King’s Road in this post.

In future posts, I’ll be venturing towards King’s Road Curve, World’s End, Lots Road and back along towards Sydney Street and of course, Sloane Square. And I’m already thinking of other favourite nooks such as Chelsea Green and Chelsea Beach. But for now, the spotlight is on Beaufort Street.

This is where I walk down to Albert Bridge to cross over to Battersea Park, it’s where my favourite part of Fulham Road links to the King’s Road and it has pretty much anything you’ll need in terms of essentials.

It even has a cycle store which is very popular among the locals. Velorution’s appeal is in the design of their bikes and their electric bikes are also very popular.

Admittedly, I never thought I’d step in here but when I ordered my Pashley online I had the option for it to be delivered to Velorution’s Chelsea store which was fantastic. The staff are so friendly and their expertise has meant they have attracted an impressive range of customers. So if you’re looking to buy a bike, this is one of the places to go in Chelsea.

On and around Beaufort Street, there are many places to grab a bite to eat and a cocktail. Anyone who sees my Instagram Stories knows that Sophie’s Steakhouse is my home-away-from-home. And there is of course, Beaufort House, Bluebird Café, Azteca, The Jam (you know, the treehouse restaurant which offers perfect social distancing dining given its unique layout), and Big Easy as the classic local names. Though sadly, at the time of writing this post, Big Easy has yet to reopen during this difficult time for hospitality.

Also around Beaufort Street is CPRESS, a juice bar on Fulham Road, who do great coffee too. They make their own almond milk which is amazing.

Gioia Pizza on Fulham Road has replaced Lievito as the go-to for sourdough pizzas. I haven’t tried Gioia’s pizzas but I loved Lievito’s.

And if you love chocolate, there is of course Rococo Chocolates on the King’s Road just by the Beaufort Street junction.

Both of Chelsea’s cinemas are within minutes of Beaufort Street too. There’s the striking Everyman Chelsea who will deliver pizzas and cocktails to your seat as you watch a movie. There’s a fantastic bar, gorgeous sofas to watch the films on and safety measures in place to ensure social distancing. When you book your seat(s), there will always be a space between you and anyone sitting in the same row.

Also a walk away is Fulham Road Picturehouse where I’m a member. It’s not because I prefer it to Everyman Chelsea, it’s more because they reopened first after their refurbishment. Fulham Road Picturehouse has great programming as does Everyman Chelsea; and I like its members bar too. And after some time of not having any cinemas open in Chelsea, it’s so great to see both of these now open and looking fantastic.

Right now, I’m focusing on keeping my mind healthy and exercising is really helping. Moments away from Beaufort Street there are a few choices, such as Triyoga and F45 on King’s Road; and Flex Chelsea on Fulham Road.

And talking about self-care, there is of course Face Gym on the corner of Beaufort Street and King’s Road as well as HT by Sakurami and Duck & Dry nearby for some pampering.


At a time when many are still working from home or perhaps, you just don’t want to get on public transport to go far it’s great to know there’s so much on the doorstep. And equally, it’s great to support local businesses to help them survive these unusual times.


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