Getting Ready For My Ski Trip at Chel-Ski

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post and as I sit here with the sound of the rain outside, October half-term and Halloween on the horizon, I can’t help but think about the countdown to Christmas and our next family ski trip. It’ll be our third Christmas in the French mountains and I cannot wait to put what I’ve been learning at Chel-Ski into practice on the slopes.

When we left the slopes last year I vowed to return more confident and capable of doing more than a green run. On our first trip I took ski lessons and on our second trip, I just wanted to hang out with the OH on the very easy slopes.

But seeing the OH ski down a red run with ease as I passed over him in a ‘yoghurt pot’ the year before last and feeling a bit of Insta envy at the spots I could reach if only I could ski down them, this year I decided to sign up to Chel-Ski’s summer pass which I had been aware of last year.

The first wave of passes were released at the start of May and the second were released at the start July. I opted for the latter at £300 for unlimited lessons until the end of September and with each lesson costing just over £39, going three or four times a week for three months seemed like a really good deal. – and it was.

In the summertime, Chel-Ski is quiet enough to enjoy 1-to-1 lessons, which means there is a real focus on technique and enough attention to really hone in on the details of each turn; it’s tricky to see how lessons on the slopes (especially group lessons) can teach the precision of flexion/inflexion, rotating ankles and many more movements as carefully as is possible at Chel-ski. These are the reasons why I love learning to ski here.

And so when my summer pass ended, I had to keep going. So I bought a batch of lessons (there’s a bit of a discount when you buy in bulk).

Yes, I am keen to get on the slopes and go exploring with the OH but I also really love the feeling of skiing. Maybe it’s because I’m not so great at yoga because I struggle to still my mind when there is so much to think about but I find skiing really quite meditative. When you’re on a slope be it on the mountains or in Chelsea, the only thing you can think about is being on the skis which means everything else just fades away and at the end of the session the mind feels like it’s had a break, while the body has had a good workout.

Also, I just have to give a big shout out to the team at Chel-Ski. Every single one of them is a delight to chat with and have a lesson with. I always love turning up at reception and walking inside. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed and as you can tell, I am a huge fan – and so is my 6-year old.

Chel-Ski’s a great place for kids who accelerate quickly through the levels. I always love watching Little Man on his skis. Children are so fearless, they don’t overthink. They’re the epitome of living in the moment and that’s what I love about skiing too; it’s all about the moment.

Chel-Ski, 4 Sotheron Place, Fulham, London SW6 2EJ

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