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I remember a questionnaire going round about the future of Pavilion Road. This now picturesque gem was almost a blank canvas a few years ago and it could be anything Chelsea’s locals wanted it to be.

Working in the area, I wrote what I’d love to see along here. A fishmonger was top of my list. I love love love seafood but I think my yearning had a lot to do with some of my fondest memories of being picked up from school and regularly stopping at a local fishmongers for some supper on the way home.

After a couple of years in development, Pavilion Road has finally fitted the final piece in its most wonderful puzzle. The Sea, The Sea opened last weekend and if we’ve had a conversation recently it most probably involved me telling you about how amazing this place is.

The Sea, The Sea is a chef-led fishmonger. By day you can buy fresh catch of the day and by night, you can sip Champagne and enjoy the finest seafood I have tasted in a very long time, especially in London.

Alex Hunter, co-founder of seafood restaurant Bonnie Gull is the man behind this place and he has a really great team which involves Executive Chef Leandro Carreira. The guys here are very friendly and oozing with expertise. They love what they do and they’re very keen to share what they know.

At the soft launch I enjoyed the Porthilly oysters …

Scottish cod with potato noodles and coriander. I have never ever tasted cod this good.

Poached Orkney scallop with rice milk and sour peas.

Cornish squid with pine nuts, sake and nasturtiuns root.

Leandro Carreira’s fantastic menu is influenced by his native Portugal as well as his experience in Japan. But there is more to this place than first impressions. The Sea, The Sea will be running masterclasses and events for foodies keen to learn about handling seafood in their own kitchen.

There is so much to enjoy here. I wish I could eat here everyday.

The Sea, The Sea, 174 Pavilion Road, Chelsea, SW1X 0AW

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