Beauty Makeover at NARS, King’s Road

When I started King’s Road Rocks many years ago, I wanted to hide behind an avatar. I hadn’t even planned on sharing my name. I just had a passion for writing and that’s all I wanted to do. But like everything in life, we evolve and for the first time since starting this blog I am doing more than wearing my heart on my sleeve. I am putting myself out there and making myself visible.

It’s been a long process getting to this point and one of the reasons why this transition has been surprisingly easier than anticipated is largely due to the amazing NARS team on King’s Road.

I’m time poor you see, most working mums are. Yet, a lot of career mothers also seem to look immaculate each morning when they leave the house. I’m just lucky if I get to wear clothes that work for the day, preferably without calamine lotion on them. So when I decided to put myself in front of the camera, the thought of my make-up filled me with dread. Even if I did find some time to make myself up, I couldn’t guarantee I’d be in the right head space.

Thankfully Tasha helped me out with an in-store makeover that not only gave me the look I wanted but also taught me plenty along the way. She started off subtly and gradually introduced layers while all the time I felt very comfortable. And though I know there are countless tutorials out there, I don’t think anything can replicate a bespoke beauty makeover. It’s a great way to try new looks and also build confidence. And after my makeover, I couldn’t resist picking up a few products to use at home. They included the Laguna Sun Wash bronzer, Komo brow perfector and a NARS highlighter.

Another reason I think NARS’ makeovers are a godsend is the great feeling of sitting back and having someone take care of you. Sometimes mums simply need to do that.

A huge thank you to NARS for making this part of my blogging journey an absolute joy.

NARS, 27 King’s Road, London, SW3 4RP

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