Stationery Heaven at Papersmiths

There’s a new favourite store in Chelsea and it’s a place I am very excited about.

Papersmiths recently opened on Pavilion Road. Stocked with an array of books, magazines, greeting cards and stationery, the selection in this store is very much about quality. And I knew it was a short matter of time before there would be something I desperately wanted from it.

A mummy friend from Little Man’s school told me about her bullet journal. We were grabbing supper at The Hollywood Arms when she first mentioned it and over the next few days when stopping for conversations in passing, I would watch her scribble notes in this book. It seemed to give her the ability to be super organised on-the-go, to let her free-flowing thoughts come together in some form of order. It’s not something I had considered buying myself. After all, I have so many notepads, I wasn’t sure I needed another one. But I was intrigued.

When I popped into Papersmiths last week, I opened a notepad randomly and instantly I saw something I knew I wanted and needed straight away; that’s my relationship with stationery. I can always find another reason to pick up new notepad or diary. But this was no ordinary notepad. It was one that gave me a ray of hope that all the different task lists floating around in my head would have a common place to go. It was the bullet journal calling me.

After all, I am currently working on re-launching my blog. You’ll start to see changes over the coming weeks And there are a few ideas I’m planning on trying out; with each one feeling like its very own micro-project.

Still, the blog aside, the juggling act of a working mother is never-ending. And each time the holidays come back round, I can breathe a sign of relief that we all survived another half-term or term of remembering what Little Man had to bring in and when.

This is where the bullet journal feels like a bit of a saviour because when I watched this video (below) it all started to make sense. There was somewhere I could channel my super organised self and still leave room for flexibility.

What I love about Papersmiths is it’s not just about stationery packaged in stylish designs and striking colours. The details are what makes this store special. From the interesting kids books to these beautiful pen holder clips which I had to get to sit on my new yellow covered bullet journal, Papersmiths is filled with the finest stationery brands in Chelsea.

And I for one am very happy it has landed in Chelsea.

Papersmiths, 170 Pavilion Rd, Chelsea, London SW1X 0AW

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