Dinner at Kazan

A few weeks ago I experienced a very special meal at Kazan. It was more than just about the wonderful Turkish food and the place I’ve been going to for years since it opened. This was an evening where some of my past and present met.

It all happened out of chance – as Emma describes, “It began with a simple Tweet.” Emma was looking for a Turkish restaurant to visit; I mentioned a place that one of my best friends owns with his brother; I knew Angie was a fan too; and we invited Aftab to join us.

We met mid-week and it was pretty clear we all had a lot going on. But I guess that’s the great thing about hanging out with friends you adore. You can start the night feeling quite tired but by the end of dinner you feel refreshed and inspired. That’s pretty much how this evening went.
Kazan, Wilton Road

Our meal started with a glass of Prosecco …

Kazan, Wilton Road

… and mixed platters of mezze that gave us a broad taste of what Kazan has to offer. From baba ganoush to tabbouleh, falafel and prawns plus much much more.Kazan, Wilton Road

After what already felt like a feast I ordered my favourite marinated prawns and monk fish kebabs, which were served with bulgar and salad.

Kazan, Wilton Road

Of course, sitting next to Emma I always get food envy. Emma ordered the Hunkar Begendi – gently stewed spiced lamb, presented on a bed of garlic mash potato, which I am definitely going to try next time.


And looking around at what Angie ordered – The Sultan’s Chicken Shish – …

Kazan, Wilton Road

… and at what Aftab had ordered – Adana Kofte – fiery red chillies blended with minced lamb char grilled and served with salad and chunky fries (or rice) – I realised that there will always be something here that I will want to try.

Kazan, Wilton Road

And as if we hadn’t indulged enough, I couldn’t help ordering the Turkish Syllabub for dessert. Raspberries soaked in a cherry brandy and served with Cointreau and orange blossom syllabub; topped with pistachio shavings, this pudding epitomised my idea of Ottoman indulgence.

Kazan, Wilton Road

Perhaps it was a little too much to order but it was really worth trying – and I really enjoyed it.

The beauty of Kazan is in the fine details of this place. Whether it’s in the design of the restaurant or the gorgeous Turkish delights that ended the evening, what I love about Kazan is that it’s a great place to hang out and the food always delivers.

Kazan, Wilton Road

Thank you Billy for such a great evening! x

Kazan Restaurant, 93-94 Wilton Road, London SW1V 1DW.



    • Mina Zaher
      November 12, 2016 / 12:19 pm

      It really was! x

    • Mina Zaher
      November 16, 2016 / 9:32 pm

      Yes definitely! Let’s do it. xox

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