Monday Musings: Hello 2016!

It’s the first Monday of 2016 and most folks are back to work, including me. Looking out of my office window and at some of Chelsea’s roof tops, I am trying very hard to ignore the view of the gloomy sky. I think it’s because this time yesterday I was enjoying this sky (below) instead … Fuerteventura beach

Suddenly the January blues has a beautiful ring to it, doesn’t it? Le sigh.

I’m a firm believer of winter sun to rest, replenish and press reset.


As well as the much needed boost of vitamin D, it’s also an essential ingredient for an optimistic start to the new year. Goodness knows what some folks must have thought when they passed Little Man and I singing songs at the top of our lungs as we walked down the road this morning.

Fuerteventura Galera beach

For winter sun, I’m so used to the idea of long haul if you want a great beach but over the new year we discovered the beautiful sand dune beaches of Fuerteventura, which as it turns out is an island that ticks all the boxes for the whole family: road cycling for the OH, kite flying and sand castles for Little Man and for me? Just give me a beautiful sandy beach, a cocktail and gorgeous blue sea and I’m happy. Saying that, we’re already thinking of going back and I’m very keen to try paddleboarding which there was plenty of in Fuerteventura – as well as surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. Though funnily enough I didn’t find the island as windy as I’d expected. The weather was just gorgeous for the seven days we were there.

But like all great things, there’s always a pause and as we boarded the plane and flew over the island’s sand dunes with no time difference or jet lag to think about …

Fuerteventura coast

I felt pleasantly surprised to have found somewhere so lovely and so close to holiday in the winter. I guess the Canary Islands are really not a big secret but Fuerteventura felt like a wonderful surprise.

Watching the sunset …

watching a sunset from a plane

… and seeing the lights of London as the plane descended were also beautiful as ever because as much as I love lounging on a beach and feeling time pass by as I watch the waves, there really is no place like home.

flying over london

Now it’s Monday and I have to admit to myself new year’s resolutions don’t really work for me. But I do want to retain this holiday feeling that is still tingling away inside of me for as long as possible. So this week on King’s Road Rocks, I’m going to start looking at ways to feel good. I’ve already put my new trainers from The Sports Edit  to good use today and have even half-made my lunch to make it healthier than the norm of 2015. But there are also plenty of other things along the King’s Road and beyond that can aid beating the January blues.


So stay tuned this week and for the rest of the month as I seek ways to feel and look good now and for the rest of the year because I just want this feeling to last forever.

*The London sky doesn’t look so gloomy anymore. 🙂 

Chelsea Girl



  1. January 4, 2016 / 8:09 pm

    Sand castles are a definite must have when holidaying, aren’t they?! Hope you have a fabulous January and a wonderful 2015 x

    • Chelsea Girl
      January 5, 2016 / 9:12 pm

      They sure are lovely. Hopefully see you soon so we can raise a glass to 2016 together! Will email. x

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