RIP David Bowie

I was never lucky enough to meet the music legend David Bowie, I never had a chance to see him in concert and only the other day when I was in a meeting, I expressed my regret that I never made it to the David Bowie is… exhibition at the V&A even though I’m a member. But like countless people around the world, Bowie’s music affected me for no other reason than because of its beauty: the melodies, the lyrics, the vast ideas which Bowie explored and the theatricality of his persona. Everything about this musician inspired me and today a lot of people woke up to the sad news that he had passed away.

There really were no words. The world was shocked and saddened.

But let’s not forget what a music icon David Bowie was and to celebrate what he left behind I just wanted to share three of my favourite Bowie songs, the ones I tend to play over again when I start listening to them – as I did today.

RIP David Bowie and thank you for the beautiful music.

Chelsea Girl


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