Meeting Santa in Chelsea & Dinner at Côte on Sloane Square

On the penultimate weekend before Christmas, the OH and I took Little Man to meet Santa on Duke of York Square. This wasn’t his first visit but this is the first year he’s understanding the buzz around Christmas – and he now knows who Santa is. Last year it was just all about the twinkly lights, which of course is one of the reasons why this is my favourite time of the year in Chelsea.
Duke of York Square Christmas Tree

Much to my delight and relief, Little Man listened carefully to Santa who talked about his journey around the world on Christmas Day. It was the quietest Little Man had been all day and it was a real delight to see him soak up the festive spirit. I also love what he’s asking for Christmas – of all the toys and books that he adores, he’s asking for a foodie treat from Santa: an ice cream cupcake. 🙂

Duke of York Square Santa's Grotto

After visiting Santa we strolled through Duke of York Square, past more twinkling lights and across Sloane Square to …

Sloane Square Christmas Lights

… Côte. This was my very first visit to a Côte restaurant which we chose out of convenience in terms of location and because I found out they had a kids menu. Plus, we are always in Comptoir Libanais and I thought maybe we could have a little change.Cote Sloane Square

The interior is so much bigger than I’d imagined. Adjoined to Sloane Square Hotel, the restaurant stretches round to make it more than three times the size of what you see from the street.


As we waited for our food to arrive, I did some people watching as Little Man and OH took a stroll around. There was a real mix of diners here: locals and guests staying at the hotel. It had a very relaxing atmosphere which I really liked.

Cote Sloane Square

Eventually the food arrived and …

Cote Sloane Square

… with his beer, the OH had a ribeye steak that he ordered rare.


I had the pork belly dish with some potato dauphinoise, which I realised is very similar to the dish I ordered two restaurant visits ago. I clearly need to be a tad more adventurous with my food. Though I must point out, I loved the succulence of this version. The meat was so soft. Gorgeous.

Cote Sloane Square

Little Man had sausages and mash which he enjoyed too.

For dessert, OH had the crème brûlée … Cote Sloane Square… whilst I had the apple tart with a glass of dessert wine.

Cote Sloane Square

Little Man had some ice cream but ended up stealing most of the crème brûlée instead.

After a satisfying meal, we ventured back outside and into the land of the twinkling lights. And for this reason I would recommend grabbing a bite to eat on Sloane Square or Duke of York Square. This is such a beautiful time of the year in Chelsea. Soak it up while you can.

Cote Sloane Square

Chelsea Girl


    • Chelsea Girl
      December 23, 2015 / 1:50 pm

      Doesn’t it sound like a delicious idea? Have a wonderful Christmas too Suze! See you in 2016! x

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