How to make the perfect Aperol Spritz

It’s the 1st of December and maybe you’re not expecting to read about how to make the perfect Aperol Spritz because you might associate this Italian aperitif to be more of a summer drink. But over the weekend with the blustery winds and rainy weather, the OH and I decided to start our evening with one of these.

The quest was to see if we could make one as good those I order from any bar or restaurant. An Aperol Spritz isn’t something the OH would normally order but when he tried it, he liked it enough to have another one or two.

In terms of making one, it’s a lot less fiddly than making a Pimm’s: there is less fruit to slice. But of course, there’s more to do than pour a glass of wine.

Still, it’s quite simple: 3 parts Prosecco, 2 parts Aperol, a splash of soda water and a slice of orange served with some ice.How to make the perfect Aperol Spritz

Thanks to Polpo Chelsea, I’ve also enjoyed an Aperol Spritze with olives instead of a slice of orange which I absolutely loved. Given that one of my favourite cocktails is a Dirty Martini, this satisfied my appetite for something savoury in a drink. But whether it’s with a slice of orange or some olives, I absolutely love starting the evening with an Aperol Spritz.

How to make the perfect Aperol Spritz

So as much as the temperature has dropped and the long evenings followed by dark mornings have begun, it was great to cosy up on the sofa and enjoy something that reminds of long warm summer days. I think the ice and orangey colour also helped. 😉

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