Prime Rib at Sophie’s Steakhouse

One of my favourite rituals with Little Man is to go out for a bite to eat. We usually go à deux and usually to Sophie’s Steakhouse because this is the only place where he doesn’t have a problem with the children’s menu. So we’re here almost on a weekly basis.
Sophie's Steakhouse

Last week however, we made a couple of visits. The second was on Sunday so we could enjoy a family roast. My self-interest was to also try the prime rib which I’ve heard so much about. Except that whilst it all started off as usual, quite normal, and very pleasant … our linner took a surprising turn.

Sophie's Steakhouse

Little Man’s roast chicken arrived ok with roast potatoes and vegetables, which all looked good to me.
Sophie's Steakhouse

Problem is, when he saw the prime rib, he wanted what mummy was having. He usually does. But normally he’s fine with me having steak frites whilst he has haddock and mash. The prime rib however was something he hadn’t seen before. It was in a different league and there was no way he was going to be stuck with the chicken when the grown ups were having this gorgeous piece of meat and Yorkshire pudding.

This was food envy on another level. And thanks to OH working with me to create distractions so I could eat my roast, I discovered something very impressive. The thick juicy meat was very tender. It was so easy to eat and it now makes sense why Sophie’s is so popular for roasts too. The Yorkshire pudding was crisp and golden …
Sophie's Steakhouse

… whilst the roast potatoes were crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Just how I like it. Sophie's Steakhouse

And of course, the added bonus of having a roast at Sophie’s is their margaritas. Sophie's Steakhouse

Eventually Little Man simmered down and by the time his ice cream arrived, I had successfully finished my prime rib without him batting an eyelid. Next time though, I think I’ll skip the chicken and go for his usual which never fails. I’m definitely returning for most roast linners at Sophie’s.Sophie's Steakhouse

Sophies Steak House, 311-313 Fulham Rd, London SW10 9QHChelsea Girl


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