Le Pain Quotidien all-day dining in Chelsea

Le Pain Quotidien has opened a new restaurant in Chelsea, along the Fulham Road – on the stretch between Beaufort Street and Edith Grove.

I’m a huge fan of LPQ and as soon as I found out they were opening I was very excited. The LPQ on King’s Road is always busy and it’s a great spot to take time out and enjoy some good hearty French food. Plus, I also think this part of Chelsea (the middle bit of Fulham Road) has limited offerings when it comes to good coffee.
Le Pain Quotidien Fulham RoadSo when I was invited to review lunch at the new LPQ, I leapt at the chance. After all, I normally find myself rushing around at lunchtimes or sitting in my office and grabbing a few minutes to devour something I had just picked up on my way back. But instead when the rain was pouring last week and the general mood wasn’t typical of summer, I decided I wanted to take a break and enjoy a leisurely-ish lunch.

Admittedly this restaurant is much smaller than the one on King’s Road. But it also has outdoor seating and there is a spacious basement with booths and plenty of room for little feet to move around if they’re feeling restless, which I’ve realised is always blessing.

For lunch I had the tartine and soup deal. And on my bread, I enjoyed proscuitto and fig with some cheese which was wonderful. The soup I chose was a vegetable special which was perfect for a rainy day.
Le Pain Quotidien Fulham Road

What separates this LPQ from the others is the evening menu here. This restaurant closes at 11pm and I’m looking forward to visiting for supper because I’m intrigued about what the menu will be.
Le Pain Quotidien Fulham Road

But for now, I’m very happy with LPQ being one of my regular lunch and coffee stops especially because the staff are very friendly too.

Chelsea Girl

Disclaimer: I was invited to review LPQ on Fulham Road as a guest. 

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