Itsu on King’s Road

Itsu has arrived on King’s Road and it seems like everyone has been waiting for it. When I walk down the road around lunchtime now it’s guaranteed I’ll see a parade of Itsu takeaway bags, it’s great. Itsu on King's Road

Admittedly the first couple of times I walked past the store, I was put off by the crowds. But on Thursday the queues weren’t bad at all so I picked up some lunch, which included my favourite salmon box. I also discovered the fruit superseed smoothie; normally blended at the counter, I asked if I could take it away unblended (so I could take a photo of it before mixing it up). The smoothie includes a superseed mix, coconut milk, banana, apple, dates, pineapple and strawberry to be blended with ice.Itsu Lunch

I know Itsu has been around forever but I still can’t help being excited. I love this place and most of all it’s great to have somewhere that doesn’t just focus on sandwiches or pasta since Mori closed.

Chelsea Girl

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