Lunch at Harrods Georgian Restaurant

Visitors to London love the city because of all it has to offer: the history, the culture, the shopping and the pace and range of excitement with its events and new openings. This city never stops.

As a Londoner, sometimes it’s difficult to keep up and yet the thrill of never being bored is one of the reasons why I could never live anywhere else.

So when you step into Harrods Georgian Restaurant on the 4th floor, a place where there is a feeling that time stands still, you experience something unique that allows you to relax and simply take in your surroundings.
The Georgian Restaurant, Harrods

The Georgian opened in 1913 and still retains some of its original features. If you look up, you will see the details that made me feel we were onboard the Titanic at one point. And recently The Georgian has been refurbished under the guidance of bespoke interior designer, Christopher Guy Harrison, who sought “inspiration from the elegance of the 1920s and 1930s [so] the room fuses modernism and classicism to create the perfect environment for guests.”

I particularly love the ballerina-inspired chairs, which are just beautiful. If you visit the Georgian, take a look at details on the back of the chairs and see how the legs are crafted to convey the legs of a ballerina. Exquisite craftsmanship.

The Georgian Restaurant, Harrods

I’m no stranger to the Georgian restaurant but last week was my first visit without Little Man when I wasn’t also in too much of a rush. I met up with Angie and as usual time ran away with us. The conversation just flowed and I felt like I was in the perfect setting for it.

But with such a rich historical context, it is easy to assume that the menu may be lacking in contemporary dishes. This is very much not the case.

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After receiving our glass of Champagne Rosé each …
The Georgian Restaurant, Harrods

… Angie enjoyed her seared tuna carpaccio with …

… aubergine purée, caponata dressing and baby basil cress whilst I …
Harrods Georgian Restaurant

… indulged in the foie gras terrine with smoked duck breast, rhubarb and cucumber chutney and a truffle muffin. This starter was sublime and whilst I don’t usually eat bread before my main, I couldn’t help but finish off the muffin. The rhubarb and cucumber chutney also gave the dish a special touch. The Georgian Restaurant, Harrods

For main, Angie ordered the delicious and very healthy looking Georgian native lobster salad with courgette flowers, Minus 8 ice wine vinaigrette and candied black olives.The Georgian Restaurant, Harrods

And I thoroughly enjoyed my smoked Scottish monkfish with shaved parma ham, cantaloupe melon and yuzu gel.
The Georgian Restaurant, Harrods

I also had to have a side of truffle chips, which were irresistible and a real treat. 
The Georgian Restaurant, Harrods

Before having to pull myself away from such a gorgeous lunch, Angie ordered a mint tea whilst I had a coffee when these petit fours arrived at our table. I tried to practise restraint after such a satisfying lunch but I simply couldn’t resist. The mini éclair and mini cream cake were both divine. I’m not surprised this place is also popular for afternoon tea. Harrods Georgian Restaurant And as I left Harrods, walking through one of the most renowned shopping destinations in the world, and stepped onto busy as usual Knightsbridge, returning to my fast paced life, I carried the feeling of the Georgian restaurant along with me throughout the rest of the day: relaxing, indulgent and effortlessly timeless. Chelsea Girl


Disclaimer: Angie and I were invited to try the lunchtime menu, which I would happily return to enjoy all over again with some friends or my family. The whole experience from the staff and setting to the food and ambience was a real treat. 


  1. July 25, 2015 / 8:02 pm

    I do like the Georgian, it’s very “Harrods” and formal without being tacky! Must say the petits fours look like my favourite part – I have a serious sweet tooth x

  2. September 10, 2015 / 5:36 pm

    Those desserts look stunning! Great photos and it sounded like a great time you and Angie had! Gary x

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