Dinner at Kishmish

I have to admit when it comes to Indian restaurants, I do have a couple of firm favourites which makes it very difficult for me to go off-piste and try something new. After all, once you’ve found something you like, why look around?

Recently, I was invited to try Kishmish on Fulham Road. Goodness knows how many times I’ve passed it over the years when heading towards Fulham Broadway. It’s always been there but because I know what I like, I hadn’t thought about venturing inside.

To my surprise, inside was bigger than expected. The restaurant isn’t just what you see from outside. There’s a whole other area that makes up more than half of the restaurant.

Kishmish Fulham Broadway

Kishmish Fulham Broadway

Kishmish Fulham BroadwayAfter we sat down and ordered, we were given an amuse-bouche which I enjoyed so much, I watched with great interest as OH finished his.

Kishmish Fulham Broadway

For pre-dinner cocktails, I ordered the lychee and rose petal martini … Kishmish Fulham Broadway

… whilst the OH ordered the Mumbai’s Tipple which involved lime, brown sugar and fresh pomegranate along with Bombay Sapphire Gin and pomegranate liqueur. Kishmish Fulham BroadwayFor starter, OH had an Onion Bhaji which came with aubergine chutney …

Kishmish Fulham Broadway

… as I enjoyed the Seafood Platter, which included king prawn marinated in peppercorn and cheese, salmon infused with dill, grain mustard and a hint of honey, and Goan style Devon crab cake with coriander mayo.Kishmish Fulham Broadway

For OH’s main, he ordered the Goan Jhinga Curry, which included king prawns gently poached in red curry sauce, finished with okra, and steamed basmati rice.

Kishmish Fulham Broadway

And I had the Nariyal Ka Gosht, which involved diced lamb cooked in lime leaf Masala and baked in a fresh young coconut, served with steamed basmati rice.

My curry was quite hot and so I had some of OH’s dish, which I enjoyed. What I found refreshing about my curry is that despite finding it quite hot, I still could taste the flavours of the dish. This I’d not experienced before. I usually go for mild curries but should I happen upon a hot one, they just tend to burn my mouth and that’s it. But with this dish, sensation and flavours were merged.

Kishmish Fulham BroadwayKishmish Fulham Broadway

If by now you haven’t grasped the concept of this Indian restaurant, you will do with the desserts. The chocolate samosa and carrot halwa, which I really enjoyed but I didn’t think my photo showed it off in its best light – are clues to Kishmish’s Innovative Indian Cooking concept.Kishmish Fulham Broadway

Kishmish’s recently appointed chef, who comes from
Zaika and Ginger restaurants, endeavours to be both creative and adventurous with his menus. And it shows.

I had a very pleasant evening but I was more interested in what the OH thought, given his love for Indian food. He really enjoyed his meal and gave it a thumbs up.

We were guests of the restaurant but this hasn’t affected my opinion. We also had a very early dinner because we had Little Man with us, who enjoyed his curry dish very much. And by the time we left, there were other diners around us and more coming in.

Kishmish, 448 – 450 Fulham Road, London, SW6 1DL.


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