Piri-Piri Chicken and Cocktails at Fire & Feathers

For as long as I can remember there was a Mexican restaurant on Chelsea Beach called Equisto and for some reason I had never stepped inside it. I did have every intention to try out what seemed like a local institution but then one day it had closed. Gone forever.

Then Fire and Feathers opened in its place and again, I continued to walk past it each day promising myself to check it out. This would have continued if it weren’t for one afternoon when I was walking past with my OH and together we looked at the menu. I saw his eyes light up at the sight of piri-piri chicken. So we stepped inside as soon as it reopened for dinner. 5pm … Or should we call it linner?

Fire & Feathers

Once inside, the place opens itself up. There’s plenty of light and I love this rustic style.Fire & Feathers

Fire & Feathers

As for the menu, seeing the Castelo Margarita at the top of the cocktail page I knew what I was having straight away.
Casa Brindisi

For starter, we ordered the Calamari … Fire & Feathers

And Garlic Prawns … Fire & Feathers

And for main I had a mild piri-piri chicken, which was succulent. It also tasted fresh and was very tasty. Casa Brindisi

I also had mint peas and … Casa Brindisi

… the African Rice. OH ordered chips. Casa Brindisi

The elephant in the room is Fire & Feathers’ comparison to Nando’s. True, both serve piri-piri chicken but in terms of quality I don’t think you can compare. It would be like comparing Mc D’s to a Five Guys burger. One is fast food and the other is just a bit better. Fire & Feathers don’t have piri-piri salt for their chips but then again, Nando’s don’t have Fire and Feathers’ amazing cocktails.

I’m a sucker for good cocktails and this lychee martini was divine.

Casa Brindisi*We grabbed a couple of Portuguese custard tarts to take-away.

Fire and Feathers, 343 Fulham Road, SW10 9TW. Would you like to look at their menu?

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