Vegan and Wheat Free Discoveries at Riccardo’s

I’ve known about Riccardo’s restaurant since it opened and have visited it quite a few times over the years. But it was only relatively recently I’d learned that Riccardo’s wasn’t just any delicious Italian restaurant in London.

Quite the institution in Chelsea, Riccardo’s terrace dining is part of the local landscape. If you’ve walked along the Fulham Road from South Kensington, there isn’t any doubt that you would have at least glanced at it.

Riccardo'sSo what is this special something I’ve recently discovered about Riccardo’s? If you are coeliac, vegan or if if you have special dietary requirements you’ll appreciate this. On the menu, you can find wheat free and vegan dishes which will not compromise your taste buds. That’s right, I woke up the following morning after an indulgent Italian meal not feeling bloated.

Last week I was invited to Riccardo’s latest Fashion Supper Club along with a few other bloggers and the evening started in the best possible way: An espresso martini to kick start the evening deliciously.

Riccardo'sSoon after, an array of starter dishes arrived for us to try. They included this gorgeous artichoke and prosciutto dish with truffle oil drizzled over it. The surprise of the truffle oil was a feast for my tastebuds and the evening was already getting better.

Riccardo'sThere were also crudités with warm anchovy and garlic dip …

Riccardo's… as well as this gorgeous aubergine dish, which was my favourite. There was also wheat free and yeast free bread to try too.

AubergineFor my main, I ordered the pasta and venison ragu dish which lived up to the hype around the table. The meat was tender and the whole dish was a true delight. I know, I know, this dish doesn’t shout vegan or wheat free but you can order spelt spaghetti or penne; corn maccheroncini, which is gluten free, and kamut fusilli.

Riccardo'sAdmittedly there was also a lot of food envy when I looked at what everyone else had ordered, from the meatballs to the fish and prawns. It looked like everyone had ordered well.

Riccardo'sAs night started to fall and after we’d finished our mains we were again given a chance to try most of the dishes from the dessert menu and it really is difficult to say which one I preferred. They were all very good. The tiramisu was melt in your mouth dreamy. I’ve never tasted tiramisu like Riccardo’s. This gluten free (below) chocolate dessert was also amazing. So rich and moist, you don’t have to be coeliac to enjoy it. There were other desserts, which we tried including pineapple and one that I remember having surprising bursts of almond. And there was of course the cheese.


I had such a fantastic summer’s evening locally and the food and drinks were a real treat. Thank you Riccardo’s for a great evening and thank you for the OH’s cadeau, which he really appreciated. Next time, I’ll bring the Little Man along too which I can’t wait to do.

Riccardo’s 126 Fulham Road, Chelsea, SW3 6HU. Riccardo’s also home delivers: 020 7370 6656


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