No. 11 Cadogan Gardens Hotel

A couple of weeks ago, I popped into No. 11 Cadogan Gardens Hotel to meet someone.

No. 11 Cadogan Gardens HotelFrom the outside, the hotel is quite an unassuming building nestled comfortably amongst the grandeur of the 19th century mansions off the King’s Road.

No. 11 Cadogan Gardens HotelBut when I stepped over the threshold and discovered the hotel’s instant charm, I knew I had to return for a proper look around. And so last week, that is what I did.

No. 11 Cadogan Gardens HotelLittle did I know upon my first visit that not only had I stumbled across a local gem but also an exquisite hotel filled with wonderful surprises behind each door.

No. 11 Cadogan Gardens HotelThe library captured my heart. I love texture and deep rich colours and this room is perfect for sitting back in and reading the papers. It is also filled with first edition books that instantly create a sense of history for the hotel. (I’m a book fiend and I love the idea of picking up an original publication of my favourite story.)

No. 11 Cadogan Gardens HotelThe bar is also a gorgeous find and it did not surprise that not only guests pop in for a drink but locals too.

No. 11 Cadogan Gardens HotelBut if you are already anticipating more photos of deep sumptuous colours, herein lies another of the hotel’s surprises: you can’t guess what is around the corner.

For example, here is the afternoon tea room … very light and airy.

No. 11 Cadogan Gardens HotelAnd here is the outdoor terrace …

No. 11 Cadogan Gardens HotelMost of the suites themselves … (and we are only talking suites for this five star luxury hotel) … are also spacious, allowing plenty of light. Here is my favourite …

No. 11 Cadogan Gardens HotelThe corridor that leads to the bedroom …

No. 11 Cadogan Gardens HotelAnd the gorgeous bedroom …

No. 11 Cadogan Gardens Hotel

Other surprises lie in the details of each room. For example, this large wardrobe …

No. 11 Cadogan Gardens HotelWho would have guessed that behind one of these doors lies … this gorgeous marble bathroom?

No. 11 Cadogan Gardens Hotel

And that each suite has its own style? Like this one …


IMG_9820Or this one …


No. 11 Cadogan Gardens HotelBut hands down, this has to be my favourite corner of the hotel.

No. 11 Cadogan Gardens Hotel

Because the suites can be connected and separated depending on the needs of the guest, this mirrored room can also become someone’s dining room (if you take the surrounding suites, which has been done).

Here’s a little glimpse of the restaurant …

No. 11 Cadogan Gardens HotelAnd here is the al fresco private dining area.

No. 11 Cadogan Gardens HotelHotels are supposed to feel like a home away from home plus a little bit more but No. 11 Cadogan Gardens Hotel takes this idea to another, more luxurious level. So it’s no surprise that guests return here year after year. This place is gorgeous.

As for myself, booking a suite or connecting few may not be on the agenda but there is still the bar – and of course restaurant. And these, I cannot wait to discover properly.

Watch this space. 😉

No.11 Cadogan Gardens, 11 Cadogan Gardens, Knightsbridge, London, SW3 2RJ.


  1. April 22, 2014 / 7:47 am

    I love places like this, which are modern but seem to exude an old-school charm! Such a shame to not stay in some of these beautiful hotels but there’s not much point when you live here!! Like you said, onto the bar…

    Sophie x

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