Desserts at The Mall Tavern

This will most probably be my last dessert post in a (short) while because at the moment I’m taking the amazing Spirulina from Organic Burst which is great at staving off sugar cravings and I have just bought a juicer, which I can’t wait to pick up from Peter Jones.

But enough of the healthy stuff, if you are looking for somewhere good to go for dessert then I recommend The Mall Tavern off Kensington Church Street.

The Mall Tavern

I popped in there a few weeks ago, following a lovely walk through Kensington Gardens.

The Serpentine LakeThe walk was enough to build up an appetite though whilst looking at the menu, I wasn’t sure what to order.

The Mall TavernSo of course, I ordered a glass of bubbles to help me decide.

The Mall TavernIn the end, I ordered the pork osso buco which was ok. It’s not on the menu anymore but even if it were, I would suggest going for the mac and cheese or the smoking chicken with slaw and tater tots because we were surrounded by folks digging into either dishes.

The Mall TavernThe OH ordered another pork dish which he describes as “elevated pub food”: It was very good.

The Mall TavernBut now this is where it all gets interesting. The desserts at The Mall Tavern were so much fun and very delicious too. This (below) was the Yorkshire rhubarb cheesecake which I ordered and which was both light and tasty. I loved it.

The Mall TavernAnd here (below) was the sticky toffee pudding and you do the rest, which the OH ordered.

The Mall TavernThe ‘you do the rest’ bit (below) provided great amusement for both the palate and the OH’s level of expectation. Which do you go for first? Which next? Which do you keep until the end? Yes, I wish I had ordered this.

The Mall TavernIt’s always a good sign when you’re relishing your dish whilst feeling a pang of food envy at the same time. Or could it simply be that I am a glutton. Either way, The Mall Tavern was a great pub to pop into. The staff were friendly and the crowd of what seemed like regulars gave the pub a very local feel. I’d definitely pop in again and if I don’t order the other dessert, I might give the smoking chicken a go instead.

The Mall Tavern, 71-73 Palace Gardens Terrace, Notting Hill, London, W8 4RU. 020 7229 3374.

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